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The Inseparables 31 August 2020: Update on The Inseparables Monday 31st August 2020, The episode starts with Maanvi serving parantha, she made it herself. Bua and Vanishika praise her, as she becomes a master chef. Virat is lost in his mind. Dadaji, Bua and Vanishika are asking him why is not eating and wonders if he does not like it. He denies and starts eating all of it and to fast. Viren gets a phone call from the doctor office regarding Jeevika’s second treatment. Virat is in his room still thinking about the night at the party as he has some kind of chest pain due to much parantha. As thinks out loud Viren comes and asks him what is going on with him. Virat tells him everything, from his plan to his night at the party. Viren is angry and talks some sense to him.

The Inseparables update Monday 31 August 2020: Jeevika asks Maanvi to know the truth, if her relationship with Virat is all right. Maanvi says that everything is all right. Viren comes and tells Maanvi take care of Virat as he ate too much parantha, she wanted to go with Jeevika to the doctor as she denies her saying to take care of her husband, and anyway Viren is going to be with all the time. She leaves as Viren ask her if she ready and goes to take her file.

Virat wants to know what really happened as he tries to call Anjali but her phone is switched off. Virat goes to check his facebook account and is surprised that the photos of his dancing with Anjali are posted’He is stunned and wonders what do as Maanvi comes and sees them ask what are those, he makes some excuses’
At the doctor, Jeevika is lying on the bed waiting her injection as her doctor telling her about the side effects. Viren is worried about her, even more as he sees the syringe and he nervous’ He holds Jeevika hands as she got the injection. After they are waiting in the hall, they are talking about the future child, he is saying that he wants a small Jeevika, she says that she wants a small Viren, they hug each other.

Maanvi puts red lipstick for the next part of her plan/game. She takes Virat vest and puts a lipstick mark on its collar, very happy. Then she sees the time and calls Jeevika to ask her about her treatment and tests. She answers back by asking about Virat health. Jeevika tells her about the syringe as Maanvi is shuddering thinking about it, Viren listening to their conversation.
During Maanvi phone call with Jeevika, Sundar came to collect the laundry and took Virat vest. He dropped the laundry on the hall as Vanishika came to help him, picked up Virat vest and kept it when she saw the lipstick mark. She goes to Bua, to tell and saw the vest, as they are both shocked about it, Vanishika said it is not Maanvi lipstick shade, Bua stunned. Both are wondering what to do.

The Inseparables Monday update 31 August 2020: Jeevika is talking with a lady about IVF treatments; Viren comes and ask she was, Jeevika says that she had already five treatments. Viren is thinking about to stop these treatments, as he does not her to be in more pain and saying that maybe it is destiny not to have any children. Jeevika is sad.

Manvi is searching in her room for a jacket. But she can’t find it. She wonders whether Virat took it. But he dint come there. I was going to surprise Virat and what happened now. She goes to other room. Swamini bua and Vanshika are there.

Swamini bua says she’ll talk with Virat now itself and is about to leave. Just then Manvi enters. And start to search. When they asks she says she’s searching for a medicine. They direct her to next room saying it can’t be here. When she leaves they are relieved. Vanshika takes out the jacket. They feel bad that Manvi trusts Virat so much and he did this. Vanshika is worried. There is a lipstick mark in the jacket. If Virat hadn’t gone to that bachelor party, nothing of this sort would have happened. SB asks who had let him go. Vanshika replies she was unaware of it. Sunder told me about it. Dadaji enters and asks what happened. Both are shocked. Viren is at the hospital. Virat calls him up and is worried. He suggests to Virat that he should tell everything to Manvi. Jeevika overhears that and asks what happened. Swamini bua and Vanshika tells him the truth. He’s shocked. Virat is worried thinking Jeevika heard everything. Viren covers up saying Virat was planning a surprise for Manvi.

The Inseparables 31 August 2020 update: They were discussing whether Manvi ‘ll like it. That’s all. After she leaves Viren says to himself. You are already worried. I don’t wanna increase your problem. Dadaji, Swamini bua and Vanshika confronts Virat. They start scolding him. Manvi comes there and is shocked seeing the jacket with them. She goes to them. One after another everyone are scolding Virat. Manvi tries to explain, but no one listens. Even Virat says he cheated on her. Virika enters and Jeevika is shocked to know about the truth. Even they start questioning him and sb says he should be punished. Virat also agrees to that. Finally, Virat says he’ll leave from here. After he goes Manvi tries to explain. But no one understands her. Virat comes out with his bag and she’s shocked. Finally, Manvi tells everyone that she did this for fun and to teach Virat a lesson. All are shocked to know the truth. Vanshika is relieved that her son didn’t do anything wrong.

But jeevika is angry with her. Virat’s hurt and decides to leave from home. Manvi tries hard to stop him but he doesn’t listen to her and Manvi faints. She collapses onto the floor. Initially everyone thinks she’s acting. But Jeevika is worried. And Manvi doesn’t wake up. She doubts whether Manvi is falling sick again. But Virat says nothing will happen and take her to room. Viren goes to call the doctor. After some time she wakes up and all are relieved. Viren come with the doctor. She asks everyone to go out to do Manvi’s checup. Outside Virat blames himself. But they console him. Jeevika is worried. Swamini bua asks her not to take stress. Doctor tells Manvi that she’s pregnant. She’s shocked and asks doctor not to share it with her family. When she pleads doc finally agrees. And ask her to come for checkup. They all come in and doc says it’s just weakness. And ask her to take rest. Viren asks Jeevika not to worry anymore. All are relieved. Virat tells Manvi that she took good revenge and now they ‘ll not repeat this. Everyone leaves. SB says she’ll send juice for Manvi. Manvi thinks to herself. She has no problem with this promise. But right now there is sth I can’t share with you.

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