Samuel Peters once a standard man, fiddles with the laws of voodoo to bring his significant other back from the grave, he before long experiences the God of vindictiveness ‘Kalfu’, where he makes a settlement with him to obliterate the hidden world and carry disorder to earth; consequently he will end up being ‘The Zombie King’ and walk the earth forever with his left spouse. Seven days before the ascent of the Dark Moon, Samuel Peters (The Zombie King) calls upon Kalfu to raise seven of the late withdrawn, where their spirits should be hung on earth for seven days. With the consistently developing crowd of zombies, they start to clear out a field town totally. When the Government hears about what is happening, they set a border around the town region and utilize a shoot immediately strategy. Caught inside the town, local people and an improbable bundle of oddballs battle for their lives, and the leftover people before long understand that they need to join to make due. Looking for safe haven in a nearby church, they find a peculiar upset minister who provides them with the information on ‘The Zombie King’. Could our legends at any point unwind the signs in time and make due or will The Zombie King and his crowd of zombies ascend the evening of the dull moon?

Runtime: 85 mins

Release Date: 30 Apr 2013

Starcast: Edward Furlong, Corey Feldman, George McCluskey, David McClelland, Michael Gamarano

Director(s): Aidan Belizaire

Genre: Comedy, Horror

Tags: zombie, three word title, gore, gun



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