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The Heir Update thursday 9th October 2019 Zee World, Amba recalls Simran. Raavi looks on. Amba thinks Preet met me but I could not tell her anything about Simran. Raavi sends Babli. She asks Amba is everything fine, did she get hurt.

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Raavi goes. Amba worries. Simran says I will go with you. Rohan asks why. She says mummy hides me always, but you are not such, I like being with you, you have beaten up bad guys, you are my friend. He looks at her. He says no, I m useless. She says you are very good, I will tell everyone, you are my hero. He looks at her. She smiles.

Mannu asks inspector to stay back in evening, they will be glad. Inspector agrees. Raj asks where is Sakshi. Amrit sprinkles water and wakes up Sakshi. Sakshi recalls what happened and asks where is Raj, he would be waiting for me for marriage. Amrit says Raj and Preet got married again. This time, they married in front of everyone, you have to go from here, I will always love you, my bahu is Preet. Sakshi cries.

She asks why did you do this. Amrit says I chose you when Raj did not marry Preet, even if he married her to take revenge, he married her, how can I see a girl’s life getting ruined, I will pray you get a better guy than Raj, go back.

Ladies tease Raj for his wedding night. They ask him to give nek. Harjeet asks Raj to come. He asks Raj to go to Preet’s room, you are my blood, don’t trust Preet, don’t let her stay here for more days, I was angry to bless you, she will realize she did mistake by marrying you, we will decide tomorrow what to do with her. Raj comes to room.

Mannu dances on Jhalla walla….. She holds him and dances around. Raj lifts her and pushes her on bed. He says you do anything, nothing will get fine between us, you can never become my wife, you are my brother’s murderer, I will never forgive you.

Amba says I changed your kundli, now Chandar’s kundli is not matching with yours and they refused for marriage. Simran hugs her. Amba says a mother can never let child’s life spoiled. Simran asks will everything get fine. Amba says yes. Amba makes halwa and Gunjan comes. Amba lies to Gunjan. Gunjan asks how did you get happy with Simran’s marriage, strange. She goes. Simran asks why did you not tell Gunjan. Amba says Gunjan will say everyone, I did not tell Mannu.

Bebe comes and tells Amba about the kundli dosh. Simran smiles. Bebe says their pandit has the solution for this, they are ready for marriage. Amba gets shocked and hears sound in kitchen. She rushes to Simran. Simran asks her about this marriage. Amba says nothing will happen.

Bebe asks what ritual. Mausi says Simran will be married to donkey first, she will sit on donkey and taken to well, then a small puja will be done. Amba asks how can they do this. Simran cries. pandit says explain her. Jagan asks pandit for some other solution. Amba says my daughter will die like this, Bebe say something.

Bebe asks what happened. Amba says I was teaching Simran to make badam halwa. Bebe says Chandar is coming with pandit to get solution. Jagan gets Chandar, Bansal and Mausi.

Chandar says I was upset because of kundli. Mausi says Chandar did not had food since yesterday. Bebe says we are glad to get such a guy. Jagan tells Raavi about the puja. Raavi asks will marriage happen. Jagan says yes. pandit asks them to make Simran ready, he will do marriage ritual.

Mausi asks shall we sacrifice Chandar then, if you are afraid for this, then break marriage. She tells Bebe to cancel marriage. Chandar asks Bebe to understand. Bebe asks Amba to get Simran ready. Mannu gets shocked. A donkey is brought. the kids laugh.

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