The Heir Update Friday 25th October 2019 on zee world, begins as Preet is discovered to be missing after being check on by Nihaal, Mohini says Preet has run away with her sister.

Previously: The Heir Update thursday 24th October 2019 on Zee world

Mohini says find them, shut all doors and windows. Amba says I will take Simran from here, Amba says I don’t care for anyone, I will take Simran. Mannu asks what are you saying, it will be big issue, why are you risking everyone’s lives, I don’t have to argue, leave from here.

Mannu asks why shall I send Simran for you, people care for her here, you caged her for many years and now you want to take her. Amba says you are talking like Bajwas, they are fooling you and doing this, its Raj’s game, how can this happen.

Amrit scolds Raj for insulting Mannu. She asks Mannu why are you doing this for Raj, why are you bearing his hatred. She cries and asks Raj why is he taking support to show Preet, what does she want to prove, she has provoked you to hurt your ego, so that you get fine soon, I just want Preet as my bahu, no one else, can you do this for me, answer me.

Raj ask Simran to sleep. Amba calls Mannu. Mannu disconnects the call. Amba calls Amrit and says I know I did wrong to call you, my heart is restless, just you can tell me about Simran, how is she. Amrit says I will not hide from you, Simran fainted suddenly today.

Mannu gives medicines to Raj. He looks at her. Tu thodi der…..plays…. Sakshi comes there and gets shocked seeing them close. She says I need to talk something imp, can you ask your wife to leave us alone. Mannu goes. Sakshi thinks you are just mine and will be just mine, I won’t let Mannu come around you.

Sakshi ask Raj can she become part of his life or not, either he hurts Amrit’s heart or…. She says sorry, I don’t want to get away from you, you know how much I love you. He says you know there are many problems already. He thinks I can’t break promise to mum and hurt Sakshi’s heart, how to make everything fine.

Amba comes to Bajwa house. She sees Harjeet and hides. He goes. She goes and meets Simran. She gets glad and wakes her up. She asks her to come with her. Simran says my hero, we will take my friend along. Simran says Rohan, I won’t come without you. Amba gets shocked.

Mohini asks Sakshi to take care of Raj and do a wife’s duty. Sakshi goes and cares for Raj. She says I wanted to help you, but you are not taking my help, I shall leave, don’t play any game with me, I have courage to hear and accept truth, I will leave from here, I promise, tell me the truth, I guess I got my answer. Raj stops her. She laughs and says you know me, my heart melts by your half smile.

She feeds the food to him. Mannu comes and sees them. Sakshi asks Mannu to come. She taunts Mannu. She says Raj will not help you for Simran, he was saving Simran and got support for himself, you and Simran are responsible for this. Amrit scolds her and asks her not to fill poison in Raj’s heart.

Mannu sits to feed Raj. Raj stops her and says you played a good game, my mum does not see me, she just sees you. She says I did not come to take your help for Simran, take care, I will take care of Simran. She goes. Mohini comes to Amrit and says Raj did not had food, why are you doing this, why do you want to tie Preet with Raj.

Mohini thinks just I know I have killed Raman, not me, none knows about this secret. She sees Simran and thinks does she know my truth, why is she staring at me.

Simran wakes up and says Mannu, where is he, did he grow up like Raj. Mannu recalls Raj and cries. She says their friendship got over, Raj and Mannu are not friends now

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