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Monday 2 December 2019

Episode 272

Vanshika says Maanvi can choose as expensive a mehendi pattern as she wants for this most special occasion.

Swamini puts mehendi on Maanvi’s hand. Later, Viraat is punished when he fails to find his name hidden in Maanvi’s mehendi!

Episode 273

Beeji hides Madan’s financial woes from the family. Viraat dresses for his baraat. Jeevika readies Maanvi for the wedding. Later, she gets Viren to put sindoor on her forehead and asks him to grant her a wish.

Tuesday 3 December 2019

Episode 274

The wedding celebrations are on, but Jeevika leaves the family. Swamini tries to stop her, but Jeevika reminds her of her promise to atone for her actions of aborting her child. What does Jeevika plan to do?

Episode 275

Viren is devastated. Viraat and Maanvi decide to put off their wedding till Jeevika comes back. Jeevika boards a bus to Delhi but Viraat spots her at the bus stop. Will he manage to prevent her from going away?

Wednesday 4 December 2019

Episode 276

Jeevika apologises to everyone, and Swamini too forgives her. Viraat and Maanvi are married with the wholehearted blessings of the entire family.

Episode 277

Maanvi is welcomed into the Vadhera household with much fanfare. The new couple is blessed by all. They play pranks on each other on their first night together. Later, Viraat gives Maanvi a gift, and they promise each other everlasting love.

Thursday 5 December 2019

Episode 278

Maanvi makes the traditional new bride’s kheer for the whole family. Madan gets a notice of foreclosure if he fails to repay his loans. Beeji warns him not to share his problems with the family members. Won’t they find out soon enough though?

Episode 279

Swamini gives Maanvi her household responsibilities. Maanvi panics when she realises that she is late coming back for dinner. Will she be able to adjust to her new home and make everyone happy?

Friday 6 December 2019

Episode 280

Maanvi sees Swamini’s old album and asks Viraat about the identity of a man in the photos. Swamini scolds Maanvi for rummaging through her stuff. What is the secret Swamini hides?

Episode 281

Oddly, Swamini burns the album. Daboo works in Sumi’s uncle’s shop to help Madan with some extra money. Meanwhile, Jeevika and Maanvi keep the Navratri fast. But why does Swamini burn that album?

The Inseparables Teasers December 2019 Starlife

Monday 9 December 2019

Episode 282

Viren learns that Jeevika’s house is going to be auctioned. Meanwhile, Viraat plans to participate in a singing competition. What can Viren do to stop Madan and the family from being disgraced and homeless?

Episode 283

Viren tells Jeevika and Maanvi about the auction. Because things are so tense, Beeji postpones Maanvi’s pag phere rasam. Will things never come back to normal for the girls now? Have they lost their family home for good?

Tuesday 10 December 2019

Episode 284

The house is sold to Karan, the highest bidder. All the members of the Chaudhary family are sad about their loss.

Episode 285

Karan rejects Viren’s offer to buy the Chaudhury house. However, he gives the property deed to Beeji, saying that Madan’s elder brother Mahesh had helped his own father through a financial crisis. But why is Viren suspicious of Karan’s generosity?

Wednesday 11 December 2019

Episode 286

Everyone celebrates retaining the house. Viraat informs Maanvi about his audition. Dadaji is suspicious of Karan’s true intentions. Why has Karan given up so much money?

Episode 287

Viraat and Maanvi pass the audition. Dadaji criticises Viraat’s choice of music as a career. Viraat gets upset and refuses to take the honeymoon tickets from Viren. What is he going to do instead?

Thursday 12 December 2019

Episode 288

Vanshika worries about Viraat, but Maanvi asks Dadaji to support him. Beeji and Madan speculate about Karan. Eventually, Viraat accepts the honeymoon tickets!

Episode 289

When Maanvi is mischievious with Viraat, Jeevika tells her to be more respectful. Sightseeing in Mumbai, Maanvi and Viraat see Karan in a hotel. Viren vows to protect the family from Karan if the need arises. Is Karan up to something fishy?

Friday 13 December 2019

Episode 290

Viren and Jeevika defend Maanvi when Swamini and Vashika say that she is irresponsible. Later, Swamini recalls her past and cries. Why is she sad?

Episode 291

Karan leaves a message for Maanvi and she tells Viraat that she saw Swamini’s photo in the envelope. Swamini tells Maanvi not to fast for Karva Chauth. Why would she do that?

Monday 16 December 2019

Episode 292

When Viraat wants to gift Maanvi a car, she asks for money instead. She tries to persuade Viraat to be contemporary and fast with her for Karva Chauth, but Viraat is not interested! Maanvi informs Beeji about meeting Karan. Later, Daboo gives Karan’s address to Maanvi.

Episode 293

Viraat ends up fasting for Maanvi too! Meanwhile, Maanvi sees Swamini’s photo in Karan’s house. Later, Swamini is displeased with Maanvi for accepting a lift home from a stranger. Has Maanvi stumbled onto Swamini’s secret?

