The Insolent Heart December Teasers 2021: Abeer’s auntie informs Kuber concerning her arrangement to isolate Abeer and Meher. At the point when Kuber comes to have some familiarity with Abeer’s weakness, he intentionally sends him on an agreement.

Starlife The Insolent Heart Teasers December 2021

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Wednesday 1 December 2021 

Episode 11 

Meher finds a ‘Note to say thanks’ in her office work area. Nisar hears Satish reprimanding about his ability to Meher. Meher discovers that Rati kept the card around her work area. She finds out with regards to Rati’s affections for Nisar. Satish educates Meher regarding parting with Abeer’s show opening to another craftsman.

Episode 12 

Abeer causes Satish to understand that his new craftsman is a counterfeiter. He allows Nisar an opportunity to sing. Satish is dazzled by Nisar. Nisar expresses gratitude toward Aarti for lauding him. Abeer lets Meher know that he assisted Nisar with returning her approval.

Thursday 2 December 2021 

Episode 13 

Abeer recounts his story to his watchers. He shares how Kuber Malhotra, his dad, had met Meher, the school clincher, and how he had then offended Abeer before her. Abeer recalls how he had got Meher smashed at a school party.

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Episode 14

Meher goes into the recording space to prevent Abeer from sharing their mystery. Abeer proceeds with his story. Left with no other option, Meher watches the show. Devaki keeps Tunnu from watching Abeer’s show.

Friday 3 December 2021 

Episode 15 

Abeer alarms as it’s now morning and Meher is as yet in his lodging room. Meher awakens and is stunned to end up in Abeer and Nisar’s room. The chief tracks down Meher in the kid’s lodging. Meher doesn’t uncover Abeer before the VC. Sasha finds out if he actually feels for Meher.

Episode 16 

Abeer arrives at Meher’s home alcoholic and causes a situation there. Kuber scrutinizes Abeer and his TV show. Meher, Tarun, and their mom take care of Abeer after he drops. The following day, Abeer fails to remember that he is at Meher’s home!

Saturday 4 December 2021 

Episode 17 

Meher’s bua, Devki is enraged to see Abeer in their home. She enquires with Meher about him. Meher’s associates praise Nisar on the dispatch of his new show. Abeer’s mom meets Meher and Abeer at their office. Abeer cautions Meher about intriguing his mom.

Episode 18 

Abeer’s mom, Madhavi, shares her misery with Meher. Meher feels a tough bond with Abeer. Madhvi considers Suman and communicates her anxiety about Meher and Abeer. Nisar commends his music dispatch party. Abeer chalks out a procedure against Meher.

Sunday 5 December 2021 

Episode 19 

Abeer moves Meher to a dart game. Meher acknowledges it. In the interim, Nisar gains from Rati about the bits of hearsay with regards to Meher and Abeer. He illuminates Abeer, who appears to be uninvolved. Afterward, Abeer routs Meher in the game and has a hit the dance floor with her as a prize.

Episode 20 

Abeer observes his name inked on Meher. Nisar attempts to commit Abeer to understand his error. Meher separates recollecting her relationship. Rati educates Meher concerning Nisar and Abeer getting into a battle. Madhavi questions Abeer seeing the injuries all over and request that he regard Meher.

Monday 6 December 2021 

Episode 21 

Satish gets some information about the squabble among Nisar and Abeer. They lie to the staff of their organization. Abeer passes on no chance to prod Meher. He cautions her so she consents to go to a party with him. Meher hits Abeer angrily. Nisar censures Abeer for bothering Meher.

Episode 22

Madhavi gets the dress that Abeer sent for Meher. Meher chooses to inform everybody concerning her mystery before Abeer does. Satish visits Meher with his better half and requests that she go out with them for supper. Meher understands that Satish has carried her to the occasion that Abeer needed to take her to.

Tuesday 7 December 2021 

Episode 23 

Meher will undoubtedly go with Abeer to the occasion. Abeer requests that she come on the stage and hand him over the music grant. Afterward, he sings a melody on demand. A bothered Meher stomps off the party. Afterward, Abeer saves her when she coincidentally falls into the pool.

Episode 24 

Meher rejects Satish’s assistance. Abeer coercively takes Meher to his vehicle, to drop her home. Suman calls Madhavi to get some information about Meher. Meher escapes the vehicle and fails to remember the vehicle keys inside. Abeer and Meher get locked inside an ATM. Abeer alarms.

Wednesday 8 December 2021 

Episode 25 

Meher derides Abeer seeing him terrified. Abeer and Meher track down an exit from the ATM. They go through the night under a tree. Devki questions Meher seeing her photo from the party with Abeer. Kuber censures Abeer. Meher informs Devki and Suman concerning remaining with Abeer before marriage.

