The Good Son 6 July 2021: The Good Son Tuesday 6th July 2021 update The Episode starts with Preetam’s mother says we can’t tell this story to people and says if you don’t kick your wife out of house then this marriage can’t happen. Preetam says we told what we wanted and asks his mum to come. Manjula asks Vedant to talk to them. Vedant asks them to think again with calm mind. Ramesh looks at preetam. Preetam’s mum coughs and asks can I come to your hospital for check up. 

Vedant says I don’t mix up professional and personal life. Gomti comes to Purva and asks her to let her marry Preetam. She apologizes to her and asks her to tell that she has forgiven her. Purva asks her to get up. Gomti says she has spent her life waiting for someone and asks her to kill her with her hand. Vedant stops Gomti. Gomti says it is better to end the life if I had to live alone. She says I will do it myself, whatever I have to. She smirks and takes out poison bottle. Ramesh says no Gomti. It is their plan. Gomti acts and asks Ramesh to tell Preetam about her death. Vedant agrees to Gomti’s demand and says Purva will leave her house Sanjeevani sadan. Purva looks at Vedant silently. Ramesh and Gomti smirks.

The Good Son 6 July 2021 update Dadi acts to unwell. Radhika signs Dadi to act. Vedant checks her and asks if you think this is joke. Dadi asks him to check the thermometer. Vedant says he checked it rightly. Radhika tells that Dadi wants to see his smile. Dadi asks him not to leave Purva. She asks Radhika to go. Vedant tells Dadi that Purva wanted divorce from him. Dadi asks then why she is bearing everything. Vedant says she thinks I have done favor on her and bearing everything for me. Dadi says Purva will not go anywhere.

Pankhudi teaches Sanju and asks him to learn rightly. Sanju says you will be with me in the OT when I become a doctor. Ramesh comes there. Sanju asks her to hide. Ramesh slaps Sanju seeing the books. Sanju says it is of Vedant. Ramesh asks him to bring sweets and says Gomti will marry and Purva will leave the house. Sanju thinks even Pankhudi will leave them. He goes to bring sweets.

Purva tells Vedant that she will not go from here. Vedant says but you wanted to go. Purva says I don’t want to see you defeated like this and asks until when you will feel suffocated and get scolded by babu ji. She says you don’t deserve all this. Vedant says how to make you understand. She says you wanted to kick me out, but I will not leave. Vedant says not me, but others. Purva says if it is a joke. Song plays……Jo tu mera hamdard hai…plays…He hugs her. She cries.

Gomti tells that Purva will leave tomorrow. Preetam says I will take Maa to hospital and then will come to you. Gomti is happy and tells that Preetam will come with his mother to talk about the marriage date and gives him credit for her marriage. Ramesh says your kanyadaan will happen and Purva will leave from here. Vedant comes and says Purva will not leave from here. Ramesh says we have done a deal and calls Dadi. Gomti cries and tells that her happiness is ruined by Vedant. Narendra asks what happened? Ramesh says Vedant said that Purva will stay here even if Gomti goes to hell. Dadi says he will not do such thing.

The Good Son 6 July 2021: Gomti says he has done this. Ramesh says we all are Servant here, and he is Raja beta. Vedant says Purva will stay in this house and Bua will marry also.. Manjula gets happy. Sumiti asks Narendra if Vedant is drunk. Narendra says when he said then he must have thought something. Ramesh says if this happen then he will lose whatever he says. Vedant says ok. Ramesh says tomorrow Preetam and his mum are coming, engagement and marriage date shall fix. Gomti asks Ramesh if Vedant convinced Preetam. Ramesh says it is not that easy.

Vedant talks to the Patient Sakshi and says I talked to the Police, and asks her to tell about the man who betrayed her. Sakshi thanks him and says ‘thank you’ is a very small word. Vedant asks her not to leave the second chance of life. Pankhudi informs Vedant that Preetam and his mum came. Vedant checks his mum and asks Pankhudi to get the tests done. Pankhudi takes her. Preetam asks what is the problem, why are you creating suspense. Vedant says I will talk after reports come. He requests Preetam to take back the condition and says I love Purva very much. Preetam says I love Gomti very much, but this condition is kept by my amma. Vedant says even I love Purva and asks him if he wants to marry Gomti or not. Preetam says my decision is not bigger than my mum and if this is the case then I can’t marry Gomti.

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