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Still on The Heir Update Wednesday 16th October 2019 on Zee World, Amrit cries and asks Raj for what good reason is he taking help to demonstrate Preet, what does she need to demonstrate, she has incited you to hurt your personality, with the goal that you get fine soon.

She asks Mannu for what valid reason are you doing this for Raj, for what reason are you bearing his scorn. I simply need Preet as my bahu, nobody else, would you be able to do this for me, answer me. Raj gestures.

Amba says you are talking like Bajwas, they are tricking you and doing this, its Raj’s down, in what manner would this be able to occur. Mannu says this is your fantasy, you bolted Simran and here she is meeting individuals, she is getting treated here.

Mannu offers medications to Raj. He takes a gander at her. Tu thodi der… ..plays… . Sakshi comes there and gets stunned seeing them close. She says I have to talk something demon, would you be able to request that your better half disregard us. Mannu goes. Sakshi thinks you are only mine and will be only mine, I won’t let Mannu come around you.

Mannu sits to sustain Raj. Raj stops her and says you played a decent game, my mum doesn’t see me, she just observes you. She says I didn’t come to take your assistance for Simran, fare thee well, I will deal with Simran.

Amrit admonishes her and asks her not to fill poison in Raj’s heart. Mohini thinks just I realize I have slaughtered Raman, not me, none thinks about this mystery. She sees Simran and thinks does she know my fact, for what reason is she gazing at me.

Sakshi soliciting Raj would she be able to turn out to be part from his life or not, either hurt Amrit’s heart or… . She says sorry, I would prefer not to make tracks in an opposite direction from you, you realize the amount I adore you. He says you know there are numerous issues as of now. He figures I can’t break guarantee to mum and hurt Sakshi’s heart, how to make everything fine.

Amba comes to Bajwa house. She sees Harjeet and stows away. He goes. She proceeds to meet Simran. She gets happy and awakens her. She requests that her accompany her. Simran says my saint, we will take my companion along. Simran says Rohan, I won’t come without you. Amba gets stunned.

She gets stunned seeing Amba. Mohini and Sakshi search for Simran. Nihaal says Preet is additionally not in her room. Harjeet asks what’s going on here. Mohini says Preet has fled with her sister. Amrit says no, she can’t do this.

Amba says I couldn’t care less for anybody, I will take Simran. Mannu asks what are you saying, it will be enormous issue, for what reason are you taking a chance with everybody’s lives, I don’t need to contend, leave from here. Mohini says discover them, shut all entryways and windows.

Mohini comes to Amrit and says Raj didn’t had nourishment, for what reason are you doing this, for what reason would you like to tie Preet with Raj.

She says Raj won’t help you for Simran, he was sparing Simran and got support for himself, you and Simran are liable for this.

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