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The Heir Update Tuesday 15th October 2019 Zee World, Mannu asks what are you doing? Raj shuts her mouth and presses her bleeding wound.

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Raj laughs and says if you kept friendship, you would have told me truth, you have such big truth that you are a girl, you kept big enmity, you proved you are a Pavaniya, and always regarded me a Bajwa. He goes. Mannu cries.

Mannu is at shade. She holds the stomach bleeding. Raj comes there and recalls Mannu. Raj cries. Raj goes and removes her pagdi, letting her hair loose. Mannu asks what are you doing, I m getting hurt.

Jagan laughs and comes home. Jagan says Mohini lied about her son. Amba asks him to find out where is her son, we will expose him in front of Pahuja. He asks where are you going alone. She says not alone, with you, get the car. They leave. Pandit says your yagya got completed.

Mrs. Pahuja says you gave good solution. Pandit says yes, now nothing will go wrong. Pahuja says we will keep engagement tomorrow. Harjeet gives them sweets. Mohini smiles.

He says its our village, I know I should have not come here, but its 10 years, much changed, I realized I got a big reason to stay here. She says there is nothing here, our all relations broke. He says this does not happen, else why is burden there on your heart.

Raj gets Amrit to hospital. Doctor checks her and says she will get fine. Raj thinks of her words. Amrit wakes up. Raj talks to her. She slaps him and asks why did you come here, you should have let me die, you don’t listen to me. She cries. He hugs her and apologizes.

He says its 10 years now, I was a young child, now I have become sensible, Mohini snatched my childhood, your rights, how can she be happy taking your place. She says no, we will go back now, if Mohini knows you, your life can fall in risk. He asks her not to worry. He says you have struggled a lot in life to raise me and educate me, I want to give you happiness, please give me one chance to stay here. She agrees. He thanks her.

He asks who were they who attacked on you, tell me. She recalls and thinks I can’t tell Raj that Mohini did all this. She says I was finding you and fainted there, even a girl was there. Raj recalls Mannu. He says yes, she was someone from village, don’t know who, you can’t stay here, none knows me here, I will drop you to bus stop, please go.

Sukhi comes to Gunjan and says Aman is getting engaged to Pammi. Jagan and Amba come home. Jagan says engagement will happen if we let it happen. Gunjan apologizes to Amba and says I started liking Aman now. Amba hurts her. She scolds Gunjan.

She says its your fate that you like that guy, be happy, I will break their marriage so that Pavaniya’s pride is intact.

Raj says you are much hurt, what about my pain, you cheated me, you lied to me, you talked about big promises and friendship. Mannu says I was going to tell you truth. Raj says lie, you did not get a chance to come to me and tell me truth. He starts laughing. He shows her mirror and says tell me what can you see in this.

Mannu says kill me, I was also scared of this day, I was helpless. Raj throws the glass. He angrily erases friendship from the plate and writes cheat. She cries. Mannu says no, this is not place of cheat, its place of our friendship. She cries and says yes, I did not tell you truth.

Pammi says I don’t like this color, we will buy designer lahenga. Mohini scolds her ad asks her to wear it. She gets a call and asks did call happen. The man says its done, Amrit won’t be seen here. She laughs. Pammi thinks she got mad.

Mannu comes home at night. Jagan and Amba see her. Amba says you got Aman and Pammi’s engagement fixed. Mannu says 24 hours did not get over till now. Jagan says what did you do till now, engagement is happening there, what will you do in some hours.

Mannu says I know what I m doing, I will cancel marriage. Amba says now you can’t do anything, Jagan is right, we will manage, its about Pavaniya’s respect, we have no time.

Raj is shocked to See Mannu as Preet but Mannu says we have to take aunty to hospital. Amrit falls down and gets stabbed by a metal. She shouts to him. Raj looks at her. He lifts Amrit and takes her.

Mannu gets his jacket and asks him to come. She blows off the fire. They come out. Raj says nothing will happen to you. Mannu says wait, I will come along. Raj says leave it Soniyo. Mannu realizes Raj has seen her truth. She gets shocked. Mannu cries and goes to the room.

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