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The Heir Tuesday Update 24th September 2019 kick off with Raj being shoot by Amba who was attempting to run as Mannu sees him, runs to him and shots as he falls down.

Raj says how much will we run, Amba got to know I’m Raj Bajwa and shot me, Harjeet is also finding me. She says nothing will happen to you, get up, come. She worries for the bleeding. She asks Raj to sit in car. Raj says let me go. She says you gave me this life, Preet was dead, you made me alive, it does not matter if I die.

He asks don’t you get scared, I m your enemy, Raj Bajwa. She says you are my life, my love, you wanted to hear this. Raj says there is much pain on this way. She says I will bear. He says family will become enemy. She says let it be. He says you can lose life. She says I m ready to sacrifice. He says let me go. She asks will you decide always, you left me last time, Mannu lived, but I will die. They hug. They hear people finding them. Raj asks her to go. She refuses. They hear temple bells. Raj asks her where to go. She says Lord is calling temple. They smile.
Gunjan and Aman take wedding rounds. Pahuja says Amba and Mannu are not here, what type of mum and brother are they. Harjeet comes there. They all get shocked. Gunjan says Amba and Jagan are not here, it does not mean our enemies come here. Harjeet asks for Raj. Gunjan says we don’t know, he is gone. Aman says now Gunjan is my wife, she is collector’s bahu, we can do anything. Harjeet says I m leaving to settle scores with someone, don’t threaten me. He leaves.

Mohini and Nihaal come there. Harjeet says there is no one here. Mohini thinks my plan worked. Harjeet gets a message and leaves. Nihaal says we have to follow him, something big will happen. Mannu and Raj come to temple. She says we will marry. He asks are you mad, how can we marry like this. She says no girl will wish to marry like this, but no girl will wish anyone to kill her lover, I m also a lover, Amba will never kill my husband, I will become your kavach. Raj says no Preet, I lost walking support, I can’t make this marriage a support, we will marry in front of everyone as we love each other, not because we fear to die. Amba is on the way. Mannu says you know Raj, when I was making Simran and Raman marry, Simran asked me to marry, we will stay together, I did not understand this, then Simran smiled and said, when you grow up and fell in love, you will understand. Old moment is seen. Mannu says Simran knew everything that there is love between us, not friendship, now i understood and won’t let my love get sacrificed, once we marry, Simran and Raman will smile seeing us.

She asks what happened. He says I m seeing the girl who used to get scared of love, how did you get courage. She asks why, did you get scared seeing courage, you have to eat food made by me, did you change mind, once marriage happens, I will not leave you. Raj smiles. She says this way just goes ahead, no option to move back. Raj shows the mangalsutra and says I got this, I had belief in my love, I just wanted to hear it from you. Mannu and Raj sit to marry. Amba and Jagan reach there. Raj fills sindoor in Mannu’s maang. Jagan says we got news, Raj is hiding here. Amba says stay here, I will go and see.

Harjeet is also on the way. Raj and Mannu take rounds. Pandit says wedding is completed, you both are husband and wife now. Amba runs upstairs. Raj hugs Mannu. Amba aims gun at Raj. Mannu says don’t do this mistake, Raj is my husband. Amba gets shocked.

Mannu saying Raj is my husband. Amba says I don’t accept this marriage. Mannu says it does not matter now, we got married, we are husband and wife from today, shoot us, but I will also die along with him. Amba gets angry. Mannu asks did you want this, did Papa ji want this. Amba drops the gun. Amba recalls Mannu and says you got selfish, you cheated me. Mannu asks did I get selfish, I have lived as you said, you killed the girl within me.

Mannu says Preet is in front of you, Preet got alive because of Raj, he can’t be enemy. Raj starts laughing. Mannu and Amba get shocked. Mannu goes to Raj and asks what happened to you, why are you laughing like this, I m feeling scared. Raj asks Mannu to look around, who has come. Amba sees Harjeet, Jagan, Mohini and everyone coming. Jagan asks Amba to point gun. Jagan asks Mannu to move aside. Raj says it will be big drama now Preet. Nihaal asks Raj not to come close to Harjeet.
Raj punches Nihaal. Mannu asks what are you doing. Raj holds Harjeet’s feet and greets him. Raj says I m Raj, your son. They all get shocked. Raj says see, I m not handicapped now, I can walk and run, today its a day of happiness, we met today after many years, celebrations should be better, so I did this drama for you, I have insulted these Pavaniyas. Mannu, Jagan, Gunjan and Amba get shocked.

Everyone look on. Mannu sits down in shock. Harjeet asks are you Raj, what’s happening, someone tell me, who is this girl. Raj says I will say. He greets Aman and says don’t feel bad, give me this Pagdi for some time. He asks did anyone see her in village before, no right, I will say who is she. Amba gets tensed.

Raj makes Mannu wear pagdi and asks them to see now, you will know this guy. Amba panics. Jagan, Raavi, Harjeet, Mohini and everyone get shocked seeing Mannu. Jagan recalls doubting Amba’s child is a daughter, not a son. Jagan says Amba had a daughter. He looks at Amba.

Mannu says Raj, why did you do this and cries. She asks why did you break my trust, why did you cheat your childhood friend. Raj says I m not your friend, you killed Raman, you can’t be my friend Mannu, what did you think, this temple, pandit and mangalsutra are coincidence, no I did planning to take revenge from you and Pavaniyas. Harjeet looks on. Raj says I was going to do this with Gunjan, when I got to know you are a girl, not guy, I thought to attack you.

Raj says everything was my plan, your mum shooting me, as I have Bajwas’ tiger, bullet won’t touch me till I want, I did not get shot, I have hurt myself. Mannu and everyone get shocked. He recalls stabbing his arm. He greets Amba and says you were getting the letters from me, Preet would have not gone against you, I had to do this to make her against you. Jagan gets angry. Raj says you got that message from me, so that you can see these Pavaniyas’ real face, Amba raised her daughter Mannu as guy, she fooled everyone and made her Shah. He says Amba truth is out today. Aj says you wanted me to meet my father, I fulfilled your wish Preet, this game was done to get my father’s blessings, I have stayed without father’s love for many years, now I will get him. He breaks her mangalsutra and puts in havan fire. Mannu gets shocked.

Raj says all lies burnt in this fire, there was no love and friendship stories, truth is I m a Bajwa, and you are a Pavaniya, Bajwas and Pavaniyas can’t be friends, did I say true Papa. Harjeet opens arms and asks Raj to hug him, its biggest gift for me, you made me glad. Raj hugs Harjeet. Harjeet says my Raj, my heir. Raj cries and thinks of Harjeet’s anger. Harjeet asks Raj to come home. Raj goes with him. Mannu recalls Raj’s words.

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