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The Good Son 9 October 2021: The Good Son Saturday update 9th October 2021 Purva seeing the Patient listening to Pankhudi silently and asks if she gave her medicine. She says she will tell Vedant. Pankhudi says I will tell Vedant that you gave her the drugs. Purva gets shocked and thinks if Pankhudi will give this drug to Vedant and imagines the situation. She thinks she can’t let Pankhudi succeed in her plan and asks God to do something. Parvati asks Mahadev to help their bhakt. Mahadev reminds her of the birds whom she had sent far for their safety, but there they met with their end. He says destiny made you send them there. Purva asks Nurse about Vedant. The nurse says he went home. 

Purva asks about Pankhudi. The nurse says she also went. Purva thinks to go and be with Vedant so that Pankhudi doesn’t succeed in her aim. She comes home and sees Pankhudi and Vedant standing together and a party going on in the house. Gomti asks Purva, why did you come late and says today is Pankhudi’s birthday. Purva says she forgot. Sumiti says you are fake Purva. Purva sees Pankhudi giving juice to Vedant. She snatches it from his hand, saying she is thirsty. She throws it.

Dadi asks her to get ready. Purva is going to her room when she looks inside Pankhudi’s room. She gets shocked. Pankhudi tells her that she is thinking right and will make Vedant mad in her love. Purva is shocked. Pankhudi says you think of me as your sister and asks her to wish her happy birthday and good luck for this mission. Sanju holds Pankhudi’s hand and calls Manjula, Vedant, and guests. Pankhudi cuts the cake and makes Sanju eat first. Sanju asks the guests to enjoy the party. Purva follows Pankhudi as she goes. Pankhudi takes the cake piece, stops there for a while, and gives the cake piece to Vedant. Purva comes there and collides with Vedant, making the cake piece falls down. She says sorry to Vedant and thinks she can’t let him eat or drink anything. Pankhudi signs the waiter. The waiter gives a cold drink to Purva. Purva drinks it. Pankhudi takes her to the side and says you tried to save Vedant and drank the drug yourself. She asks Purva to turn, lift her hand, etc and stand there till she gets her next instructions.

Parvati tells Mahadev that it is difficult to understand Pankhudi’s heart. Mahadev says nobody can read anyone’s heart. He says if anyone does anything right that Shani dev will reward him.

Pankhudi asks Purva to bring water for her. Purva brings water. Pankhudi asks her to do something. Purva says ok. Pankhudi asks Purva to force Vedant to do something. Purva says ok. She comes to Vedant and asks him to dance with her.

Does he ask if she is drunk? She starts dancing while the song is played….main ghaani baanwali hogayi…Everyone is surprised to see her dancing. Vedant gets angry and asks her to stop it. He goes. Pankhudi says I will talk to Purva and whispers something in her ears. She asks the guests to enjoy the party. She thinks to go and enjoy the film made by her.

Purva goes to Vedant’s room. Vedant says if you came to say sorry then leave. Purva says you shall be sorry. He comes near her and says you are not drunk then why are you acting? She says she will do everything that a wife does. He shouts and slaps her. Purva comes to her senses.

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