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Now, in The Heir Update Sunday 29th September 2019, Jagan gives order not to give money to Amba money who normally collects money every month.

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Raj asks Mannu where will she go if she loses. Mannu says I will go to my husband’s room. She goes to touch Harjeet’s feet. Harjeet gets away. Amrit explains the ritual to Raj and Mannu. She asks them to open the knots, whoever open knots first will be dominating one. Mannu and Raj try to open the knots. Raj says I have intentionally got the loose knots. He opens the knots and says first rasam completed, score is 1-0, if I win second rasam, I don’t need to win third rasam, Mannu won’t get permission to stay in this house. Amrit shows the coconut and asks them to run and pick the coconut, they should not drop the red cloth and not collide. Raj and Mannu pick the cloth. Mannu drops her dupatta when it comes under her foot. Raj asks Mannu to keep her dupatta right. Mannu picks the coconut. Amrit praises her. Raj gets angry. Amrit worries for Mannu’s foot sprain. She goes to get medicine. Raj hurts Mannu.

He says three pandits will come here for bhoj, Mannu has to make food for them, without taking anyone’s help, I want to see how can Mannu make food, when she has never made tea, how will she do this. Harjeet smiles.

Its night, Mannu sleeps and recalls Raj’s words. She troubled by mosquitoes. Amrit comes and asks her is she not getting sleep. Amrit keeps the mosquito coil. Mannu says you are very nice, thanks. Amrit says after 10 years, I just returned to this haveli for you, all my relations broke here. Mannu says relations don’t break, just distance comes, I m sure the distance between you and family will end, you have two sons here. Amrit cries and says I had two sons, one son does not want to talk to me and other, whom I gave good values, he got so sensible that he is teaching me.

Mannu wipes her tears and says I will make everything fine. Amrit hugs her. Raj recalls Mannu and looks for her. Mannu comes and asks was he looking for his wife. Raj says no. She asks did you change mind. She flirts. He asks her to dream and shuts door. Mannu goes to kitchen and checks things. She says how will I make food, I have not even heated tea bowl in life. Amrit comes and sees her. Mannu prays for help. Amrit says I m with you. Raj comes and says condition was not this, Mannu has to cook food alone, none can help her. Amrit says great way to trouble wife, you are forgetting I will also leave house with her. Raj asks Amrit to understand, he did this for her, Papa and your distance did not get less because of her if she was not here, my dream would have fulfilled, you are hating me, you don’t believe me, don’t know what this girl has. Amrit says she has truth, goodness, but you have forgotten this. Amrit thinking how will Mannu cook food. She talks to servant and asks do you know household and kitchen work. He says yes. She says I m just asking, do you know making Suji ka halwa. He says no. She says I will teach you. She makes Mannu hear her. She says take a deep frying pan, put 4 spoons ghee. Mannu hears her and adds things. Amrit tells her about suji, does he know. Mannu shows boxes. Amrit signs and says yes, put two bowls of suji, stir with light hand till suji becomes golden brown, now we will add sugar in it. Servant gets puzzled. Amrit says add 5-6 spoons sugar, mix it well, now we will add water in it, slowly pour water and stir till water dries. Mohini calls servant. Servant says I have to work, what will I do learning this, bahu has come to manage everything. He goes. Mannu and Amrit worry. Amrit thinks Raj will win bet this way.

Jagan asks manager to get accounts of farmer’s loan, take interest from them. Amba looks on. Jagan sends the men. She asks did you ask manager to give me money. He says yes, why. She reminds what panchayat said. He says how can I forget, I m respecting you and taking care of you. He gets angry and sits to touch her feet. He says I m giving respect, you get food, water and have room to sleep, so you are taken good care of, about money, I can’t give you, if its important, tell me, I will send it.

She says I m getting temple built. He says there will be trust for it, tell me. She says I don’t know all this. He says then don’t worry, once trustee comes, tell me. She thinks if I don’t get money then….. She prays. Mannu gets halwa. Amrit says its my bahu’s first rasoi. Mannu gives halwa to Harjeet. He says no Bajwa will have food made by enemy’s daughter, who knows, if she added poison. Mohini and Nihaal also refuse to have it. Raj comes and asks why is everyone behaving such, I will taste and see. Raj tastes it and shouts disliking it. He says women have cooking art, when I have food made by my mum, I get peace, Mannu was a guy till now, truth came out today that she is a girl.

The Heir Update Sunday 29th September 2019

Harjeet smiles. Raj taunts Mannu that she is an incomplete girl. Amrit says enough Raj, I did not know woman completes for you when she knows cooking, I m getting to know something new about you every day, I feel like I raised a stranger, woman should have tolerance, Mannu has it, she is like my daughter, she is complete for me. Raj says enough, tell your bahu if any pandit leaves being unhappy, she can’t stay here.

Mannu goes to kitchen and struggles to cook. Mannu says why did mummy not teach me cooking. She burns the food. A lady calls Amba and asks for money. Amba says I m trying to arrange money. The lady says hurry up, money ended. Amba says I m trying. She calls out Mannu and says Mannu is not here, she always said she will make everything fine. She calls Mannu. Mannu says panchayat asked you not to talk to me, if anyone knows then… Amba says I m not scared of panchayat decision. Mannu asks how are you. Amba says I m fine, how are you, did you have food.

Mannu says servants are making food. She lies and gets hiccups. Amba says you are lying, your hiccups did not understand difference between Mannu and Preet, remember one thing, changing name does not change nature, you always did everything in seconds, your strength is not in arms but in mind, Lord will take care of you, you are a good child, bless you. They cry. Mannu ends call. Jagan sees Amba. Amba gets tensed. He says you were teaching me panchayat command, did you forget, panchayat asked you not to have relation with Mannu. He snatched her phone and crushes it under his feet. Amba picks phone and cries.

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