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The Good Son 24 July 2021: The Good Son update Saturday 24th July 2021 Ramesh telling that he will break Vedant’s face and is about to slap him, when Purva holds his hand. Ramesh says you will repent for this? Purva says you have done wrong. Ramesh taunts her for her doings. Vedant asks Ramesh to talk to them nicely. Ramesh calls his blood as bad. Dadi asks Ramesh to stop the drama else see her dead face. Ramesh goes from there. Purva brings Vedant home. She asks him to be quiet and takes him to bathroom. She puts water on his head to make him get out of the bhang effect. 

Vedant says everyone is moving round. He hugs her and thanks for being with him. He asks if she will be with him always. Purva always. He says Babu ji never accepted me and asks why do he hate me. Purva says Ramesh is sure that you will love him always and asks him to break his illusion. Vedant says I am thinking if you will allow me to kiss you. Purva says you can kiss me with the right, but now she will slap him, and tells that first kiss is special and they both shall remember it. She is about to go to bring a towel and the shower tap gets opened by her hand. Vedant holds her closer while they are under the shower.

Dekha Hazaron Dafa plays…..He falls on her. Sanju comes to Vedant’s room and hear noise coming from bathroom. He sees Vedant fallen on Purva in the bathroom and smiles. He goes and comes to Pankhudi. He applies color to Pankhudi’s face and tells that his heart is dancing seeing bhai and bhabhi’s bathroom romance. He asks her to agree soon. Purva asks Vedant to sit and goes to make tea for him. Sanju stops Pankhudi and asks her to agree. Purva sees Pankhudi going and looks at Sanju. Pankhudi comes to room and thinks she has to stop their romance and says this is wrong. Purva comes and asks what is wrong? She asks if Sanju was troubling her. Pankhudi says she was thinking about Vedant and tells that bad thing happened with him. Purva says she is with him and asks her to take care.

Pankhudi takes out her jewellery and throws on bed. She says you are my trouble and says sorry. She says you have to move from Vedant and my way. She acts crazy. Dadi comes to Vedant and teases him. He says don’t know who made me eat something. Dadi says that person did good. Vedant says don’t know what Purva wants to hear and tells that 2 days were wasted.

Dadi says love just happens in 7 seconds. She tells that once Dada ji had bhang and was on bed like him. She makes him eat Pan. She asks Purva to handle Vedant with love. Sumiti dances after having bhang. Gomti asks Dadi to scold her being her saas. Dadi asks Sumiti to sing other song. She tells Gomti that she can make Sumiti do anything today. She asks her to be happy.

Purva shows the video to Vedant. Vedant asks did I say something bad? Purva says you was just expressing your feelings for the first time and tells that she is proud of him. Vedant asks will you come on a date with you. Purva says surely and asks him to apologize to Babu ji and others. Vedant goes to Narendra’s room and sees him massaging Sumiti’s legs. He says Purva’s tea will work. Narendra says no, let Sumiti sleep. Vedant and Purva come to Gomti’s room. Gomti panics seeing them as she is reading romantic book. He asks if she is fine? Gomti says yes, and asks them to go.

Vedant comes to Ramesh’s room. Ramesh says I don’t like to see you here. Vedant says I know, but I came here to apologize. He says I had drank something wrong. Ramesh says you was doing that intentionally and asks if Purva brought him here. Vedant says yes and tells sorry again. Ramesh asks Manjula to bring water for him. He then asks Purva to leave as well. Purva touches Ramesh’s feet and tells that Vedant bend down infront of you on my sayings, and can get against you too. She asks him to respect him and don’t behave badly with him. Ramesh looks on.

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