The Heir Update thursday 17th October 2019 on Zee World, have it that Raj says Raj Bajwa isn’t a quitter, none can inconvenience me, I needn’t bother with your help.

Previously: The Heir Update Wednesday 16th October 2019 on Zee World

Manni then gets frantic at Sakshi who professes to be in Love with Raj then again, is all onto harming him, Sakshi convincingly answers Manni that you never got love and can never get it, I cherish Raj a ton.

Sakshi says I was sitting tight for this change, this is an approach to draw near to Raj, he is powerless. Mohini grins. Sakshi says none can divide me and Raj.

Sakshi starts acting before him. She says I don’t confide in you, you were saying terrible regarding Raj and compromising me, I adore him a ton and will make him fine, none can stop me. Sakshi says please leave from Raj’s life. Mannu sees Raj and says I have to talk.

He requests that her stay away. She says Mohini and Sakshi caught Simran and you got injured. Mohini guards themselves and faults Mannu. Raj reproves Mannu. He says I went there to see my youth strolling bolster sticks, you recollect it or not. Mannu says backing isn’t simply by strolling sticks, once in a while an individual falters when he gets blindfold, at that point he needs trust, you see whom to trust and whom not.

Simran says none will say anything to Raj, Mannu was generally excellent and never left Raj in a tough situation, you are terrible. Raj and Mannu get shocked. Simran says my sibling Mannu says Simran recalled everything. Raj holds Simran. Amba cries seeing Simran’s pic fallen.

Specialist checks Simran and says she recall her past at this point. Mannu asks did she get fine. Specialist says no, she felt something to review past. Mannu says she got irritated seeing me, in the event that I state I m Mannu. Specialist says no, it can turn out badly.

She requests that he come and play with him. He goes with her. Mannu grins. Simran gets Raj’s youth pics and attempts to review. Raj tumbles down the stairs and asks Mannu to be away. He says I m not frightened of anything. Simran comes there and looks on, he cries.

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