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The Good Son 10 October 2021: The Good Son update Sunday 10th October 2021 The Episode starts with Vedant getting angry at Purva and leaves the room. Pankhudi comes there and asks Purva to go downstairs and tell everyone that Vedant refused to kiss her. Purva comes down and tells that she wants to ask a question from everyone. Sumiti says she is a guest herself. Purva asks if a wife wants a kiss then what your husband will do. Sanju captures everything on his mobile. Does Manjula say what Purva is doing? Purva says she thought she will demand a kiss from him, but he slapped him. 

Gomti’s boyfriend says marriage starts with a kiss. Purva asks Vedant to kiss him and says Denmark said this. Vedant apologizes to the guests and ends the party right there. Purva closes her eyes for the kiss. Vedant brings water and splashes on her face. Purva comes to her senses and sees everyone staring at her. She asks why you are looking at me. Dadi asks why she is talking like this. Sumiti says shameless talks. Sanju shows the video. Purva asks why I will do this and says you know me. Vedant says enough and says I am bearing your nonsense for long. He asks her to leave the house. He packs her suitcase and throws it near her. He says you have crossed all limits today, leave from here right now.

Dadi asks Vedant where Purva will go at the night. Manjula tries to stop him. Pankhudi comes out and asks Vedant where is he taking her? Vedant says Jeevan Rekha’s outhouse. She says I will also come. Vedant takes Purva there and blames her for coming closer to him so that he gets helpless to marry her and accept her as his wife. He says you shall be ashamed and goes. Pankhudi says he said that you are a fraud. Purva says I know that you did something. Pankhudi says I did this so that you do some foolishness. She says you forgot to save yourself and drank the drugged cool drink yourself. She shows a marriage card in which Vedant and her name are written on the card. Does Purva ask what she wants to show? Pankhudi says she will soon marry Vedant. Purva promises her that tomorrow she will come to Sanjeevani Sadan tomorrow and will apply Haldi of Sanju’s name. Pankhudi says you were kicked out from there. Purva tells that truth will find a way. Dadi asks Vedant about the anklet. Vedant says that girl left it. Dadi asks him to give an anklet to Purva. Vedant says I know you love Purva, but she is not Purva. He says don’t know who is she? He says today she tried to come near me. Dadi says she is your wife. He asks her not to think emotionally and says my wife is dead. Dadi says I don’t think anything and believes in God’s miracle. I will not say anything. Dadi asks him to believe it himself and goes. He sits down.

Everyone gathers in the hall and is happy for Sanju and Pankhudi. Pankhudi acts as understanding Sanju. Sanju asks Vedant to help him buy sherwani for him. Vedant says I will check with Purva about today’s appointment and then realizes what he said. Dadi says you can call her Purva. Purva comes to the hospital and greets the nurse. Pankhudi gives her a termination letter. Purva says you can’t do this. Pankhudi says I will handle his secretary, we will give you a little amount to. Purva says she wants to meet Vedant. Pankhudi says you can meet him later, but get out right now. Alakshmi comes to Parvati. Parvati asks if she is afraid of her bhakt. Alakshmi says Pankhudi defeated Purva. Parvati says my bhakts win due to truth and will fight with all her devotion, as she has Devi Durga’s avatar.

Pankhudi giving termination letter to Purva. Purva thinks she can’t go until she meets Vedant. She hides beneath the stretcher. The nurse takes the stretcher and keeps on side. Purva sees Vedant and goes behind him. Vedant asks if she didn’t get the termination letter. Purva asks she got it and asks whose idea was it? Vedant says it was pankhudi’s good idea. He says he don’t want to see her face after whatever she did with him. Purva says how to explain to you and tells that may be someone gave me spiked drink. Vedant says such wrong girls make such excuses. He tries to open the door and finds the door bolt broken. Purva laughs and says God wants him to listen to her. He calls Pankhudi and asks her to open the door. Pankhudi hears Purva is with him and comes to record room to open the lock, but the door is jammed. She goes to call carpenter. Purva says she wants to ask something. Vedant asks what? Parvati ji says my bhakt has durga in her and she will fail the evils. Purva tells that she didn’t do anything. She asks what he don’t like about her. Vedant says your talks about Pankhudi makes me embarrassed as she is my brother’s would be wife. Purva says what more? Vedant says you are good, but made me angry calling yourself as Purva. Alakshmi says Purva is wasting her time. Purva says ok, if I stop calling myself as Purva and leave you with her memories, then will you be normal with me. Vedant says don’t know.

Purva asks him to close his eyes for 2 mins for his Purva. Vedant closes his eyes. Purva asks can you see her face. Vedant sees Purva and then the new Purva. He gets upset and asks what do you want to do? She says no. Vedant says I just love my Purva. Purva says you are angry with me as you love me and is scared of your feelings. She says you are scared to be closer to me. Vedant comes near her and says I came close to you. Pankhudi brings carpenter and asks him to open the door fast. Just then she sees snake blocking the door and shouts. Purva asks him to come near her and asks him not to make her leave from Sanjeevani Sadan and hospital and challenges that he will fall in love with her. Vedant says no. She challenges him. Vedant says challenge. Pankhudi and Carpenter see the snake crawling out. Pankhudi asks Carpenter to open the door. He opens the door. Vedant and Purva come out. Pankhudi says sorry for getting late and says this girl might have troubled you. Purva gives the termination letter to Vedant. Vedant tears it and says you can get back to the job. He goes. Purva tells Pankhudi that she is coming back to Sanjeevani Sadan to apply haldi of Sanju’s name.

Purva stops Vedant and says she will come with him to Sanjeevani Sadan. Vedant says he is not going home directly. Purva asks if he is scared that he will fall for him. Vedant says no and tells that he don’t want to hear her nonstop talk. Purva says I will not talk. They leave. Alakshmi asks Parvati to ask Kaamdev to stop melting Vedant’s heart for Purva. Parvati says Kaamdev is dead. Alakshmi says he is killed by Mahadev’s third eye. Alakshmi says he is invisible and melting Vedant’s heart. Parvati ji says I will not agree to your sayings. She says Purva has to do strict tapasya to make love blossom in Vedant’s heart. She says even I had done the tapasya.

Pankhudi and Sanju are seated for their haldi ritual. Vedant and Purva come there. Pankhudi gets upset. Dadi asks Purva to go and get ready fast. Purva and Vedant come out after getting ready. Vedant applies haldi to Sanju. Manjula asks Purva to apply haldi to Pankhudi. Pankhudi says no, I won’t let this girl apply haldi to me. Dadi asks why? Pankhudi says she tried to maligned my reputation many times and tells that may be she wants to apply spiked mehendi on me. Sumiti says our bahu is already beautiful. Pankhudi thinks the girl is defeated. Purva says I am your sister. Pankhudi says I don’t trust you. Purva says I love Vedant a lot in this world and will never harm him. She applies haldi to his hand and asks if he is feeling any reaction or burning sensation. He nods no. Purva asks Pankhudi if she can apply haldi to her now. She comes to Pankhudi and says I can’t apply it to Pankhudi as it is Vedant’s left over haldi. She says I will apply it to myself and applies it on her hands. She tells Pankhudi that her hands are cleaned now and applies haldi of Sanju’s name. She then hugs her and says Vedant’s leftover haldi is in my destiny and thanks her.

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