Episode 26 

Kuber ticks off Shyam for fizzling in his arrangement. Abeer gets into contention with Meher and tells her that he is going out. Kuber calls Meher late in the evening and requests that she meet him. Devki goes with Meher to Kuber’s home. Kuber scrutinizes Meher and asks her for Rs 60 lakhs.

Thursday 9 December 2021 

Episode 27 

Meher and Devki take in reality with regards to Tunnu from Kuber. Meher meets with a mishap and is taken to a clinic by Devki and Abeer’s auntie. Abeer’s auntie calls him and illuminates him about Meher’s mishap.

Episode 28

Devki slaps Tunnu for his misstep. Tunnu argues for absolution. Devki confines Abeer from seeing Meher. Suman slaps Abeer for lying about the cash. Suman appeals to God for Meher’s life. In the meantime, Nisar solaces Abeer.

Friday 10 December 2021 

Episode 29

Abeer stands up to Kuber. Tunnu asks Suman for absolution. Abeer’s auntie educates Kuber to remain quiet regarding the occurrence. In the meantime, Abeer begs Devki to allow him to see Meher. Abeer has a flashback of his existence with Meher.

Episode 30 

Abeer reviews the occasions he went through with Meher. Meher’s condition declines. Abeer fears losing Meher. In the interim, Kuber and Abeer’s auntie is glad about regard to Meher’s condition. Kuber reviews a couple of occurrences of the past.

Saturday 11 December 2021 

Episode 31 

Abeer’s auntie enlightens Kuber concerning the upsides of wedding a young lady from a helpless family. Afterward, she fires their house cleaner for offending her. Meher and Abeer express their adoration for one another. Madhavi and Abeer invite Suman and Devki, while Abeer’s auntie is stunned to see Devki. She reviews the fender bender.

Episode 32 

Abeer’s auntie finds out with regards to Suman’s detachment from her better half. She consents to the engagement proposition. She uncovers to Kuber her arrangement of embarrassing Meher’s family. Suman and Devki monetarily battle to satisfy the commitment list.

Sunday 12 December 2021 

Episode 33 

Abeer’s auntie affronts Suman. Abeer and Meher get ready for marriage. Meher gets stressed when she sees Suman upset. Suman shows Abeer’s auntie’s second rundown to Devki. Devki chooses to inform Meher concerning it; Suman stops her.

Episode 34

Meher informs Abeer concerning his family’s requests and that her family can’t stand to satisfy them. In the interim, Abeer’s auntie guarantees Kuber that she will stop the marriage. Madhavi is stunned when Abeer discusses delaying the marriage. Sasha educates Meher regarding Abeer’s mishap.

Monday 13 December 2021 

Episode 35 

Meher, her family, and Madhavi meet Abeer on finding out with regards to his mishap. Nonetheless, Abeer shocks them with his proposition to wedding Meher in a sanctuary. Meher and Abeer get hitched. Kuber is outraged seeing Abeer in wedding garments. Abeer attempts to persuade his auntie.

Episode 36 

Abeer apologizes to his auntie. His auntie requests that Kuber invite Meher. Afterward, she gifts a neckband to Meher. She informs Kuber concerning her arrangement of demolishing Abeer and Meher’s relationship. Abeer’s auntie obliterates the gifts brought for the wedding.

Tuesday 14 December 2021 

Episode 37 

Abeer’s auntie professes to really focus on Meher. She snoops on Abeer’s discussion with Meher. Afterward, Madhavi illuminates Abeer’s auntie that Meher took great consideration of her. Abeer lets his auntie know that Meher will proceed with her work. Abeer’s auntie gives the house keys to Meher. She chooses to destroy Meher’s life.

Episode 38 

Meher apologizes to Abeer’s auntie. Abeer’s auntie requests that she avoid Abeer until they do the puja. Meher enlightens Abeer concerning something very similar and solicitations him to drop their special first night trip. Nisar attempts to commit Abeer to understand his error. Abeer apologizes to Meher.

Wednesday 15 December 2021 

Episode 39 

Abeer’s auntie thinks that he is in Meher’s room. Meher consents to stay in bed Abeer’s auntie’s space for the following seven days. Meher clears the glass purposely broken by Abeer’s auntie. In any case, Abeer’s auntie keeps a piece of glass and later, reprimands Meher when Abeer cuts his feet. Meher has a video visit with Abeer.

Episode 40 

Subsequent to illuminating Meher, Abeer goes out. In the meantime, Abeer’s auntie plays out a puja at the sanctuary.

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