During a hazardous 24-hour mission on the moon, space wayfarers attempt to recover tests from a neglected examination office saturated with ordered privileged insights.

Genre: Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Mystery, Sci-Fi, Thriller

Stars: Bae Doona, Gong Yoo, Joon Lee

IMDB: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt11570202/

Premiere: Dec 24, 2021 (South Korea)


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The group is in confusion, noticing signals booming. The motors are inoperable, and they are not close to the station. Ultimately, the camera works out; their boat is on a moon precipice edge. The episode then, at that point, dances to a news report, clarifying that water levels are at a record-breaking low on the planet, causing imbalances and unjustifiable guidelines. There are fights to convey water reasonably.

The episode then, at that point, moves to the Environment for Human Survival Research Center. Mr. Kim visits Dr. Melody Jian about her Astrobiologist papers. She lets him know she’s not generally intrigued by Astrobiology as there’s “nothing in space.” Mr. Kim clarifies that Director Choi needs an astrobiologist on a mission, and she has come suggested. He tells her it is on Balhae Center, which raises her advantage, and later her gathering, she takes a gander at a remembrance box for the expired Song Wonkyung (her sister).

Han Yunjae, the skipper of the mission, acquaints himself with Song Jian the next day. The two of them look at the dedication for a heartbreaking occasion that occurred at the station five years prior. Han Yunjae advises Song Jian to reevaluate going to the station. It’s practically similar to he’s proposing she ought not to go. The other group individuals then, at that point, present themselves; Gong Soochan, Kim Heesun, co-pilot Eun Jiyoung, and group specialist Hong Gayoung.

The group is advised; they need to go to the moon and recover an obscure example from Belhar Station that was shut because of a radiation spill. They have 24 hours from arriving to recover it, which could be at three unique areas. Melody Jian is worried that they don’t have the foggiest idea of what the example is, in addition to it seems like a self-destruction mission. Chief Choi demands they are non-the-more shrewd also in regards to what the example is. Commander Han Yunjae states that this resembles some other mission, yet Song Jian raises how the standpoint looks grim with a 10% possibility of endurance.

Thus, the team excursion to space and go to the moon. It’s uncovered that Mr. Hwang has joined the group as well; the main team part who has visited the station. As the boat scours the moon, we are confronted with similar issues from the beginning of the episode. There’s an issue with the boat’s outside, and the arrival mechanics are in danger. The team needs to face challenges to land and hold on. At the point when they land, they end up on a bluff edge and need to getaway.

The completion

Endeavoring to get away from presents more issues as they coincidentally break the air pressure. Tune Jian winds up clinging to a bridle, almost tumbling to her demise, yet when she gives up, Han Yunjae snatches her hand to save her. The team figures out how to get off the boat securely, however, their correspondence frameworks are annihilated. They can not converse with the group on the planet. The team is more than 7 kilometers from Belhar Station, however, that is insignificant; their boat tumbles down the bluff edge to its annihilation. They are space explorers without shuttles. The chief says they should make a beeline for Belhae Station by walking, and a salvage boat will come to get them.

Mr. Hwang is battling, and Song Jian looks concerned, however, the chief advises all her strolling with him. Mr. Hwang’s condition is muddled, yet he was harmed during the accident. Mr. Hwang asks the chief for water as he can’t keep strolling. He heaves blood, topping off his visor; he attempts to offer something about the water, similar to notice, however, he can’t get it out before he passes on. Mr. Hwang is dead. There’s shock among the group, however, there’s no ideal opportunity to rest; Song Jian looks inquisitive with regards to what Mr. Hwang was going to say.

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