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In The Heir Update Sunday 20th October 2019 Zee World, Sakshi says you just love Preet, but remember she is a fraud.

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Amrit stops Mannu and says let her go, give the soup to Raj. Mannu says I will not feed it to Raj. Amrit feeds soup to Raj. Raj cries and hugs her. Amrit goes. Mannu comes to room. Raj asks her to get ready in evening, he has to give her some surprise. She gets glad.

Mannu takes Raj to room. He tries to get water. Mannu helps him. She thanks him for supporting her and Amba. Raj says yes, we have to make Simran fine. She happily cries and hugs him.

Bolna mahi bolna…..plays….. Mohini and Sakshi come and ask what’s happening Raj. Raj shouts Sakshi, its late now, you should go to your room. Mohini and Sakshi leave.

Its morning, Mannu gives sweets to Amrit. Amrit says I don’t trust Raj. Mannu says Raj is very good at heart, he was stuck in between wrong people, we should help him come out. Sakshi asks Amrit to give her soup recipe. She says I taught walking to Raj before, I wanted to become his support even this time. Amrit says Mannu is there to care for him.

Mannu gets ready and comes downstairs. Raj smiles seeing her and says let me see you well, you are my wife. Amrit smiles seeing them. Raj says Mannu is talented, she knows car driving, she will take me out. Everyone looks on. Raj asks Amrit to bless him.

Raj says I will do something special for you. They reach the hotel. Mannu gets delighted. Raj hugs her. Mannu says I can’t express my happiness, I was waiting for this day since long. He tells her about the real surprise. She asks is there anything left. Waiter gets a bowl.

Mannu asking Raj what’s this joke. Raj says its a contract, its written clearly that I will help Simran regain memory and you will go away from my family, our relation will end. Raj laughs and says my heart wounds will heal when you get hurt, you played many games with me, I told you last game will be mine.

Raj asks manager to read the letter for madam. Manager tells about the contract, Raj will help Mannu get Simran’s memory back, and Mannu will promise Raj to free him from all relations, She will give him divorce. Mannu gets shocked.

She asks did you do this to give me the contract, you could have given me the contract at home, I would have got equally hurt, what did you get by giving me hope, Raj leaves.

Raj asks Mannu why did she not tell everyone that he asked her to call Amba home to meet Simran. He asks her why did she create a scene, I told you to call Amba in front of everyone.

Mohini stops Sakshi and says we have to find out why Raj did this. Amrit takes Simran. Raj says you have seen everything, Simran is safe here, I request you to leave. Amba stops him and cries.

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