Tuesday 17 December 2019

Episode 294

Maanvi comes home late for the puja and Swamini disapproves. Viraat present Maanvi with a car! Maanvi informs the family about seeing Swamini’s photo in Karan’s house.

Episode 295

Maanvi is convinced that Karan and Swamini have an earleir connection. But when they happen to meet, Karan refuses to answer her questions about Swamini. Viren and Jeevika advise her not to upset the family.

Wednesday 18 December 2019

Episode 296

Swamini asks Dadaji if her child was really dead in the hospital. She is confused and upset when he avoids her question. Later, Jeevika and Maanvi both go to Karan’s house to find out the truth. Karan confesses that he is Swamini’s son!

Episode 297

Dadaji and Swamini fight over Swamini’s past. Dadaji remembers giving her baby away to someone. Swamini breaks down when she realises karan is indeed her son. Viren arrives as the discussion is getting heated, and questions Vanshika about Swamini!

Thursday 19 December 2019

Episode 298

Viren tries to comfort Swamini, who is distraught. Dadaji apologises to Swamini. Viren later tells everyone that Dadaji had to actually pay Karan’s father off to leave her life.

Episode 299

Swamini is unwilling to forgive Dadaji for his deception. Meanwhile, Karan decides to leave the city. But Viren promises to unite Karan with Swamini, and eventually brings him home!

Friday 20 December 2019

Episode 300

Karan is welcomed by all. Swamini, however, is so angry with Dadaji that she refuses to introduce Karan to him. Inder demands proof of Karan being Swamini’s son. Later, there is a grand Dhanteras celebration!

Episode 301

Swamini praises Maanvi for finding Karan. When Inder questions Karan about his upbringing, he reveals that he started working from an early age as his father gambled away Dadaji’s money.

Monday 23 December 2019

Episode 302

Vanshika goes to the storeroom to get rangoli powder and gets locked inside. Karan opens the lock with a hairpin and rescues her. While Swamini forgives Dadaji, Viren and Viraat order a sherwani for Karan.

Episode 303

Beeji’s family misses Jeevika and Maanvi on Diwali. Maanvi overhears Karan talking to someone on the phone about his successful entry into the Vadhera house. The family is glad to see Swamini opening crackers with Karan.

Tuesday 24 December 2019

Episode 304

Inder asks Viren for proof of Karan and Swamini’s link. When Maanvi questions Karan about his suspicious phone conversation, he claims that he was speaking to his friend about becoming a part of the Vadhera family.

Episode 305

While Dadaji tells Jeevika that Karan should take a DNA test, Maanvi and Viraat get ready for the singing competition. Later, the family learns that Beeji had a minor heart attack. Meanwhile, Swamini is worried about Maanvi and Karan’s separation.

Wednesday 25 December 2019

Episode 306

Radha and Sujith ask Manavi not to quit the music competition. The director captures their argument on camera and plans to use it in the promos. To keep Swamini happy, Jeevika asks Maanvi not to interfere in Karan’s life.

Episode 307

Badi Beeji returns home from hospital. Karan and Swamini take the DNA test. Madan learns that a person called Subash had paid his house loan. Meanwhile, Maanvi informs Viraat about Karan’s suspicious conversation with his friend.

Thursday 26 December 2019

Episode 308

Karan tells Madan that he has a business partner Subhash, who paid off the bank loan. Dadaji accepts Karan when the DNA report proves that he is Swamini’s son. Maanvi then apologises to Karan and Swamini.

Episode 309

The Judges and Virat convince Maanvi not to quit the competition. Kadambari gets Radha and Sujith’s autograph and photo. Madan and Daboo thank Subhash Jaiswal for paying their bank loan.

Friday 27 December 2019

Episode 310

Daboo tells Maanvi that there is something suspicious about Jaiswal. Maanvi decides not to get into trouble again by getting entangled with the affairs beyween Karan and Jaiswal.

Episode 311

Maanvi and Viraat win in the semi-finals of Sur Sartaz. While Maanvi receives good publicity for fighting cancer, Jaiswal plans to take revenge on Viren for having him convicted. He and Karan then plot to ruin the Vadhera family.

Monday 30 December 2019

Episode 312

Jeevika reassures Beeji that the news of Viraat and Maanvi’s discord was for cheap publicity. She overhears Karan telling Viraat he must win the singing competition to save his career. Meanwhile, Viren overhears Karan lying to Swamini.

Episode 313

Virat sees Maanvi playing with Shlok. Radha tells him that Sujith is manipulating the promotion, using Maanvi’s medical history. Sujith then congratulates Maanvi for pretending to faint to increase her popularity.

Tuesday 31 December 2019

Episode 314

Teaser unavailable

Episode 315

Teaser unavailable

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