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Now Sakshi talking to Raj on relationship in says The Heir Update Wednesday 2nd October 2019 to Raj that the still can work out their relationship not minding if Raj is Village head.

I understand everything, now there is no tension, I have come, we will make that girl out, we will marry and make a new start, right? Mannu asks Amrit did you wish Raj and Sakshi to marry. Amrit says I did not see Raj with any other girl, she did big favor. Mannu asks was Raj ready for marriage.

Amrit says yes. Mannu gets shocked. Mannu recalls Raj and cries. She says I was just mistaken, the love I have seen in Raj’s eyes, when he saw me for the first time, when he did not know I m Mannu, it was a lie, I was bearing this for love, I thought he will love me again like before, Raj still loves me, but don’t know why he shows hatred, I was sure I will end his hatred but Sakshi came, will everything end, I now understood that love was a lie, a fraud.

Amba dries some red chillies. Jagan comes home. He throws some money. He asks her to take it, I m doing this for my respect, everyone knows my son has gone to sell jewelry, if anyone does this, I won’t let this happen, give money to anyone you want, you don’t make my wife and children do anything. He goes. Amba takes money. She thinks I have to end this work in time, before this goes out of hand. She goes. Jagan sees her and calls someone to follow her.

Harjeet calls out Mohini. Raj introduces Sakshi, his best friend, we were engaged. Harjeet asks what, then marriage. Sakshi gifts Harjeet. She says we did not had your blessing, so marriage could not happen. Harjeet says great, this is my bahu. Sakshi smiles. Harjeet says she has won my heart. He blesses Sakshi. He sees Mannu and says I like Sakshi a lot, shall I start marriage arrangements. Mohini says what’s the hurry, she has just come, she has to see pind and see haveli. Harjeet asks Raj to take her out. Sakshi greets Amrit. Amrit blesses her. Sakshi reminds Amrit about the bangles. Amrit says yes, I made you wear this. Sakshi says you are not blessing me to be suhaagan today like earlier. Amrit says Raj got married. Sakshi says I know Raj got married and why, you know I love Raj a lot, so this fake marriage has no value for me. Amrit says I know, I like you, but situation has changed, nothing can happen of you and Raj.

Sakshi says I just dreamt to be Raj’s wife and your bahu, do you want to break my dream. Raj asks Sakshi to meet special person, she is the bone stuck in my throat, which can’t be swallowed or spit, she is shameless girl who does not understand I will always have hatred for her in my heart. Mannu smiles and greets Sakshi. She introduces herself as Preet Raj Bajwa. Raj says none will become my wife by having my name. Mannu says atleast I have rights to have your name, if you habit to eat non veg, bones will come in your share. Raj holds Sakshi’s hand and asks her to come. They leave. Annu cries and thinks of Sakshi. Mannu gets hurt. Amrit sees Mannu. She goes to Raj and scolds him. He says you came to me after long time, I thought you will talk something good as my mum. She says you ruined Preet’s life and taking Sakshi’s help, how much will you fall. He says you promised Sakshi you will make her bahu, what’s wrong if I did this. She says I promised her when you did not marry Preet, I thought you started walking, but you became more handicapped, you just change support, this is not my upbringing, I did not teach this to you, you forgot to differentiate right and wrong. I won’t let anything happen with anyone, I will face my son. She goes. Sakshi hears this and worries.

Sakshi telling Mohini that Raj does not look happy as before, even Amrit was taking Preet’s side. Mohini says once Preet goes out of house, Amrit and Raj will be yours, go to Raj, Preet would be coming too. Sakshi tells Raj that Preet is going to come to room, we have to make her leave. She romances Raj. Mannu comes and looks on. Sakshi says we are not able to get away, as we met after long time, we need some space, privacy. Mannu asks why are you on sofa, come on bed. She sprays perfume and says you met after long time, have a talk, I will do good arrangements. She puts rose petals on the bed. She asks them to come on the bed. Raj asks Sakshi to come. He lifts Sakshi in arms and takes her. Mannu gets shocked.

Raj says there should be something special. He makes Sakshi sit on the bed. Sakshi says wow Raj, I’m impressed, I did not know you are also anxious, thanks Preet, please leave, we have to spend quality time, shut the door as well. Raj says yes, shut the door, thanks. Mannu goes. Sakshi says I m sure she won’t come back. Mannu comes back and sits on the sofa. She asks them what happened. Sakshi says you came back. Mannu says yes, I have to see how it happens, you guys would be doing this openly, there would be no shame, I will just see a little and learn, start your picture, I have shut the door, no one will come, I will see while having icecream. Raj and Sakshi get embarrassed. Raj asks Sakshi to leave. Sakshi says I understand, I will go. Sakshi leaves.

Mannu says I knew you love me Raj, not this girl, see how you made her leave the room, I knew you got her here to make me jealous. Raj says I don’t love you, I have sent her out as she has more shame than you, stay in your fake world, I m going to Sakshi’s room, you have no right to know what happens there. Mannu says nothing will happen there, what did not happen in front of my eyes, won’t happen behind my back. Raj leaves.

Mannu cries and thinks of Raj. Tu hi mera…..plays….. She throws the rose petals and thinks of Sakshi. Mannu goes to Amrit and cries. Amrit encourages her. She says I used to think how this little boy manages everything, you are the same. Mannu says no, it was Mannu who was taught that man does not have any pain. Amrit says Lord has given tolerance to women, they bear any pain easily, bringing new life in the world is a painful thing, Lord gave this pain to women, men can’t bear such pain, my Raj lost his way, just you can show him the right path, I know there will be many difficulties, just you can win, I m asking for my son, will you do this for me. Mannu wipes her tears and hugs.

Mannu wishes every girl gets a mum in law like Amrit. The man says Amba just sat in temple and came home, she did not meet anyone. Jagan says I heard her talking to someone, she wanted to give money to someone. The man says Amba did not have money on return. Jagan kicks him and scolds for mistake. The man apologizes. Jagan says Amba started again, this secret is big, I will find it.

Amba makes tea. She knocks Jagan’s door and keeps tea. Jagan opens the door. She says I got tea for you. He says since you gave money, you got relieved, tell me whom did you give money, you went to temple right. She worries. He says when you returned, you did not had money in hand, you have met someone, tell me whom you met and why, you met four women, we will ask them, I will find out your secret.

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