The Good Son 22 July 2021: The Good Son update Thursday 22nd July 2021 Pankhudi dropping the glass angrily. Dadi asks if she didn’t have a good sleep. Pankhudi says no and asks Vedant to come. Purva calls Vedant and asks him to take handkerchief. Vedant says it was in my bag. Purva says she took it out so that she can give her husband. Dadi gets happy and calls her filmy bahu. Vedant keeps a coin in her hand and asks her to keep it for giving hanky. 

Purva asks him to go. She comes to Dadi. Dadi tells that she is very happy after eating kachoris. Purva says it was ordered from outside. Vedant messages Purva. Purva also message him. Dadi says your love talk started. Purva asks about Vedant’s childhood pics. Dadi tells about his troubled childhood and says he has never spend childhood like usual kids. Purva gets emotional.

Vedant talks to a patient’s husband. Patient’s husband leaves. Pankhudi comes back to Vedant and finds him checking on net. He then asks Pankhudi, what he shall do to impress Purva. Pankhudi is shocked. Vedant calls Purva, but when she doesn’t pick the call, he calls Dadi and asks about Purva. Dadi teases him and gives call to manjula. Gomti takes the call and asks him to ask Maharani to sit with them. Purva decorates their room with Vedant and their pics. She plays with the remote car which she brought for him. She thinks to click his pic when he comes home.

Vedant calls her and tells that they are going to watch film. He asks her to get ready in 10 mins. Purva says someone is taking the challenge seriously. Purva gets ready. Vedant comes. Purva comes downstairs. Vedant says you are looking very beautiful. Everyone comes there. Purva asks if they are going out too. Vedant says we all are going. Purva says I thought we are only going. Ramesh says either everyone will go or nobody will go. Gomti says first they will go alone and then will separate the kitchen. Vedant says I thought that we all will spend time with everyone. Purva says sorry and goes to room.

Dadi asks him to convince Purva and says a wife wants to spend some time with her husband alone. Ramesh says this is how everything started. Pankhudi recalls giving idea to Vedant to take family along with him, and thinks I knew that Di will not go with family, and thinks I will give you the love and support which you wants. Vedant comes to his room and sees the remote card, Purva’s pics book for him etc. He says I tried to make you feel special. Purva says you can’t, day 1 wasted. Photo frame breaks with her hand. Vedant and Purva sit to pick it. Vedant takes out their pic from the broken frame. Sanju comes to Pankhudi’s room and closes the door. Pankhudi asks him to go and have some shame, says your Papa will think wrong about me. Sanju says I might be mannerless, but knows about love. Pankhudi says I don’t love….Sanju says you will fall in love with me and says I will color you in my love during holi. Pankhudi looks at him.

Purva comes to kitchen and asks why noodles today. Dadi says she will get unwell eating ordinary food. They have a talk. Dadi tells her that she is really nice, and tells that Vedant is like his Dada ji and says nobody can be better husband than Vedant. She makes Dadi have noodles and goes. Vedant looks at them. He comes to Dadi. Dadi asks him to go and convince her. She tells that even she used to go and watch film with her Dada. She asks him to make arrangements of holi.

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