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Conrad carries a patient into the emergency clinic who causes a high-security emergency. An MMA fight sends a notable contender to Chastain and all hands are at hand. Chime and Raptor compete for a similar situation at the medical clinic. Leela gets a visit from her sister.

The Resident

Season Number: 5

Episode Number: 6

Episode Title: Ask Your Doctor

Air Date: Nov 9, 2021

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The Resident starts this evening with Conrad Hawkins (Matt Czuchry) sits on the floor with his little girl Gigi (Remington Evans) as they overlay socks together, examining what they are having for supper. She sees a scratch on his finger and gets the medical aid pack, fixing it as he says she has her mom’s touch. He has a private practice now so he can invest more energy with Gigi. Maggie shows up to watch Gigi as Conrad leaves for work, promising to see Gigi for their supper date. 

AJ Austin (Malcolm-Jamal Warner) awakens to Padma Devi (Aneesha Joshi) remarking on him being the principal cover kid she has at any point laid down with; the two kissing however she rapidly dresses to leave. Devon Pravesh (Manish Dayal) and Leela Devi (Anuja Joshi) awaken together and share an espresso, before Leela and Padma welcome each other grinning over her going through one more night with Dr Austin. 

Dr Randolph Bell (Bruce Greenweeod) is hindered by Rachel’s girl who expresses gratitude toward him for everything. He says she was solid and never surrendered. She inquires as to whether he can get Dr Austin to signature his book, which clearly wounds his self image. In the mean time, Kit Voss (Jane Leeves) watches the weigh in for an impending MMA battle of one of her patients when Bell calls her. He needs to be considered for head of a medical procedure, feeling he brings a great deal to the table. She will consider him as there are different up-and-comers and she really wants to think about him as his chief and not as his accomplice. 

Dr Sutton (Jessica Lucas) calls Kit, saying she really wants more torment drugs when not every person is taking care of their business, but rather all disorder breaks out at the weigh in, making Kit drop the call and manage her patient and the rival she recently harmed. 

Conrad actually looks at one of his patients at a lodging. He is a stock broker. He advises him to stay away from a stroke he wants to avoid cheddar sheets. Conrad leaves yet once outside the inn he sees a man hacking lavishly, inquiring as to whether he is alright, saying he is a specialist. He says he works in the kitchen and has an injury on his hand. He denies, saying he was determined to have malignancy a couple of months prior and this cut isn’t his most concerning issue. Conrad says the injury is something he can treat there and Conrad gives him some cash, saying he can go to Chastain, as he used to work there. 

AJ and Billie stroll down the passages, talking about her sister when they are hindered with Kit and her patient from the weigh in. They move her to the bed when Billie strolls in to get to Miss Rodriguez, requesting that she hush up. She can’t feel anybody contacting her feet and AJ observes a mass in her mid-region rapidly hurrying off. 

Aj strolls in the ED conversing with Randolph who well done him on the book that he didn’t peruse; both hitting they are possibility for head of a medical procedure. Conrad strolls into the ED, invited by Irving Feldman (Tasso Feldman), Kit and other ED staff, saying he is simply getting a patient; clarifying the circumstance and they guarantee to deal with him without the protection, Devon being the new joining in. Devon lets it be known is far more fun providing the orders as Conrad lets it out was fun seeing everybody. 

The patients are in the lounge area, when Conrad’s patient sees a business for Halcipride, a chemo drug. There is a three to multi week reference for itself and Dr Feldman says he will give him a reference yet is summoned just as Leela who is summoned before she gives him a supporter. Her sister calls, diverting her with talk about her toss with Dr Austin, however when she gets back to the patient for the tetnus shot he is no more. 

Dr Bell joins AJ and Billie for the output on Miss Rodriguez; both inclination this has to do with the conceivable advancement. The sweeps come up and Billie calls them to look where they see she has an abdomenal aneurysm and logical cracked from the battle; she additionally has a combined spine and it is a supernatural occurrence she can get up. Randolph forces himself into the medical procedure idea yet when they illuminate her, she doesn’t care for that they need to break her spine to fix her spine and don’t accept that one hit the incorrect way could kill her. She advises them to track down one more toy to play with. Billie confronts her as a fan requests a photograph pick and Ella says she needs to battle like her, saying she might want to battle like her one day. She consents to the photograph however not the birthday, advising Ella to say hit to her primary care physicians so she can improve to get once more into the ring for her. 

