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The Vow 24 September 2020: It starts with some mantra’s playing in the background and we see a small gaao like city with mandirs and all. It starts off with Vidya coming out of the water in the river bank. She was doin pooja. Shes quite pretyty atcually. Then we see this fat old woman in a bright blue saree shouting “Vidya!!” Then Vidya’s mum comes. its the same lady who played Ji’as mother in Reth the serial which has finished. She says im here. Aunt says of course you are here, its my bad fortune that you wont leave us!

This aunt screams for Vidya and her mother says she has gone to do pooja. The aunt says some bad things abt Vidya. Scene chnage. We are now at Vidya running down some steps and her good friend, who is the one playing the maid Fulwari in Mamta serial, asking her where she is running off and to meet who? Vidya says there is some1. Her firend gets excited and asks who? She describes him as being someone who is supernatural and her friend asks her is this a human or God? Vidya giggles n walks away.

Her friend says of course it’ll be God.(By now we kno that Vidya is extrmemely pious) Her firend asks her this deifnitely has to be Lord Shankar. (Shambunath) Her friend tells her that only his image resides in her mind. Her firend then goes on to tlak abt Thakur n Thakurayin comeing to their city together w/ Chote Thakur. Vidya queries abt Chote Thakur. Her friend says its Thakur n Thakurayins son and that rumours hs been goin arn that Chote Thakur’s parents are coming here to look for a Dulhan for thier son. Thye want a sanskari n pretty bride.

V’s fren says that Vidya will be the one who Chote Thakur wil chose as she is the prettiest! Vidya says that she should have such high hopes as she… loud bakcground music.(suspense)

Vidya’s home scene. Her aunt is stilla sking her mother as to where her duaghter has gone. She syas that Vidya says shes going to temple but who knows where she keeps wandering. Her husband is also sitting there n tlaking abt Thakurs visit there. Then suddenly they show this girl in black night dress n with curlers in her hair coming out of a room. Its Shalu, Aunts daughter. Aunt says you have woken up so fast! Shalu says how can she sleep with all the noise? The aunt looks wickedly at Kaushaliya(Vidya’s mum). Says with this ppl arn there is no peace. Jus then Vidya walks in. Shalu asks her for tea. She syas tea, not chai. Vidya gives it to her and Shalu screams as she holds the glass as it is hot. Aunt scold Vidya n asks her to go and do work.

Vidya is in the kitchen making chapatti. Her mother coems there n Vidya looks at her. Kaushaliya says she’ll only look at her not help ta all. Then thy tlak abt how different thier lives are w/o one man, K’s husband. Vidya syas nice things abt her aunt n uncle. K says how cna u be so nice? Vidya looks at the bright side n syas that if we both were living in this hse, wouldwe be able to take care of hse n Thakurs hse as well?(V’s dad owned the hse thy are living in right now n he used ot work for Thakurs)

We see children screaming “Thakurs are here!” and running aft their car. V’s friend also runs n climbs up a tree to see whats going on. Thakur n Thakuaryin come out. Thier servant coems out running n greets them. He asks abt their three fuaghters n that its been ages seeing them. Thakur n wife seem tense on tht Q n sya that hy are living avroad w/ thier hubbys. Servant asks where is Chote thakur. Then we see him coming out form front seat of the car in black pants n lime green t shirt with white cap i think. Face isnt shown.

V n fren tlaking on the streets. Thy tlak bt V’s fren seeing the Thakurs n his son. She say she saw frm his pants all the way to his cap. Viday asks wht abt the face. Friend syas this wht id idn’t see. Friend starts Fnatasizing abt Vidya meeitng the chote thakur. Just then three gunda looking type guys come n one of them in the green shirt is Hrash. he disturbs both of them n thy jus leave.

Shalu is tlaking to her mother ta hom when Voidya comes in and wlaks past Shalu when the bag V Is holding accidentally drops on Shalu’s feet.She creams. AUnt scolds her. Shalu n er dad smiling. V is told by aunt to go nw asjh all of Shalu;s clothes now. V goes to river bank nw ashes vlothes when one scrf strats to drift awya. V goes in to water to retrieve it when a guy coems out fmr under the water, tkaes the scarf n swims away. Then we see a servant yelling chote thakur dont go too far the water is deep. Vidyas wondrs,”chote thakur?”

Madir scene. AUnt n SHalu there as pandit ji gonna amke impt announcement. V n her mum also there. pandit finishes aarti n syas tht thkaurs has goievn him responsoiblity of findinf girls elligible for chote thakurs wife. if those who wnat their betis to eb selected are tow rite thair names w/ the pandit./ few women sya htier duahghters names n aUNT Says Shalus then Kuashaliya syas Vodya’s name. Aunt is petriefied n shocked. she plans on humiliatin Vidya. Vidya is askin her mum wht is she doin? Auntcalls Vidya n syas now Vidya will read Rmayana. SHe asks her to go get the Ramayana. Vidya is looking extremely scared n very slowly walks towards a table which has several books. She hesitantly chooses one and wlaks back. Aunt laughs on seeing the book Vidya took as she gets the Gita instead. Aunt screams she is illiterate. Ppl arn her also taunt her. Aunt says God knows why her mother named her Vidya. Vidya means knowledge.Vidya is crying.

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