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The Heir Update Monday 14 october 2019 on Zee World, Raj fakes a call like her, and talks to some girl in romantic way as Mannu gets angry.

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Raj holding Mannu upside down and getting keys. He goes to change. Mannu talks to Gunjan and says I m fine, none can do anything to me, Raj loves me a lot. Raj gets angry. She says he lifted me and took me to room. Raj lies to sleep and hears her. Mannu irritates him. Mannu calls him and asks is your drama over, this is real phone call. Raj goes to sleep.

Amba does aid to Raavi. Raavi says I m not hurt, I wish your work gets done. Amba wishes to tell Raavi why she needs money. Sukhi and Babli come home. Raavi asks them did they get money. Sukhi shows the jewelry and says Jagan stopped everyone from keeping our jewelry mortgaged. Raavi says how will we manage now. Amba says if money is not arranged, what will happen. The phone rings. Amba gets worried. She answers call. Lady asks her about money. Amba says I will get money, don’t call home.

Its morning, Mannu says I will learn to cook for Raj. Amrita teaches her how to knead flour. Mannu asks about Raj’s girlfriend. Amrit says why are you asking this, Raj used to stay alone, he did not make friends. Mannu says then he is fooling me, he is saying someone is going to come, so he was teasing me. Amrit worries and says she is coming. Mannu asks what happened.

Amrit says nothing, learn to cook well, see how Raj loves you. Mannu says yes, teach me everything. They hear someone came to meet Raj. Raj goes and sees his girlfriend. Mannu looks on. Raj says Sakshi you….Sakshi runs and hugs him. Amrit worriedly hides. Mannu asks Amrit does she know her. Amrit nods.

Sakshi makes the day plan. Raj sees Mohini. He says i saw you after a long time, so I was confused. He asks Mohini to come and talk to him. She asks him to say how glad he is by seeing Sakshi. He makes Mannu jealous. He says I m very happy, everything will get fine now. Sakshi hugs him. Mohini asks her to go and rest.

Jagan takes the call. He asks why do you want money, tell me. Call disconnects. He asks Amba why did person end call, why is she giving money, don’t lie to me. Then Amba goes.

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