The Inseparables 28 August 2020: On The Inseparables 28th August 2020, Manvi is dressing up Virat’s phone rings. But she ignores it initially. When it keeps ringing continuously she goes near him and keeps it near his ear. He asks whom and she says it’s Anjali. He asks whether she answered it. She replies nope. It’s his private call. She’s not any detective wife to check on him. Virat answers it and starts talking romantically. Why did you give 10 missed calls since morning? We talked till 4 am yesterday. And you are calling again. I can’t keep talking with you 24*7 He says he’ll call l8r. And disconnects the call. He disconnects the call and tells Manvi that Anju keeps calling again and again. But Manvi replies that his friend might be in his problem. You talk to her.She asks him to have coffee and leaves. Virat calls up his friend and tell him this isn’t working. Manvi is very broadminded. But his friend assures him it’ll work. Virat feels Manvi has some doubts and he has to pour ghee in the fine.

Everyone is at dining table and Dadaji asks Virat to leave his phone free atleast now. But Manvi let him play with phone. Virat has only his friends. And they need him. Even in the morning some friend Anjali called him a number of times. She woke him up so that he can attend the call. Inder chachu also agrees on helping them.

Jeevika goes to Manvi and tells Manvi that 10 miscals from Anjali in Virat’s phone is not normal. He’s her husband and not anjali’s boyfnd. Manvi is left thinking.

Virat is at his friends’ party with a girl and Manvi calls him. But he disconnects the phone and she’s worried for him. Jeevika enters asking whether she’s tensed. She says nth and Manvi asks her whether she liked the salad. Jeevika replies it’s really good. She asks for Virat and Manvi says he went for his friend’s party. Jeevika says then he’ll have food and come and leaves. Manvi is left thinking.

Virat is at the party in a corner. Feeling disinterested. One of his friends go to nithin and tells him there’s no fun. Vira became boring after marriage. But Nithin says he has a plan and mixes drinks in cooldrink and makes Virat to have it. They both go to him and makes Virat drink it. He feels dizzy after having the drink.

Virat’s friends go to him and makes Virat have drinks. He feels dizzy after having the drink. He asks why there is no music. Music starts to play and an item girl is performing on the song “Sayyare…” and Virat’s friends make him have more drink s. He has them and goes and dances with the girl. He lifts the girl in her arms and dance. After the dance sth falls on her dress and she leaves. Virat goes to and says sorry. He brings towel for the girl Anjali. And they have an eye contact. Virat’s friends close the door from outside and leaves.

Manvi is in her room. She feels Virat is angry and that’s why he’s not home yet. She texts him saying sorry and that she’ll never ignore him again.

Virat wakes up in the morning and he sees Anjali’s dress there. But she’s not there and he can’t recollect what happened. He goes outside and find Nithin and asks him e=what happened. Nithin replies that sth fell on Anjali’s dress and they went to a corner. And then they din’t see them after that. Nithin in turn asks him what happened. He’s shocked and says nth of that sort happened. He asks for Anjalis’s address.

The Inseparables 28 August 2020: On The Inseparables 28th August 2020: Virat is back home. After a bath he’s trying to figure out what happened between them. Manvi comes and asks about yesterday. But he replies nothing. Manvi says she waited whole night to say sorry. She had hurt her. But she won’t do it again. And back hugs him. She asks him to come for breakfast and leaves. Virat feels guilty. He tries hard to remember but is unable to.

In the night, Virat tells Anjali that she can’t touch him. Only his wife Manvi can do dat. She’ll kill him if she knows sth happened. He tells her that they love each other. But he felt a loving wife should always doubt their husband. And tells her what all he did to gain her attention and how they ended up fighting. He then lies on the bed. Anjali calls up Manvi and tells her all what happened at the party. And that she met Virat first time today. And she knows all what he did to gain her attentrion. How Virat’s friends mixed sth in his drinks. And they locked the door from outside. She asks Manvi not to worry and not to misunderstand them. She adds that Manvi is really lucky to have him. Actually Manvi knows everything. She’s behind the door nd she thinks to herself. Though u duno anyth dat happened, I know everything. And ‘m gonna have a lot of fun.

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