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The Good Son 5 October 2021: The Good Son update Tuesday 5th October 2021 The Episode starts with Purva asking Vedant to give her the respect of his wife and says I am married and your wife, She takes sindoor in her hand and says I will not show you any right, but please give me rights of your wife. She walks towards him. Parvati Ji says Vedant’s heart is very delicate and he will fill her maang with indoor. 

Pankhudi throws the glass frame on Purva’s way and says it is by mistake. Purva walks towards Vedant, stepping on the glass pieces. Everyone is surprised. Hare Ram…plays…Alakshmi tells that Purva’s tears and your gyaan are all waste. Parvati says I thought you have a woman’s heart. Alakshmi says but my heart has all bad things. Mahadev appears in front of them. Parvati asks Mahadev to make Purva get her rights. He says whatever is destined will happen. Alakshmi says it means they will lose. Mahadev says time will tell if Parvati’s trust wins or your cleverness. Purva walks to Vedant and gives him a sindoor bottle. He takes it and recalls seeing Purva’s death, last rites, etc. He says you are not my Purva and what you want me to do, is just Purva’s rights. Alakshmi asks Mahadev what he will do and says Parvati’s bhakt made her lose. Vedant says this is not just a sindoor, but a feeling which is shared between a husband and wife and asks her not to do drama with him. He turns to go, slips stepping on the glass piece and the sindoor in his hand gets applied to Purva’s forehead. Purva gets teary eyes. Dadi and Manjula smile. Parvati tells Alaksmi that her powers are useful to her. She says Vedant fill Purva’s maang. Dadi tells Purva that God has given his Verdict. Manjula asks her to apply Mehendi on her hands and keep the fast. Dadi asks the lady if she has any objection. Lady says when God has given her approval then who are we to object. Vedant hears them. Dadi asks Pankhudi to bandage her feet. Pankhudi and Purva get mehendi applied to her feet. They have mehendi. Purva sees V on Pankhudi’s hand. Pankhudi asks if her V is more beautiful than hers and asks her to tell Vedant.

Parvati asks Mahadev why they get worried seeing Vedant in trouble. Mahadev tells that Vedant and his family used to stay in ants’ naval and it got destroyed because of you. She says we shall help him.

Pankhudi and other ladies gather to eat sargi. They begin eating. Manjula says I will call Purva. Purva comes there and says don’t know why the alarm was off. Pankhudi asks her to tell that someone came to her room secretly and switches off the alarm. Just then the sun appears and Purva couldn’t eat anything. Pankhudi asks her to eat and says it is not for her real husband. Purva says she will keep fast and Vedant will break her fast.

Sanju comes to Pankhudi and insists to see her hand. She says if you see your initial in my hand then you won’t be successful. Sanju goes keeping his hands on his eyes and wondering if Manjula knows about it. Parvati tells Mahadev that she is fasting today and asks him to bring fruits, by earning money and buying it for her. He says we are immortal and I am living a life of bairagi. Does he say let’s see what your bhakt is doing? Purva comes to Vedant’s room and falls on him, as he opens the door. She falls on him. He gets up. Purva tells him that Pankhudi got V written on her hand. Vedant asks why you are after Pankhudi and asks if she is mad? Purva says her intention is not good, check yourself.

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