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Maanvi in The Inseparables, September Teasers is now hiding her Cancer illness from every one, especially the Important ones.

Monday 2 September 2019
Episode 147
Viren refuses to tell Swamini the real reason behind Viraat and Maya’s breakup. Viraat continues to attract Maanvi’s attention. He forgets to put out the candle before locking up Madan’s shop. Later, he tries to propose to Maanvi.

Episode 148
Maanvi fumes at Viraat for setting Madan’s shop on fire. Viren and Jeevika offer to pay for the damage. Madan’s creditor demands his money back. Beeji also gets worried about Maanvi’s treatment expenses.

Tuesday 3 September 2019
Episode 149
Viren and Jeevika come to Rishikesh to offer help to Madan. Beeji gets worried about Maanvi’s treatment with them being around. Jeevika asks Maanvi to stay away from Viraat. Later, Viraat overhears Maanvi telling Jeevika that he is not her friend now.

Episode 150
Madan accepts Viraat’s help to rebuild the shop. Meanwhile, Jeevika vows not to let Maanvi know of Viraat’s love for her. On the other side, Maanvi feels guilty of hurting Viraat. She asks Manan to postpone her treatment.

Wednesday 4 September 2019
Episode 151
Viren fights with Jeevika for interfering in Viraat and Maanvi’s relationship. Viraat and Maanvi, then, unite to resolve their discord. Viraat makes an apology banner on Viren’s behalf for Jeevika. Later, they lock Viren and Jeevika in Madan’s shop.

Episode 152
Manan advises Beeji not to delay the treatment. Meanwhile, Jeevika tries to make up with Viren, but Viraat tells him to continue his fight so he could maintain his partnership with Maanvi.

Thursday 5 September 2019
Episode 153
Maanvi plans a picnic to resolve Viren and Jeevika’s differences. Viraat plans to propose to her at the picnic. In the bus, Viraat tricks Dabbu into sitting near Maanvi. Meanwhile, Jeevika plays their wedding song to grab Viren’s attention.

Episode 162
Viraat takes Maanvi to Chandigarh to see Jeevika. However, Viren refuses to let her meet Jeevika. Vanshika, then, advises Viraat to tell Viren about Maanvi’s illness. Later, Maanvi prepares some soup for Jeevika.

Episode 154
Maanvi takes Viren’s help instead of Viraat in crossing the stream. Viren cuts his finger and Jeevika tends to him. Maanvi is happy to see them bonding. Later, Viraat shocks everyone by professing his love to Maanvi.

Friday 6 September 2019
Episode 155
Viren feels guilty for hurting Jeevika and tells her the truth. Maanvi decides to stand by Viraat realising he is her best friend. Later, everyone goes searching for Jeevika. Is she missing?

Episode 156
Maanvi finds Jeevika fallen into a trap meant for animals. Jeevika is rushed to the hospital. In the hospital, Manan announces that Jeevika needs blood. Viren asks Maanvi to donate her blood.

Monday 9 September 2019
Episode 157
Viren gets angry with Maanvi for refusing to donate blood to Jeevika. Manan assures him of arranging blood from other sources. Maanvi is anguished for not being able to help Jeevika.

Episode 158
Viren forbids Maanvi from meeting Jeevika. Viraat also drags her away from the hospital and breaks his friendship with her. A helpless Maanvi then reveals about her disease to Viraat. How does Viraat react?

Tuesday 10 September 2019
Episode 159
Maanvi requests Viraat not to tell Viren about her cancer. She rushes to the hospital to see Jeevika, but in vain. Viren tells his family about Maanvi’s refusal to donate blood to Jeevika. He refuses to trust Maanvi thereafter.

Episode 160
Maanvi tells Viraat that she cannot tell Viren about her cancer as it will break Jeevika’s heart. She is adamant on going to Chandigarh to see Jeevika. Viraat wants her to undergo her treatment before leaving.

Wednesday 11 September 2019
Episode 161
Jeevika regains consciousness and asks for Maanvi. Meanwhile, Viraat takes Maanvi to the hospital for her treatment. He convinces Beeji to let Maanvi go to Chandigarh with him. Beeji asks him about his feelings for Maanvi.

Thursday 12 September 2019
Episode 163
Viraat takes Maanvi to see Jeevika, who is elated. Looking at Viren’s anger towards Maanvi, Jeevika questions him about it. Viren tells her about Maanvi’s refusal to donate blood to her. What will Jeevika tell him now?

Episode 164
Jeevika defends Maanvi and suspects her to be hiding something important from her. Later, Viren orders Maanvi to go back to Rishkesh. Viraat tells his family about Maanvi’s illness. How wil Viren react?

Friday 13 September 2019
Episode 165
Viren apologises to Maanvi for ill-treating her. On the other side, Beeji decides to rent out a room in order to help Madan with his finances. Later, Jeevika orders Maanvi not to see her until she reveals the reason behind not giving blood to her.