The cook, Conrad saved finds his direction into the lab and requests from the professionals that he get the chemo medications and pulls a weapon on them, saying nobody is leaving until he gets it. Devon strolls with Conrad, finding out with regards to how his private practice is getting along. He will share how life is with Gigi as Devon concedes he cherishes his new position and there is just something single he would change; and it is irritating the amount he misses them. Out of nowhere security runs by and there is a code silver; both determining from Kit that it is the patient that Conrad got, needing some malignancy drug he saw on TV. It is unavailable, he blockaded himself inside with the drug specialists until he gets them. Conrad learns this medication gives individuals weeks, best case scenario, to broaden their life yet he feels Jackson isn’t a threat to anybody and he believes he can hold things back from turning sour to more terrible. Pack would rather not consent to it as the medication is as yet being gotten from Atlantic General, yet he doesn’t realize that. 

Conrad calls Jackson saying he has a 3 months supply and Jackson advises him to slide it to the entryway. Conrad consents to head inside, Devon goes with him; just concurring for him to release the drug specialists to be let. Jackson requests the packs yet will not permit them to leave. He sees the medications and realizes they are not genuine. Conrad requests that he talk and observe an exit from this before the police arrive, and they start discussing Jackson’s child as he holds his blade to his throat. He discusses attempting to make things right and accumulating cash as Devon knows getting malignancy is out of his control however this is dependent upon him. Conrad says he can keep this guarantee however police inquire as to whether all is well and he cuts his neck. Conrad is holding his throat as they attempt to save him. They will take him to the OR, no an ideal opportunity to stable him as Devon says he has new garments in his office and the two of them conclude they will devise an arrangement to give Jackson additional time with his family, while he is in a medical procedure. 

AJ considers Bell to be he is going into crisis medical procedure, promising he will make it into their medical procedure as well. Leela comes to see Devon, who guarantees her that he is alright, embracing him firmly. Padma interferes with them, saying she got reprimanded by a Dr Nolan and didn’t care for the manner in which he conversed with her. Padma couldn’t recollect what he said, only that he was mean. Leela is furious that she appeared yet Devon guarantees her that it has recently been a day and she will be OK. 

Irving joins Devon and Conrad, where they audit Jackson’s clinical records, saying they finished up it was disease however not analyzed. It very well may be conceivable that he doesn’t have malignancy and he was misdiagnosed. 

Billie and Bell are strolling with Miss Rodriguez who is attempting to inhale in light of the fact that her aneurysm burst. She rapidly clears her timetable for the methodology. In the mean time, Devon and Conrad try sincerely as he has 90 minutes to two hours before his supper date with Queen G. 

AJ shows up as him and Bell quarrel on who has the better plot for the strategy, something Dr Paul Chu (Vince Foster) is trapped in; Bell in any event, kidding about being woken up when Austin is done his unite. Billie strolls in and Austin requests to remain, which she consents to, working rapidly. 

Padma has Leela meet her outside, she discovers that her sister purchased a van; figuring she can carry on with the van life. Leela faces her, saying it is the ideal opportunity for her to settle in or even one root. Leela starts to leave as Padma tells her she tossed her milk out as it was 5 months old. She says she just sees her sweetheart at work and she has been remaining with her for quite a long time and all she discusses is medication and she is saving lives however what might be said about her own life. She is pleased with her yet she recalls a young lady who did insane different things; Leela protects herself as Padma asks when is the last time she required 5 minutes to herself and her pager goes off as the sisters head out in different directions. 

Jackson’s outcomes are negative, every one of them three. Devon vows to keep looking yet Conrad has a supper date with an extremely extraordinary woman. Conrad unexpectedly sees Jackson Tellenbaum’s ID and notification something about him. Devon recollects Conrad’s look. 

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Billie buckles down on her medical procedure as she offers AJ her input about him and Bell contending. She says the best boss is the person who deserves the most admiration from their friends and that is AJ. She has heard a greater number of skeletons of Bell’s wardrobe than his. Alerts sound and her spine is packing and on the off chance that they don’t ease the tension she could for all time incapacitate her if she doesn’t mitigate it, paging Dr Voss. 

Pack hurries into the OR, learning they need to do the wake up test and they are using up all available time. Dr Chu rescues Ms Rodriguez once again from obviousness. She can react however they need to work rapidly to work on her spine. She flickers and can feel her leg, pressure is calmed, they can return her under and complete the medical procedure. 

Conrad and Devon address Jackson, showing the video of meds, saying how one-sided they are and how not all medications are for everybody. Conrad clarifies that Jackson doesn’t have malignant growth and their labs validated their intuitions. He has tuberculosis. They can treat it, should be on a few meds and it is truly reasonable, however he sees the cuffs and realizes he will be set to be taken to jail yet will stay a patient. He expresses gratitude toward them. 

Conrad misses it, yet Gigi is his beginning and end and she starts things out. Devon is upset for every last bit of it as him and Nic are missed each day; they two men embrace as Devon says it was acceptable work today Dr Hawkins; which is re

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