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Talon and Luna should settle on an undeniably challenging decision. In the meantime, Zed gets back to the Outpost with a significant weight.

The Outpost

Season Number: 4

Episode Number: 11

Episode Title: Guardian of the Asterkinj

Air Date: Sep 23, 2021

Source: The.Outpost.S04E11.1080p.WEB.H264-CAKES

After Gwynn (Imogen Waterhouse) forfeited herself to obliterate Yavalla, the Outpost needs another ruler. However, while Talon and Garret attempt to build up a new administration, an evil danger stirs, uncovering the genuine beginning of the secretive kinjes. Claw and her kinj-bearing companions all offer dim dreams from god-like creatures who are dead set on recovering the kinjes for themselves. An eventual professional killer named Luna chases Talon down to get retaliation for wrongdoings of the past, yet before long finds that her own legacy is enveloped with Talon’s destiny. 

Grieving the new loss of her adored Tobin (Aaron Fontaine), Falista is coached by Two to devote herself to the new “divine beings” in return for an expensive blessing. In any case, when the Lu Qiri disappears, Talon and Zed track them down to find the best danger the Realm has ever… another race of creatures that will, at last, clarify Talon’s own dull starting points. 

At the point when Janzo and Wren are compelled to open an antiquated city underneath the Outpost, they battle to uncover who their genuine partners and adversaries will be, while a mystery they share gives them new inspiration to save the world. 

As she and her companions are pursued down individually, while malicious powers are destroying her reality, Talon bears the haziest test she has looked at any point ever, as she battles to embrace the legends of her past and by one way or another endure the lowliness that main she has the ability to obliterate.

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