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The Heir zee World: Full story, Teasers, Plot summary, Casts: The Heir investigates the age-long competition and emotion between 2 ground-breaking families, Bajwas and Pawaniyas; and recounts to the story of Amba Pawaniya, a Punjabi mother who is compelled to mention her woman youngster, Mannu, as a kid, in endeavors to stay harmony within the city and counteract her brutal brother by wedding Jaggan Pawaniya from taking initiative.

The series then deals with the implications of this action and focuses on totally different things which will arise from this gender swap. on the far side that, It shows the frightful gender discrimination still standard in society, along side each mother’s protecting nature towards her kid.

The Heir replaced Twist of fate on Zee world since 9th of June 2019.

The Heir Full story:
Amba Brings up her seven-year-old daughter Manpreet (Played by Soniya Touqeer) conjointly named Mannu as a boy, in different to stay Mannu’s father, (Mohammed Iqbal Khan) Charan Pawaniya’s political title from attending to the incorrect hands.

She doesn’t need Jaggan to become the leader of the village as he’s a cruel ruler and he can destroy the village – if given the facility.

At the beginning of the show, Amba, the spouse of a village head, is pregnant. Her family hopes that this point, {she can|she is going to|she’s going to} provide birth to the heir; a boy who will persevere ruling when his father. A battle against the 2 villages ends up in Amba turning into a widow. Amba mourns the death of her beloved husband whereas fighting to stay his husband’s bequest, Amba goes into labor and it’s declared to the village that she has born to a boy.

Jagan queries the gender of the baby and sets dead set expose Amba in her actions. Amba is extraordinarily nervous concerning the reveal of the leader, her secret are going to be out, however she manages to stay her secret. However, Jagan is convinced that Amba’s brother helps her to deceive the family.

Mannu ( Amba’s daughter) is conferred to the village because the new head. Jagan and Raavi take extreme measures to urge obviate Mannu as Jagan disagrees with the method Amba leads the village, her thoughtful ways in which don’t match up to his sinister expectations.

After seven years:
Seven years have lapsed and Mannu has fully grown up to live as a 7-year-old boy and it looks that Raavi and Jagan haven’t given au fait their plans to urge obviate her. Manu tries to compel Amba into causation her to high school, however this might cause their secret being exposed… Amba stands before the village council to plead for her daughter to own access to additional education. Jagan tries to urge Manu kidnaped. when an in depth decision, Amba needs to prompt Mannu that she cannot visit the college rest room, for worry that she’s going to be discovered for being a lady.

This new gender swap isn’t really easy on Mannu who naturally tends to travel for female things like her older sisters who were additionally Amba & Charan’s daughters (Simran aka Simmi (Farhina Parvez) and Gunjan).

Once Mannu learns of her truth, she decides to become the son her mother wants her to be and suppresses the woman in her. Soon, Mannu’s oldest sister, Simmi, learns of Mannu’s truth and supports her whenever she desires to indulge in her female aspect.

Later, Mannu befriends raj Bajwa (Wahib Kapadia), a unfit boy, who is neglected by his father Harjeet Bajwa (Anand Suryavanshi) thanks to his incapacity. though the Pawania’s and Bajwa’s are familiar for his or her competition, they each work along to undertake and convey peace to the village.

Mannu additionally befriends an older man named Jai (Ashish Kapoor) and even thinks to match build her mother with Jai. sadly, Jai dies in an accident.

Mannu sees this as a chance to bring the incompatible families along, and to create a bond of affection between the Pawania and Bajwa families. Amba and Harjeet Bajwa refuse to just accept this, and once Raman and Simmi run off to induce married, their families realize them. an intense confrontation ends up in Mohini in secret shooting Raman, and reciprocally – Harjeet shoots Simmi.

Due to the actual fact Mannu was holding a gun pointed towards Raman throughout this, the Bajwa’s assume that Mannu is chargeable for their son Raman’s death. Simmi is asserted dead, the relationship between raj and Mannu is broken, and raj & Raman’s mother, Amrit (Vandana Lalwani) takes raj to a town along with her, going away her husband Harjeet Bajwa and her alternative son, Rohan (also raj & Raman’s brother).

Ten-year leap Occur:
Manpreet (Now contend by Farnaz Shetty) has grown up to be Mannu, the Shah of Iran of the village. Mannu’s second older sister, Gunjan (Ankita Bahugana), additionally is aware of concerning Mannu’s truth. Mannu in secret dresses as a woman each once in a very whereas and goes by the name Preet (now her second nickname). once raj (Neel Motwani) returns to the village, he falls infatuated with Preet, not knowing she is Mannu herself.

Eventually, raj involves recognize that Mannu and Preet are identical folks. He convinces Preet to indicate her true identity and marry him. once Amba finds out concerning the connection between Mannu and raj, she tries to kill him. however Preet dresses up as a bride and takes raj to a temple to marry her.

As before long as Preet-Raj wed, raj reveals that it absolutely was all an idea by him to require revenge on her for his brother Raman’s death. The village council dethrones her from the title of the Shah, and he or she is sentenced to measure her life outside of the Pawania kin group.