Episode 166
Maanvi helps Shlok with his school project. Viren scolds her for tiring herself. He and Viraat advise Maanvi to tell the truth about her cancer to Jeevika, who suspects that Viren knows of Maanvi’s secret.

Monday 16 September 2019
Episode 167
Jeevika gets angry and refuses to wish Maanvi on her birthday. Meanwhile, Viraat arranges for a surprise on Maanvi’s birthday and they celebrate without Jeevika. How does Maanvi react to not receiving any wishes from Jeevika?

Episode 168
Maanvi gets upsetwhen Jeevika doesn’t wish her. Later, Viraat urges her to tell Jeevika the truth. Meanwhile, Maanvi’s family arrives in Chandigarh to surprise her. Jeevika is elated to meet all of them.

Tuesday 17 September 2019
Episode 169
Jeevika is upset when Maanvi refuses to reveal the truth to her. However, she finally wishes Maanvi. Later, Viren and Viraat urge Maanvi to tell the truth to Jeevika and she obliges. How does Jeevika react on hearing the news?

Wednesday 18 September 2019
Episode 170
Viren sees Jeevika crying in the shower and consoles her. Maanvi falls ill after the party and Viraat tends to her. Later, Vanshika urges Viraat to profess his love to Maanvi. Viraat offers to go to Rishikesh with Maanvi, but Jeevika asks her to stay back.

Episode 171
Beeji lets Maanvi stay in Chandigarh for her treatment. Jeevika speaks to Manan about cancer and takes care of Maanvi. In the meantime, Viren tells Viraat about Swamini’s worries about his relationship with Maanvi.

Thursday 19 September 2019
Episode 172
Jeevika stays up all night to research on cancer treatment. Manan tells Viraat about the after-effects of Maanvi’s chemotherapy. Viraat, then, decides to take up a job. Why does Viraat suddenly decide to take up a job?

Episode 173
Viren gives a recording of his songs to his friends in the music industry. Meanwhile, Maanvi gets angry with Jeevika when she refuses to give her ice cream. Jeevika eventually lets her have the ice cream.

Friday 20 September 2019
Episode 174
Maanvi falls ill after having ice cream. Meanwhile, Swamini arranges a small function for Jeevika and Viren’s wedding anniversary. Later, Viren confronts Viraat regarding his feelings for Maanvi.

Episode 175
Swamini takes Jeevika out on shopping. Meanwhile, Maanvi experiences trouble in breathing due to the side-effects of chemotherapy. Viraat gives her medicines as per Manan’s instructions.


Monday 23 September 2019
Episode 176
Jeevika learns of Maanvi’s breathing trouble and yells at Viraat and Maanvi for not informing her. Later, Viren scolds Jeevika for being harsh on Maanvi and advises her to be gentle.

Episode 177
Viren’s family is happy to see his photo in the newspaper. He invites Jeevika to his award function, who congratulates him on his success. Viraat takes inspiration from Viren’s success and at the same time, gets worried about his own career.

Tuesday 24 September 2019
Episode 178
Viren receives an award and dedicates it to Jeevika in his speech. However, he remains angry with her for coming late to the function. Jeevika feels guilty about neglecting Viren while taking care of Maanvi and apologises to him.

Episode 179
Maanvi and Viraat blame themselves for the fight between Viren and Jeevika. Later, Maanvi tells Viraat about her dream to see the world, ride bikes and do bungee jumping. At night, Jeevika has a nightmare about Maanvi.

Wednesday 25 September 2019
Episode 180
Jeevika fasts all day and prays for Maanvi’s recovery. Viren scolds her for neglecting her health while taking care of Maanvi. Meanwhile, Maanvi overhears their conversation and decides to leave for Rishikesh.

Episode 181
Maanvi disregards Jeevika and decides to go back to Rishikesh. Jeevika then accuses her of not loving her. Meanwhile, Viren worries about both women’s health. Later, he researches on cancer in detail with Viraat.

Thursday 26 September 2019
Episode 182
Viraat decides to get Maanvi’s treatment done in Mumbai. Maanvi, meanwhile, is all excited to visit the city. Viraat, however, refuses to accompany Maanvi to Mumbai.

Episode 183
Viraat and Jeevika accompany Maanvi to Mumbai and the women are amazed to see the Vadhera residence. Viraat acts as their tour guide in the city. Later, Maanvi gets worried about not being able to roam around once her treatment begins.

Friday 27 September 2019
Episode 184
Maanvi is amazed by Viraat’s caring attitude towards her. Later, Viraat and Jeevika take her to a cancer specialist. Meanwhile, the Vadhera family is happy to have Dadaji and Inder back home.

Episode 185
Viraat vows to make the Mumbai trip very memorable for Maanvi. Jeevika appreciates Viraat for being Maanvi’s true friend. Later, Viraat takes them for shopping. Maanvi gets lost in the crowd.

Monday 30 September 2019
Episode 186
Teaser unavailable

Episode 187
Teaser unavailable

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