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The Heir Update Sunday 6th October 2019 Zee World, Amrit says Lord is likewise on your side. Mannu gestures, she says when I saw Raj and Sakshi together, my heart was sinking, today Lord has demonstrated he is my ally.

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Amrit says Lord underpins one who causes himself, you are doing a ton to spare your marriage. Mannu says I need to ensure Raj’s rasams occur with me. Mohini hears this and thinks Preet won’t prevail in her intentions.

Raj says I m figuring she may have a major arrangement in my brain. He hears anklet sound and says Mannu won’t sit calm, we need to watch out for Haldi. Mannu says they will watch out for me, I m going to tailor and return, if lahenga isn’t made exacly, it will he issue. She goes. Amba searches for Simran. The man say she was looking distraught and chuckles. She undermines them. They disclose to her that Simran went with a young lady . She asks them not to educate this regarding anybody’s girl.

Mannu meets the tailor and approaches him for the lahenga. He requests that her call Bajwa family and affirm. He calls at Mannu’s home and gets some information about the lahenga. Mohini doesn’t hear anything. She inquires as to for what reason do they call when they don’t have anything to talk. The man says why two lahenga for lady of the hour. Mannu says there is no error, I will clarify, lady of the hour needs to get in shape, she is eating fewer carbs, she will wear second lahenga is he gets in shape. She requests that he take her estimations. He concurs.

Sakshi requests whom are you pausing. He says Preet… . She gets stunned. He says she is shrewd, we need to watch out for her. She says Mohini will see her, everybody is pausing, proceed to prepare. Raj thinks for what reason is my sight discovering Preet. The young lady move. Sakshi converses with Mohini about Preet. She says I wish I secured her in the room, Mannu never sits with harmony. The woman asks Armit to apply haldi to Raj first. Amrit requests that Raj reconsider, he is now hitched to Preet and now he needs to wed Sakshi. She applies haldi to him. Mannu prepares and comes. Raj gets entranced seeing her. Amrit grins. Woman compliments Mannu and requests that her move. Mannu hits the dance floor with the young ladies. Raj looks on. Amrit watches Raj’s sight on Mannu. Raj holds Amrit’s hand and stops her. He says I realize you will apply my haldi to Preet, why, I m your child, and still, after all that help Preet, why,

Mohini asks Amrit to wash her haldi hands. Raj says I will never wish my hadli to be applied to Mannu. Mannu stresses. Raj asking Amrit to wash hands. Mohini washes Amrit’s hands. Amrit asks Mannu what will we do now, I couldn’t get haldi for you. Raj grins. Mannu says these customs didn’t occur in our marriage, I need all ceremonies, I will wed Raj, Raj’s haldi will be concerned me, simply observe. Rohan returns home and takes Harjeet’s gifts. Simran is in the vehicle. Mohini looks on. Rohan says I got something, you will be pleased with me, accompany me. Harjeet says you got distraught in inebriated state, you are burning through my time. Rohan says no, simply observe her once, you will be glad for me.

Mohini goes. Rohan takes Harjeet to the vehicle. He opens the vehicle entryway. He sees Simran gone. He asks Harjeet to confide in him. Harjeet admonishes him. He says Raj needed you here, so I have called you here. Amrit asks Mannu to accomplish something quick. Raj hits the dance floor with young ladies. Mannu grins seeing him. She proceeds to see the nail. She runs and picks the nail. Raj takes a gander at her. Tose naina lage… … plays… .. Mannu goes to Sakshi.

Rohan comes. Raj goes to hold him. He says you have come, where did you go, I told everybody, I won’t do this marriage on the off chance that you don’t come, I m exceptionally glad. Rohan says keep your support. Raj says you are my sibling. Rohan pushes Raj. Mannu runs and holds Raj. They tumble down. Raj’s haldi jumps on Mannu.

Everybody gets stunned. Raj sees Sakshi. Mannu inquires as to for what reason are you seeing me, I didn’t do anything. Amrit says Raj’s haldi jumped on Preet. Raj gets stunned. Harjeet admonishes Rohan. Raj asks Mannu not to be glad, Sakshi will get the haldi. He goes to apply haldi to Sakshi. Sakshi stops him and says I need to apply it my way. She sees Mannu. She draws near to Raj and gets haldi from his cheek jump on her cheek. She says your lady of the hour got your haldi like you needed. Mohini grins. Sakshi kisses Raj on his cheek. Everybody gets stunned. Mannu cries.

Sakshi requests that her go to rasam well, I need you to apply Raj’s haldi to me. Mannu grins and says why not, you stay here, lucky man’s haldi will be applied to lady of the hour. The women play dhol. Mannu goes to Raj. She staggers deliberately and falls over Raj. His haldi jumps on her. Mannu envisions this and strolls to Raj.

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