With the assistance of Amrit (Raj’s mother), Preet enters the Bajwa’s house. Then enters Sakshi (Roop Durgapal/Vindhya Tiwari), Raj’s relief who conjointly loves him, however dominion doesn’t come her feelings. Sakshi and Mohini (who is currently Harjeet Bajwa’s second wife) try and produce distance in raj and Preet’s relationship.

Later, Simmi is unconcealed to be alive however has lost her memory and is mentally unstable. Rohan (Sanket Choukse), Raj’s alcoholic brother, finds Simmi once she is deed from wherever Amba has hidden her. He needed to use her to destroy Pawania’s respect, however eventually feels dangerous for her, and keeps her hidden. thanks to Mohini, Simmi is exposed and made to measure with the Bajwas as their dead son Raman’s wife.

Mohini becomes terribly afraid as a result of Simmi is aware of that she killed Raman. raj makes a contend with Preet that states that he can facilitate her in recalling Simmi’s memory however should divorce raj right when. raj and Preet do everything to form Simmi memory back however fail.

Mohini who is afraid brings Simmi’s former groom-to-be who left her ten years past named Chandar (Angad Hasija) back to their lives who has currently become Chandar cake, a fraud guru who flirts with Preet and Simmi each. He decides to urge married to Simmi, that Preet and Amba don’t wish as a result of they grasp his truth.

Preet decides to urge married to Chandar to avoid wasting Simmi. Seeing Preet getting ready to Chandar, raj realizes that he currently loves Preet, however she no additional believes him. dominion and Rohan conclude that Mohini has killed Raman, not Preet. He decides to prove it however fails and in keeping with Mohini’s arrange, Preet is once more framed. Jaggan is inactive currently as a result of snatch his own daughter Bubbly and blackmailing his family.

However, on the day of the marriage, Mohini is inactive and Simmi is married to Rohan in secret and he or she remembers her memory. Preet is saved from Chandar, however is shot whereas saving raj from him. Chandar is inactive however remains conspiring against Preet. Simmi rejects Rohan and doesn’t believe their wedding.

While Amba doesn’t wish any Bajwa’s reference to her daughters Simmi and Preet, raj proposes to Preet and confesses his love, however Preet rejects his love and hates him. currently each raj and Rohan fight for his or her love whereas Preet and Simmi each reject them. whereas Preet makes Amba the Shah of Pawania’s, others oppose her and there’s a significant conspiracy done by Chandar. there’s a fight between men and women.

Raj supports Preet however she doesn’t believe him. to assist and save Pawania’s and girls from the conspiracy, raj and Rohan come back to the Pawania’s home as ladies of an ngo. dominion and Rohan eventually persuade their various girls and Amba becomes Shah. The epilogue shows Preet teaching her children, nieces, and nephews that there’s no distinction between men and girls.

Full Casts of The heir zee World: 

  • Aarti Singh as Amba Pawania
The Heir Zee World

The Heir zee World (The Heir zee World: Full story, Teasers, Plot summary, Casts)

  • Farnaz Shetty as Manpreet Pawania (Preet/Mannu)
  • Neel Motwani as Rajveer Bajwa (Raj)
  • Saniya Touqueer as young Manpreet Pawania (Mannu)
  • Anand Suryavanshi as Harjeet Bajwa
  • Jasveer Kaur as Mohini Bajwa
  • Akshay Dogra as Jaggan Pawania
  • Farhina Parvez as Simran Pawania (Simmi)
  • Kaivalya Chheda as Sukhveer Pawaniya (Sukhi)
  • Sanket Choukse as Rohan Bajwa
  • Ankita Bahugana as Gunjan Pawania
  • Nitin Goswami/Unknown as Gunjan’s husband
  • Swati Bajpai as Ravee Pawania
  • Vandana Lalwani as Amrit Bajwa
  • Unknown as Bubbly Pawania
  • Kushabh Manghani as Nihaal Bajwa
  • Angad Hasija as Chandar
  • Mohammed Iqbal Khan as Charan Pawania (Cameo)
  • Wahib Kapadia as young Rajveer Bajwa (Raj)
  • Unknown as young Rohan Bajwa
  • Yatin Mehta as Raman Bajwa
  • Unknown as young Gunjan Pawania
  • Roop Durgapal/Vindhya Tiwari as Sakshi
  • Lavina Tandon as Swaroop Bajwa
  • Mukesh Khanna as Lalaji
  • Sucheta Shivkumar as Deena Pawania
  • Rahul Verma Rajput as Raj’s friend
  • Lakshya Wahi as Yuvraaj
  • Dolly Bindra as Dumroo Daayan
  • Pankaj Berry as Suraiya
  • Gaurav Sharma as Veeru
  • Bhavana Balsavar as Sushila
  • Sneh Mirani as young Sukhveer Pawania (Sukhi)
  • Ashish Kapoor as Jai

Other information:

  • Genre: Family Drama
  • First Episode: 9th June 2019
  • Total range of episodes: 398
  • Season: 1
  • Channel: zee World Africa
  • Original name:Waaris
  • Tele Country: Indian

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