The Insolent Heart November Teasers 2021: Abeer says farewell to his fans and reports his renunciation. Satish is stunned and attempts to persuade Abeer, however, falls flat.

Starlife The Insolent Heart Teasers November 2021

Friday 26 November 2021 

Episode 1 

The flawless Meher and the enchanting Abeer made their presentation together. Theirs was a crushing first appearance in 2015.

This is the extreme and energetic romantic tale of rockstar Abeer and his new chief, Meher. The initial episode shows the harsh relationship between the two previous darlings.

Episode 2 

Meher thinks back, pondering the time she went through with Abeer. Kabir attempts to taunt Abeer as Meher, presently, is the CEO of his organization.

Meher declines when her mom requests that she leave the work, while Abeer apologizes to his mom for his rowdiness. Abeer chooses to invite Meher to the workplace.

Saturday 27 November 2021 

Episode 3 

Meher and Abeer stand up to one another at the executive gathering. Abeer returns her gift, which she had introduced to him before. Abeer demonstrates his fan-following as he performs on a performance number and says farewell to the channel!

Episode 4 

Meher acknowledges his abdication and reproaches him. Abeer gets irritated and adjusts his perspective.

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Sunday 28 November 2021 

Episode 5

Abeer chooses to add zest to his show. He intends to uncover his romantic tale on the show. Meher cautions him yet he won’t pay attention to her. Meher’s auntie calls Malhotra, Abeer’s dad, and cautions him about Abeer. Afterward, Malhotra criticizes Abeer for visiting Meher’s home.

Episode 6

Meher is tense with regards to Abeer uncovering his romantic tale on air. Abeer deceives her and offers his romantic tale, without uncovering her name. In the interim, Suman meets Madhavi, Abeer’s mom, trusting that Abeer and Meher would accommodate sometime in the future. Abeer cautions Meher saying that he would make her life hopeless.

Monday 29 November 2021 

Episode 7

Nissar and Meher love their school days, while Abeer and Sasha meet after ages. Sasha meets Meher at her office and requests that she go to a social gathering that Abeer and Nissar would go to as well. On her demand, Meher goes to it. Abeer reviews his past with Meher.

Episode 8

Meher and Abeer ponder their past. Abeer shows worry for Meher. In the interim, Tunnu upholds Abeer who needs to turn into an artist. Meher plans to offer a chance to Nissar, however, Nissar decays the proposition. Abeer catches their discussion.

Tuesday 30 November 2021 

Episode 9

Abeer blames Meher for impacting Nisar. Meher lets Abeer know that his music instructor, Elton, has died.

Abeer visits Elton’s grave and assists his relatives with some cash. He separates reviewing Elton and afterward says thanks to Meher for aiding Elton.

Episode 10

Meher thinks back with regards to the occasions went through with Abeer. She ponders her days at school. Abeer calls Meher and requests that she did not let anybody know that he cried.

Meher’s sibling, Tarun, comes to meet Abeer, searching for work. Meher snickers seeing Abeer’s alarm, when the lift quits working.

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