The Good Son 21 July 2021: The Good Son update Wednesday 21st July 2021 The Episode starts with Vedant about to kiss Purva. Pankhudi gets shocked and interrupts their romance, tells Vedant that Dadi is calling him. Vedant goes to Dadi and sees her laughing watching video. Dadi says she is watching video and asks him to go. Vedant says then why did she call him. 

Dadi says she didn’t call him and asks him to sit. She asks if Purva is happy here. Vedant says she said that she will give another chance. Dadi asks him to stay with Purva away from family. Vedant insists to stay with family, and tells that she will soon know the value of a family. Dadi asks him to love her so much. Vedant says he will keep her very happy.

Pankhudi sees coffee bottles etc and questions Purva. Purva says they are having a coffee date tonight and tells that she is giving a chance to their marriage. She says she will not get such a husband like him. Pankhudi asks about career and dreams says you don’t like joint family. She says you can’t adjust with him. Purva says she will be very happy with Vedant and says he is very romantic and even got ready to sing. Pankhudi gets upset and thinks I will go to sleep. She eyes the coffee bottles and goes.

Purva comes to room after bathing. Vedant is looking at her from outside. Purva says you can come here and see me, it is allowed. Vedant says this much shall be allowed for a husband. Purva looks at him. Vedant sees coffee bottle and asks about it. Purva says this is our first date and says that’s how we will know each other. She asks him to take her on dates and win her heart. Vedant says it is a good try and asks how to start. Purva says first they will set the mood and switches off lights. They sit on the chairs. Purva lights the candles and says we will make our own promises of marriage. She says if you agree then will take one sip each. She says we will be together, but will not try to change each other.

Vedant drinks a sip and says I like you the way you are and says we will never hide about each other wishes. Purva says your opinion will matter to me, but you always respect my decision. Vedant says my decisions will be yours too and I will fulfill all your dreams in any situation. Purva says every dream and drinks coffee. They drink coffee and tell that they are feeling sleepy. They go to bed and sleep. Pankhudi comes to their room and sits at Vedant’s side of bed. She holds his hand and thinks I am sorry Vedant and di, and says she has to add sleeping pills as only she has the right to stay with Vedant and touch him. She covers Vedant with blanket and doesn’t cover Purva with blanket. She blows on the candles and looks at them.

In the morning, Vedant gets up and says I will not forget our first date. Purva wakes up and says acha..Vedant says so you are hearing me silently. He says I am thinking how to impress you and says you will get impressed and kiss me in 7 days. Purva sprinkles water on his face. Vedant says I am challenging you. Purva accepts the challenge. Manjula wakes up late in the morning and apologizes to Ramesh. Ramesh asks her to rest and says bahu will make breakfast. Manjula says I will make breakfast, I am not tired. Ramesh says I am not angry and will not lock the kitchen door. He says bahu will make. Manjula thinks Purva might be sleeping. Ramesh politely tells that he wants Purva to cook food, and says he will not make Dadi’s health deteriorates again. He says I am not angry now, Manjula have always worked in kitchen, it is time for her to rest and Bahu shall take over the responsibility. Gomti says it is going to be 8 soon.

Pankhudi comes and says she will make breakfast, and says let Di sleep. Ramesh stops her and says I am sure Purva will make food. Vedant comes there and hears him. Dadi asks Ramesh to give sometime to Purva. Sumithi asks Pankhudi to go and make food. Purva comes there and asks them to have hot kachoris. She says I hope it is good, as I made it in a hurry. Vedant asks her in low tone, if she fried this in sleep or miracle happened. Purva says miracle happened, and tells that she has ordered it. Manjula recalls sending Radhika to wake up Purva. Dadi, Manjula and Radhika sign each other. Dadi says breakfast is good, but I like the food made by my bahu Manjula. Purva says I will help Maa. Ramesh eats the kachoris. Purva asks him to have some more. Ramesh gets up and goes. Vedant asks her to give 2 more. Purva says 2 and looks at him. They have an eye lock. Pankhudi gets angry and thinks this good bahu act is not you, and I will see until when you will act.

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