In The Heir Update Tuesday 22nd October 2019 on zee world, Sukhi says your son’s blood group won’t match, I have your family blood record, Simran’s blood group matches, she is your last hope, call her.

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Raavi sneezes and says abshagun happened, you should not go out. Jagan asks her not to say nonsense, do work. Jagan gets dizzy and says is doctor right, do I have anaemia.

Raj and Mannu come to meet doctor. Mannu sees the lock open. They enter the house and see the house messed up. Raj says I don’t think he is at home. Nihaal thinks how to stop them. Harjeet says Jagan called panchayat for Simran’s matter. Rohan thinks why did they call.

Nihaal smiles and insults her. Mohini says we have used you as much as we wanted. Sakshi gets shocked. Mohini says go and tell everything, what’s the use, you heard what Harjeet said, we did everything for Bajwas’ enmity.

Mohinisays you are a city girl, you should have thought before helping me. They laugh. Mannu thinks Sakshi really loves Raj, someone has to be here to take care of Raj, if this is Sakshi’s truth, after I leave, she can take care of Raj.
Jagan asks Raavi for lassi.

Babli makes Jagan sit. Sukhi comes and gives some powder. He says I was thirsty and drinks water. Raavi adds powder and gets lassi for Jagan. Raavi thinks he will faint now. She asks him not to go out after having lassi. Jagan leaves.

Jagan asks Raavi to take the glass. He checks his eyes. Jagan calls doctor and asks about reports, how can I have anaemia. Sukhi talks as doctor and confirms it. He says your blood group is rare. Jagan asks what to do now, my Sukhi…. Sukhi says yes Papa ji. Jagan says Sukhi….. Sukhi worries. Jagan says Simran, you are right, she will help me. Amba smiles. Doctor treats Sakshi.

Raj permitting Sakshi to stay at home. Mannu smiles. Sakshi says you did this intentionally to stop me. Mannu thinks I want you to be here to take care of Raj and Amrit in my absence. Jagan thinks I have to get Simran by some plan. He tells Amba that he will get Simran from Bajwas house as she has requested him. He acts good. Amba gets glad.

Raj asks doctor will Simran get fine soon. Doctor says yes. Raj says it will be good, my work will get done. Simran goes for session. Raj asks Mannu what drama is she doing to stop Sakshi at home, why does she come in between his decisions, by what right, once Simran gets memory back, she will be out of his life. Simran gets visuals of family.

Mannu and Raj ask doctor why did he not let Simran complete the session. Doctor says she can get unwell, just give her medicines. Raj says why medicines, last doctor did not give medicines. Mannu says doctor is not letting Simran complete her statement. Doctor breaks the session when Simran recalls things. Raj and Mannu look on and get worried. Doctor acts and goes to his seat.

Sakshi apologizes to Raj and asks him not to make her away. Raj goes. Sakshi says I will go away from you and never come back. Raj goes. Mannu hugs Sakshi. Sakshi says leave me. Mannu makes Sakshi fall down. Sakshi gets hurt. Raj comes there and worries for Sakshi.

Mannu says Sakshi wants to go out, can she go. Doctor says no, she can’t go. Mannu asks her to leave, injury is not severe, Raj said its his house, she can’t stay here. Sakshi asks did you get mad, I got hurt because of you. Mannu says she has to leave. Raj says Sakshi won’t go anywhere. Mannu gets glad.

Raj says there is something wrong with this doctor. Mannu says shall we talk to old doctor and convince him for treating Simran. He agrees. They leave. Mohini looks on and calls Nihaal. She says Raj and Preet went to meet real doctor, find out where is that doctor. She thinks that doctor knows I killed Raman, I will not let them know my secret.

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