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The Good Son 3 October 2021: Purva thinking Vedant is smart and will understand, but if Pankhudi does any conspiracy. She gets worried. She sees Sanju and goes to him. She congratulates him. Sanju asks how she got sweet to him. Purva says she has become lonely.

Sanju asks her to tell her secret. Purva says she wants him to believe that she is Purva. She asks did you do savings for your outings with Pankhudi after marriage. Sanju says no savings, as pankhudi knows that my MBBS is not yet completed. Purva says people might say that you might be using your wife’s money. Sanju asks what I can do. Purva asks him to come and says I will tell you what to do.

Sumiti brings some stuff home. Narendra says you must have called me to hold these things. Sumiti says she just bought it for 30000. Ramesh thinks what I will get from her if she spends everything. He asks her to give her all the money to her so that he can invest. Sumiti says she will live her life, the way she wants.

Pankhudi tells Vedant that she was scared seeing the Patient’s condition and says her decision was right. He asks for the file. She asks him to rest and eat sandwiches. She takes out his apron. Purva and Sanju come there. Purva says Sanju was coming here so I came with him. Sanju signs Purva. Vedant asks what is the work? Sanju says our marriage is in 3 weeks, so I want to do some work to earn the money. Pankhudi says your MBBS is not completed yet. Sanju says there must be some work. Vedant says there is a work in HR dept. Sanju thanks and hugs Vedant. Pankhudi tells that HR dept is far and says we will be far.

Purva tells Dadi about everything. Dadi says I will talk to Vedant. Purva says Pankhudi has already proved me wrong infront of him. Dadi says I had already said that she is not right. She says Vedant’s dadi is here. Purva says Pankhudi and Vedant will be together in the hospital. Dadi asks her to be in the hospital with Vedant. Purva asks what I will do? Dadi shows the newspaper advertisement that Vedant needs a secretary. Purva says Vedant will not hire me as the secretary. Dadi says I have an idea. They see Vedant and Pankhudi coming home. Purva acts to wipe the floor. Pankhudi and Vedant sit on the sofa. Pankhudi begins talking to him about the patient. Purva asks him to give 20000 Rs as he is not letting her Purva’s stuff. Pankhudi says you are getting shelter in this house and that’s enough. Purva says I am talking to my husband. Pankhudi says he doesn’t regard you as his wife. Vedant asks her to do some work. Dadi suggests him to hire her in the hospital. She says she can’t get a job outside as she doesn’t have an Aadhaar card. Pankhudi asks if she will work as nurse. Dadi says no and asks him to appoint her as his personal assistant as he needed. Vedant asks Personal assistant.

Purva says I will work as a maid here and asks Dadi to give advance money. Dadi signs her. Vedant says no and appoints her as his secretary. He goes. Dadi also goes inside. Purva hugs Pankhudi and says we are now colleagues and tells them that she will become kaali to save her husband. She goes. Pankhudi gets upset. Mahadev tells Parvati, how was her journey from tension to smile. Parvati says with cleverness and says what evil will do now. Pankhudi comes to Purva and asks if she thinks she will snatch Vedant from her. Purva says I will be with my husband all the time now. Purva takes the knife from there and says you take his name with so many rights. Vedant asks Manjula if she saw Pankhudi. Manjula says she went to Purva’s room. He says you are also calling her Purva. Manjula asks him to tell her name if he knows. He goes.

Pankhudi warns Purva. Purva says I learned to handle your anger in childhood and twists her hand, making the knife fall down. Pankhudi thinks she twisted her hand as Purva had done. Purva tells that she will win his heart by becoming his PA. Vedant comes there and asks what you are doing here Pankhudi. Pankhudi says I came to explain her work. Purva says I will prepare the chart and you can see. He says I will not have time. Purva says I will explain your chart when you check your schedule after changing clothes. Vedant thinks she knows all his timetables.

Mahadev tells that evilness is cleverness. Parvati says challenges will increase for her. Mahadev says what you will do. She says you know everything and asking. She asks him to listen and sees something there. She says she will tell later, seeing the small plant. He goes to meet Brahma. Parvati asks Alakshmi to come in front. Alakshmi appears and asks her if that girl is Purva or not. Pankhudi tells Purva that Vedant is very upset after losing Purva and asks her to be away from him. Purva says let’s see what happens tomorrow.

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