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In The Heir Update Saturday 19th October 2019 on Zee World, Mohini asks Mannu how could she lose unexpectedly early, see the marriage occurring, where is Amrit, I’m tossing you out, I will toss Amrit out as well.

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Mohini requests that Raj come and sit in mandap. Rohan asks Simran to hold up here, he will simply come. Simran inquires as to whether anybody gets me at that point. He says Amrit is my mummy, she won’t get you. She tells about Amba. He grins and requests that her stow away.

Raj blows up and says she is playing a game with me. Mohini says I said on the grounds that… Harjeet says she can’t do anything, does Raj not think whatever else, for what reason did he leave mandap when pandit halted. He admonishes Raj and Mohini. He asks Mohini to get Sakshi in mandap legitimately, we will perceive how that young lady bombs us in our home alone.

Raj asks Mannu to see him filling sindoor in his lady of the hour’s maang. Mannu says I won’t pass up on the opportunity, I m here. She lifts the ghunghat. Everybody gets stunned. Amrit grins. He asks Amrit to call Preet, I need to demonstrate her that I have Bajwas blood, I m doing what I said.

She says for what reason is Mannu not saying anything. She sees some other young lady in Mannu’s garments and asks who are you. The young lady says I m a house cleaner, I was staying here and crying, as Preet gave me cash to stay here and cry. Mohini yells Raj.

Rohan says spouses have persistence, on the off chance that you like to keep tolerance, at that point keep it. He goes. Nihaal says how could he won’t wine, he is cooking something. He pursues Rohan. Rohan sees Nihaal following and acts to have nourishment. Nihaal goes.

Mohini asks Sakshi to keep ghunghat now and come. She asks Pammi what befell her. Pammi does tingling and bounces. Mohini causes the lady of the hour to sit in mandap. Pammi does ghatbandhan. They take rounds. Raj sees Amrit and says initially round succeeded, where is your bahu, call her, I like to see her lost face.

Raj and Mannu take rounds. Rohan gets nourishment for Simran. He doesn’t discover her and gets stressed. He runs out. Simran goes ground floor and sees the nourishment. Mannu proceeds in rounds. Raj asks Amrit to call Mannu and demonstrate her, I need to see her lost face. Pandit says seven rounds got finished. Raj says this marriage finished.

Raj says I guarantee I will keep all the seven promises. He asks Amrit to favor him, as he is her child, and now she is your bahu. Harjeet grins. Raj says Preet is an awful dream now, its only we here, Preet couldn’t remain before me.

Nihaal takes visitors to the nourishment slow down. He asks Sakshi not to stress, the two of them are as one, none can interfere with us.She cries and says I thought you neglected to get nourishment, I was eager. He takes her. Amrit cries. Mohini approaches Amrit to give the mangalsutra for bahu. Raj makes Mannu wear the mangalsutra.

Mannu chides him and says I won’t wed you now, you overlooked I have seen Shah for a long time, you wed Sakshi, its your destiny that you will get a spouse like Sakshi, not me, I will see your marriage and wedding rounds, I don’t need whatever else, congratulations.

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