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The Heir Update Friday 11 October 2019 on zee world Auditor says the two of them have love in their eyes, I have no uncertainty on them.

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Raj gets back home, lifting Mannu in arms. Harjeet and everybody get stunned. Amrit grins and says Raj and Preet together. Sakshi comes. Mohini asks what’s this Sakshi, Raj went with you.

Sakshi cries and embraces her. Raj takes Mannu to room. Her mangalsutra stalls out in his shirt. Raj liberates it and goes. Mannu reviews Raj sparing her and grins. Amrit asks when did my child get faculties Preet.

Mannu says you need to make stories to approach Raj. Sakshi goes. Investigator requests that they sit in vehicle. Simran leaves from that point. Mannu washes her hands. Sakshi says I can’t endure this now. Raj says even I m thinking the equivalent. The spot bursts into flames. Mannu gets burst inside the into flames. Mannu sees Raj.

Rohan gets Simran. She gets frightened. Amba comes to meet the old woman. She requests Simran, did she come here. The woman says I didn’t see her since that day. Amba figures where did Simran go. Simran asks Rohan to leave her.

Monitor sees the flame and requests that they spare Mannu. Mannu sees Raj. He dismisses. Mannu reviews companionship with Raj. She doesn’t move. Raj takes a gander at her. Individuals attempt to pass over flame. Raj bounces inside the flame ring and spares Mannu.

They have an eyelock. Mannu thinks I was not off-base, I have acknowledged you cherish me. Auditor and everybody applaud Raj. Mannu neglects to get up. Raj holds her. Moh ke dhaage… ..plays… . He lifts Raj. Mannu reviews their minutes. Reviewer sends them in the vehicle.

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