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The Good Son 25 July 2021: The Good Son update Sunday 25th July 2021 Vedant asking Purva if date plan is sure. Purva asks can you take me? He asks her to come to hospital and picked him at 6:30 pm. Purva says she will reach there at 6 pm and asks him not to get late. Vedant says ok and comes near her. Aaj phir tumpe plays…..He comes near her and is about to kiss her, but takes pillow and goes. He asks her to sleep. They rest on the bed. Vedant smiles…Purva feels shy. Pankhudi thinks of Purva telling that she is still vedant’s wife and he is romantic and caring, and she feels that she will stay happy with him. She gets restless and peeps in their bedroom. She sees them sleeping on bed, and Purva keeping her hand on his hand. She says she can’t bear anymore now.

In the morning, Purva wakes up hearing the alarm sound and finds the chit on the mirror lef by Vedant that he can’t wait for their first date. She smiles and finds another chit with a dress. She gets message from him asking her to tell about her feelings. Purva thinks how will be the date and greets him good morning. Pankhudi comes there and asks about 2000 change. She reads the chits. Purva gives her money. Pankhudi leaves.

In the hospital, Vedant orders red roses. A Patient is brought by her husband. Vedant checks the pregnant woman and asks Dr. Rashmi to make arrangements in OT. Sumiti asks Narendra why did he make her drink bhang. Narendra says I stopped you from drinking more. Purva receives the letter sent by Vedant and waits for the clock to strike 6 pm. Vedant operates on the patient and tells Mr. Jha that baby girl is born. Vedant and Rashmi go. Pankhudi pretends to talk to Vedant on call and tell that everything went well although he is under the bhang effect. Mr. Jha hears and gets angry. Pankhudi tells that all went well, although he was tensed. She thinks she had to lie to be with him. She recalls Vedant telling that he detox himself and took the tests, and wouldn’t have operate if he was drowsy. She thinks their date is spoiled now. Purva is waiting for Vedant. Some men come and give her flowers on Vedant’s behalf. Vedant comes there and gives her flower for their first date.

He brings her to the decorated terrace with flowers. She gets surprised and asks if he did all the arrangements, and says I didn’t know you are so romantic. Vedant says whenever I look in the sky, I feel the hope. He says he says he will see sunrise with her. Purva says we will be here all night. Vedant says yes and tells that he will play childhood games with her. Purva asks if he didn’t play in their childhood.

Vedant says I didn’t live my childhood. Purva says even I didn’t. Vedant says lets become children for sometime. They play carrom. Waiters bring food. They have food. Vedant makes her wear ring. Jogi hona plays……Vedant makes painting. Purva applies color to his cheeks. He runs behind her. She stumbles and gets her foot twisted. Vedant kisses on her foot surprising her.

Purva smiles and runs. He runs behind her. They become playful and jovial living their missed childhood moments. They lie on the bed. She asks him if he thinks of his real family. Vedant gets teary eyes and says sometimes I couldn’t cry, and says he wanted to hug his mother and cry, and then used to think about Manjula who couldn’t hug him due to Ramesh. He says I always yearn for Ramesh’s love. Purva tells that she got her parents’ love and then it was snatched. She says she was very small when mom and dad died. She says I was grown up so soon and never had time to think about all this, and have to take care of Nani and Pankhudi. Vedant says life made us meet and gave us a chance to live life.

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