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The Vow 25 September 2020: Aunt drags Vidya home by the arm, Vidya’s mother and Shalu are behind them, Vidya begs for mercy, but Aunt drags her and throws her into the house. Vidya is crying, her mother hugs her and questions Aunt why she is torturing Vidya, Aunt is annoyed with the fact that Vidya had the guts to enter the mandir when she was told not too. Aunt gets annoyed and brings a burning stick, Vidya and her mother get scared. Shalu walks to her mum and says that they won’t get scared of the burnt stick until you actually punish them with it. Aunt then proceeds towards Vidya and her mother. Vidya drops in Aunt’s feet and begs mercy, saying that she apologises on behalf of her mother, Vidya promises not to go near the mansion or meet badi thakur and choti thakur, she begs mercy to forgive her mother,

Aunt is still annoyed, grabs both Vidya’s arms, and puts the burning stick against her arms. Vidya screams in pain. Her mother is crying and begging for mercy, Shalu smiles evily. Aunt after burning Vidya’s hand throws boith Vidya and her mother into a dark and cold room in their house. She then taunts them and looks the door. Shalu and Aunt smile evily and hit fists together. Vidya and her mother are in the cold dark room, Vidya mum cries and asks for forgiveness, she says she is sorry, today she thought she could give Vidya a better life but instead gave her so much humiliation and pain. Vidya quietens her mother and says she is fine and is happy. Vidya’s mother looks at Vidya’s wound and cries a lot. She kisses the wound and says what do you think you can hide these wounds from me, you can hide your physical wounds but i can see the wounds in your heart as i am your mother. They hug and the light goes off.


Thakur’s Mansion. Pandit gives the list of girls names to Badi Thakur and his wife. Badi Thakur’s wife takes the paper and reads the names out, she smiles and says she knows these girls when they were small. She then notices a name been rubbed off with pen. She tries reading the name, but is unable to, Pandit then says the girl is not suitable for your son’s rishta. Badi Thakur says who is suitale and who is not suitable is in the hands of God. He is the one who makes pairs, my only prayer is that we find a suitable match for our sagar. Just then their is a strong wind outside, Badi Thakur’s wife goes to close the window and with the lightening she is able to read the name which was rubbed off. She reads Vidya’s name. Mean while back in the dark cold room, Vidya’s mother falls ill, Vidya panicks, runs and bangs on the door calling for Aunt and Shalu. Shalu is busy sining Sharara Sharara song in her room, and Aunt is lying down. They both ignore Vidya’s screaming. Vidya’s mother calls Vidya, Vidya runs to her, she holds her mothers hand and promises nothing will happen to her, she then bangs on the door again, and then sees a window, she runs to the window pushes against it and finally it opens. Vidya’s mum tries to stop her, but Vidya refuses saying she wont be able to forgive herself if anything happens to her mother, so Vidya jumps from their and runs to fetch some medicine.

Vidya gets medicine from the doctor and thanks him, he offers his umbrella but she refuses saying she is fine and will reach home soon. Doctor leaves. Vidya also leaves, she is walking alone on a dark street, when all of a sudden a car with heavy lights appears in front of her, Vidya puts her hand infront of her eyes to block the light, and then slowly brings her hand down to find the driver is none other than the kameena Harsh. Harsh and his friends get off from the car and tease Vidya. Vidya begs Harsh to let her go home, as her mother is ill, Harsh grabs the medicine bottle and throws it to his friend who misses to catch it and it drops on the floor, Vidya starts to cry. Harsh feels bad and tells Vidya not to cry and come with him, Vidya pushes him away and runs. Harsh and his mates run after her, then Vidya is running when she sees a truck passing by, she shouts for help, it stops and Chinu offers help. Vidya gets onto the truck and is saved from Harsh. However Harsh notices Vidya’s earring and picks it up and smiles evily. Back in Vidya’s house, her Uncle and Aunt are talking about Thakur and Sagar, they hope Thakur accepts Shalu, and so Shalu can get married in a rich family. Vidya and Chinu on the truck talk for a bit, Chinu aska her some questions and is reali chuffed by her answers, he then mentions Sagar. Vidya has flashback of the lake scene, where Sagar takes Vidya’s read dupatta. Vidya smiles and says very nice things about Sagar which make Chinu realise she is the one for Sagar, Chinu is about to ask her name, when Vidya tells the truck driver to stop the truck as her house has come. She gets off and runs home. Chinu calls for her but she runs home. Chinu is sad and then tells the truck driver to drive away. Vidya reaches home from the window, and runs to her mother to ask how she is. Just then Aunt, Shalu and Uncle open the door, and they are shocked to see Vidya wet. Aunt questions Vidya where had she run off too. Vidya says she went to get medicine for her mother. Aunt taunts her further and says if u went to get medicine where is it? Vidya cries and says she couldnt get it. Aunt scolds her, drags her out of the room, outside the house and hits her, people gather around, she tells all what Vidya has been upto late at night, Vidya is been humiliated when Harsh comes and says Enough, he says you want to know where Vidya was, she was with me. Vidya and her mother are stunned. Harsh continues to say Vidya and Harsh love each other and Vidya came to meet him, he says this is the proof, and takes out Vidya’s earring and smiles evily at Vidya. Vidya is stunned.

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