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Coming next month, Below are The Heir November Teasers 2019 Zee World.

Friday 1 November  2019

Scene 146

Preet picks her sister’s security over Raj’s affection. She is in for a major stun when she discovers Chandar in her room.

Saturday 2  November    2019

Scene 147

Chandar is totally flushed and attempts to exploit Preet. Preet endeavors to escape yet the ways out to the outside are closed.

Sunday 3  November   2019

Scene 148

Sakshi leaves in the wake of mentally programming Preet against Raj. In the interim, Amba meets Rohan and begs him to out of control with Simmi before she is compelled to wed Simmi to Chandar. Rohan doesn’t affirm of Amba’s arrangement yet chooses to guard Simmi.

Monday  4  November    2019

Scene 149

Amba is shocked when Chandar states his choice to wed Preet. Preet consents to wed Chandar so as to spare Simran. Mohini is despondent as her arrangements are not going admirably.

Tuesday 5  November    2019

Scene 150

Preet requests that Raj sign the legal documents as she plans to marry Chandar. Is this the finish of Raj and Preet’s affection?

Wednesday 6  November    2019

Scene 151

Raj begs Preet to invest some energy with him. Afterward, the adoration winged animals share some sentimental minutes in the kitchen.

Thursday 7  November    2019

Scene 152

Chandar gets disappointed as he watches Preet and Raj perform supplications together. He makes a special effort by getting Babli engaged with his malevolent plans.

Friday 8 November  2019

Scene 153

At the point when Raj will not sign the legal documents, Chandar takes steps to murder Babli. Chandar praises triumph however Preet and Raj is by all accounts a stage ahead. Jagan is captured by the cops.

Saturday 9  November    2019

Scene 154

Rohan and Raj’s arrangement to uncover Raman’s killer is demolished. Also, Preet winds up assuming the fault for the offense she didn’t submit.

Sunday 10   November   2019

Scene 155

Preet meets with the cleric to present false stanzas for the marriage customs. During the function, Raj points a weapon at Chandar. Seeing this pushes Simran to uncovering the genuine enemy of Raman.

Monday  11   November    2019

Scene 156

In spite of the fact that Mohini is captured, Chandar still doesn’t alter his way of living. Preet makes endeavors to liberate herself from her union with Chandar.

Tuesday 12   November    2019

Scene 157

Rohan escapes with Simmi to wed her in a sanctuary. Meanwhile, Preet is compelled to sit at the mandap with Chandar.

Wednesday 13   November    2019

Scene 158

Chandar gets taken by the police while Preet is raced to the medical clinic. Amba makes it a point to ward off her girls from Raj and the Bajwa family.

Thursday 14   November    2019

Scene 159

Preet will not acknowledge the rose given by Raj and chooses to leave him according to the agreement. Raj decides to observe Diwali with Preet and calls it his obstinacy. Then again, Simmi, who has now recovered her memory, will not acknowledge her marriage with Rohan.

Friday 15 November  2019

Scene 160

Jhimil is attached to a tree by a Baba. Preet lands on time to spare Jhimil with the assistance of Raj.

Saturday 16  November    2019

Scene 161

Every one of the ladies remain by Amba to turn into the town head. Raj catches a ploy against Amba. What will he do now?

Sunday 17   November   2019

Scene 162

To help the Pawania ladies accomplish their objective, The Bajwa children masks into the Pawania house. Chandar feels glad to be the brains behind everything.

Monday  18   November    2019

Scene 163

Raj and Rohan, who are currently masked as ladies, are frustrated after observing that Preet and Simmi have not kept up a quick in spite of the ‘karwa chowth’ celebration. Afterward, as everybody gets occupied with the supplications, Preet goes into her room and secretely continues with the ‘karva chowth’ custom.

Tuesday 19   November    2019

Scene 164

As the individuals from the town committee settle down to have their nourishment, Preet educates them that she and different women need Amba to be chosen as the leader of the town. Immediately, every one of the men are irate and they go out before starting their supper.

Wednesday 20   November    2019

Scene 165

Preet offers safe house to Romila, uninformed that he is Raj.

Thursday 21   November    2019

Scene 166

Preet understands that the lady remaining with her is none other than Raj. She in a flash get angry at him not disapproving of his well meaning goals. The men of the town meet up to make a move against Amba and Preet.

Friday 22 November  2019

Scene 167

Chandar is frantic when the ladies over power the men. Gunjan is constrained to stay quiet about Raj’s personality. Afterward, it is uncovered that Priyanka is the double-crosser in the house.

Saturday 23  November    2019

Scene 168

Chandar has figured out how to deceive Raj and Preet again by making Priyanka the suspect. A lady enclosed by a shawl sneaks into the chateau trying to take adornments.

Sunday 24   November   2019

Scene 169

Preet is in tears as she educates Raj that her sister Gunjan is the lady selling out them. Afterward, Preet attempts to address Gunjan by causing her to understand the significance of family.

Monday  25  November    2019

Scene 170

Jagan apparently is the cerebrum behind Gunjan’s activities. Raj spares Aman from Chandar and is stunned to see Jagan’s association in the entire scheme.

Tuesday 26   November    2019

Scene 171

Preet is concerned that something terrible will occur, while the women appreciate in the Pawaniya house alongside Amba. Simply then Jagan strolls in with Raj and Rohan, which maddens Amba as she wouldn’t like to perceive any Bajwas in the house.

Wednesday 27   November    2019

Scene 172

Preet embraces Raj, which angers Amba. Amba carefully expresses that there is no spot for Bajwas in the house.

Thursday  28   November    2019

Scene 173

Amba dresses Raj’s injuries and questions him concerning Simmi and Rohan’s relationship. She puts an intense condition before him. What could this be?

Friday 29 November  2019

Scene 174

Jagan is given a destructive toxic substance by Chandar to encourage the whole town. Raj connects with himself with house errands at the Pawanias.

Saturday 30  November    2019

Scene 175

Jagan makes Raj give the harmed milk to Babli and a child. The town committee gives Amba their consent to administer, with help from Preet. Babli blacks out because of the toxin.

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