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The Good Son 18 July 2021: The Good Son update Sunday 18th July 2021 The Episode starts with Soham telling Vedant that the dangerous people never get caught. Vedant says I am ready to lose my identity to expose them and asks Soham for help. Soham gives his gun and asks him to keep it for safety. He asks what is your plan? Vedant looks on. Dadi asks God to bless everyone and asks him to keep his blessings on Vedant. Radhika comes and says Bhabhi is leaving. Dadi thinks of her words and asks her to call vedant home. Vedant is in his hospital and packs some stuff. Radhika calls him, but he rejects her call. He looks at Dada ji’s pic. Radhika calls again. Vedant picks the call and says he is busy. Radhika says bhabhi is leaving. Vedant says it is her wish, I can’t come there. Gomti gets happy and thinks to inform Ramesh.

Dadi tries to stop Purva, but Purva refuses to stay back. Radhika says she talked to Bhaiyya, but he was very angry. Ramesh says Gudadi lal wants to kick her out and she wants to leave, and asks why are you stopping her. Gomti asks Sanju to call taxi. Ramesh asks where is choti maharani’s stuff. Pankhudi says but..Purva asks her to bring her stuff. Dadi says Vedant will come and tell his decision. Purva asks Pankhudi to bring her stuff. Sanju stops her and says if bhai and bhabhi had a fight then why pankhudi shall go. Ramesh asks if he has gone mad and asks with which right she will stay here. Sanju says she has the right, as I love her and will marry her. Pankhudi is shocked. Sanju says if she leaves the house then I will leave the house too. Ramesh says one sister is ruining the house and you are starting affair with the other. Pankhudi tells Purva that she wants to tell her truth. Sanju asks why she wants to hide. Ramesh says it is their trick.

Sanju says Pankhudi is very good and wanted me to pass in the exams, else you wanted me to fail in exams. Ramesh slaps him and asks Manjula to take him to room. Sanju asks Pankhudi not to worry and says their love will not be affected. Pankhudi says this is not truth as I ….and looks at Vedant who had just come. Gomti asks what? She asks when did you get a chance to trap Sanju, and asks if it was in the night. Purva shouts and asks Dadi, did you listen how dirty they think about us, and says I will not stay here. Vedant asks who stopped you. He asks her to go if she wants to go. Purva asks Pankhudi to bring her stuff. Radhika asks Purva not to leave. Ramesh scolds her and says both of them shall leave right now. Vedant says I have much work than to solve the household work. He tells that he has to go somewhere urgently. Sumiti says when did this happen? Dadi asks where Purva will go? Vedant says she got job in Delhi and can stay here till she joins. Pankhudi brings her stuff.

Vedant comes to Dr. Agarwal’s cabin indisguise. Dr. Agarwal asks what is his illness? Vedant says you are illness, but I am the treatment. Dr. Agarwal is shocked. Vedant says I can get you hospital from Vedant. Agarwal tells that Vedant himself will give. Vedant asks if he didn’t keep the expired medicine in his hospital and shook hands with chokas. Agarwal asks who are you? Vedant tells that he is Vedant’s enemy and shows the video in which a ward boy confessed to have kept the medicines in the video. Agarwal panics. Vedant tells that he wants revenge from Vedant as he married his fiance Purva by kidnapping him. He asks for his share in hospital. Agarwal says there is an another partner whose name he can’t say until he gets the hospital. Vedant says he will make the ward boy go from their way. Agarwal meets Chokas and tells that Rahul offered to help them and wants to see their partners. Just then Vedant makes a video call and acts to kill the ward boy. Agarwal gets happy. Vedant removes his fake get up.

Vedant helping the ward boy getting up. Ward boy apologizes to Vedant and says he was helpless to keep those expired medicines in the hospital. He tells that his sister made him realize his mistake. Vedant says you have accepted your mistake by your own and forgives him. Soham tells vedant that whatever he is doing is dangerous. Vedant tells him that Chokas will go to jail, and Dr. Agarwal will punished too. He says nothing will happen to my family or me. Purva searches job and checks the vacancies. She thinks of Dadi’s words. Pankhudi asks if she didn’t get job. Purva says she lied to get out from there. Pankhudi asks her to go to delhi and searches the job. Purva asks her to come and says it will be a new beginning for you also. Pankhudi says she will not go and says Vedant is her idol and she will learn from him. She says just as you take your life decisions, I will take my life decisions.

Ramesh tells that Purva went suddenly from here and her love came here. Dr. Agarwal says Rahul loves Purva very much. Ramesh says I don’t want to meet her lover and says Rahul can trap us also. He says do as I said, then see how Gudadi lal’s respect gets ruined. Vedant comes home and imagines Purva sitting on bed. He smiles. He misses her and imagines her everywhere. Tu jo Nazaron ke saamne plays…….Purva also misses him and recalls moments with him. Song continues to plays…..roke na ruke naina….Her phone rings. She thinks Vedant’s message came and checks. She gets sad and thinks to end their relation. She takes out divorce papers from almari and thinks when there is no relation then why to give name to it.

Sanju comes to the hospital and holds Pankhudi’s hand and takes her to side. He asks why did she lie at home. Pankhudi says I don’t love you. Sanju says I will ask you every moment until you agree. Vedant looks at the dancing couple in the ball and thinks of Purva and him. Purva comes there and sits. He says you are here? And says it is good. He asks if you didn’t go to Delhi. Purva says she is going and says she came to do the last work. She says today I can walk with my head high is all because of you, and says you took care of me and married me without loving me. She says I shall not be in your life, and you shall with someone who loves you. She says we shall end this name sake relation and shows the divorce papers. Vedant says I had a hope that you will understand me. Purva thinks Vedant don’t love him, and takes out her mangalsutra and keeps on his table. She says I hope you will decide and final till I leave. Vedant looks at her with equal pain. The showpiece falls down and breaks. Purva says sorry and walks out. Vedant gets teary eyes and sits down.

He sees Purva returning to him and saying him sorry, says I don’t need divorce, but you. She says you had said that we will encash the thank you account together and asks why didn’t you stop me. She tears the divorce papers and says I love you Vedant. Vedant says ofcourse I love you Purva. He hugs her. it is not Purva, but Pankhudi. Dr. Rashmi sees them hugging and gets shocked. Vedant says sorry and says I thought Purva is here. Pankhudi says Di don’t love you. Vedant says I am fine. Pankhudi thinks he will forget everything. Dr. Rashmi’s brother comes to hospital. She attends him. Later she reminds pankhudi of her wrong doings and tells her about the hospital rules. Pankhudi scolds her and complains to Vedant. Vedant scolds Dr. Rashmi and asks her to support pankhudi like he supported her. Dr. Rashmi comes out of the storeroom and cries telling that Dr. Vedant molested her. Everyone sees her torn clothes. Vedant comes there and is shocked.

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