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The Good Son 15 June 2021: Ramesh getting angry and asking Manjula to ask Vedant if his wife will come out or not. Vedant gets ready to go to hospital. Ramesh calls him. Manjula asks him to let them sleep and says they are newly married. Sumiti says we had done work when we were newly weds. Bua taunts Purva’s values.

Vedant comes to Ramesh. Ramesh asks if she sold the respect of the house along with the horse and slept. Vedant asks do you have some work with Purva. Ramesh taunts and tells that he wants to ask her about whom to vote in elections. He asks him to ask her to make tea. Vedant says tea is already made. Ramesh throws the tea and asks Vedant to ask her to make breakfast and tea for everyone, if they want to live in the house.

Vedant goes to his room. Dadi comes and asks what’s today breaking news. Vedant comes to Purva. Purva says no need to repeat and says I heard everything. She packs her bags. Vedant says did I tell you? Purva says I will not agree if something is forced on me. Vedant says I will handle everything, nobody can make you do the work forcibly.

Dadi asks Ramesh why he wants to burden her with responsibility. Ramesh says if she wants to stay here then she shall work. Vedant comes and says Purva will not do any work of this house. Ramesh taunts Dadi. Vedant asks do you regard Purva as bahu of Sanjeevani Sadan. Ramesh says never, I am not mad. Vedant says why Purva shall do the bahu’s responsibility then. Dadi says Vedant is right. Gomti Bua says that girl is wrong and says their family will be insulted. Vedant says Purva is not wrong. Ramesh says she has opened your mouth and says the kitchen will be opened only when that Maharani cooks food for everyone. Dadi opposes his decision. He says he is head of the family. Sumiti’s husband asks Gomti to have lemon water. Gomti says he will get acidity.

Purva picks call on Vedant’s phone. Dr. Rashmi is on call and she refers to her as Mrs. Vedant. Purva asks her to call her Purva. Dr. Rashmi asks how is he now? Purva asks what happened to him. Dr. Rashmi tells her everything about Vedant coming to hospital after 13 hours drive and then fainting in the hospital. Purva says he has strong of his talks and ethics. Dr. Rashmi says he needs to bed rest for 24 hours atleast, he takes of everyone, but don’t take care of himself. She says stress is bad for him. Purva ends the call..

Vedant is resting on the sofa. He imagines Dadu talking about stress and marriage. Vedant says he has left everything on time. Dadu says your concentration was on something else. He says everyone will be hungry because of Ramesh’s stubbornness. Vedant says I slept hungry many nights and says time might solve the confusion.

Purva thinks of Dr. Rashmi’s words that he takes care of everyone, but don’t have time for himself. She thinks of his goodness and sees him resting on sofa while sitting. Manjula looks at the locked in the kitchen and checks the time. She asks Ramesh to give the keys. Dadi says this is wrong. Bua calls her surpanakha. Vedant comes and asks why everyone is after Purva. Bua says Purva shall apologize. Dadi shouts and says she will count till 3 and keys shall be in her hand. Ramesh asks her to make that foolish girl understand to accept his condition or forget the keys. Manjula says it is 10 pm now and food is not made. Purva asks Dadi to have apples. Dadi says she will not eat and is not weak like Nani.

Purva says I will do as you wanted. Vedant comes and says Purva will not do anything against her wish. Dadi tells Vedant that he knows how to break the wall between Ramesh and him. Vedant says he has promised Purva that he will not ask her anything against her will. He says if the matter is about him, he would have apologized to bau ji. Dadi says Ramesh will not agree, you know his stubbornness. Purva looks at him. Manjula comes to Purva. Purva tells that she was keeping the clothes. Manjula tries to help her. Purva says she will do. Manjula says she wants to welcome her as her bahu and daughter, but…She tells that when a girl is married, she becomes wife and bahu and also Annapurna/ Purva tells her that she knows what is right and wrong. Manjula asks her to apologize for house. Purva asks if she can’t see ramesh’s mistake. Manjula says he is my husband. Purva says Vedant is my husband and I will agree to his sayings also.

Manjula goes to Vedant and says I want to ask you something. She says I have always done my duty as a mother, bahu, wife etc. Vedant says I know, I have seen everything. He recalls Ramesh locking him in the room, and Manjula giving him food from under the door. Vedant calls her and asks her to open the door, says he is scared. Manjula cries. Vedant tells that he knows everything and says if Bau ji gave me hatred, but you gave me warmth and love. Manjula says you know everything and says you were hungry for many days in childhood.

Vedant says my training was done in childhood. Manjula says the family members are not habituated to be hungry. Sumithi and Gomti ask Vedant to ask Purva to apologize to Ramesh. Manjula asks him to convince Purva, says she said that she will agree to you. Vedant apologizes and says he will not ask his wife to compromise.

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