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There’s a connection with you Zee world Full story, Plot Summary, Teasers, Casts; Tujhse Hai Raabta (There’s a connection with you) is an Indian television series that airs on Zee TV. It premiered on 3 September 2018 and focuses on the unspoken connections and bonds between people. It stars Reem Shaikh, Sehban Azim, Poorva Gokhale and Arzaan Shaikh.


There’s a connection with you Zee world Full story, Plot Summary, Teasers, Casts; The story revolves around the bitter-sweet relationships between a daughter and her stepmother, who are forced to live together after a tragedy strikes in the family. The strong bonds of Kalyani, Malhar, Anupriya, and Moksh they connected each other


Kalyani is living in Aurangabad a 18 year old girl who loses her mother Madhuri and is forced to stay with her stepmother Anupriya, unaware that she is her step mother. ACP Malhar Rane is married to Kalyani’s fraternal cousin Sampada, who has an affair with Atharv, the younger brother of Atul’s sister-in-law Pallavi.

Sampada and Malhar have a baby boy, Moksh. Unable to live without Atharv, Sampada escapes with him and they are presumed dead. Betrayed, Malhar goes into rage and forces Kalyani to marry him as Moksh developed a motherly bond with her. Malhar and Kalyani are married for Moksh and Malhar realizes his mistake slowly and he have a soft corner for Kalyani

There’s a connection with you Zee world Full story, Plot Summary, Teasers, Casts; Sampada and Atharv return in Kalyani and Malhar’s life to create a problem and take Moksh. Sampada returns home to take Moksh and insults Malhar and Kalyani but Kalyani takes stand for Malhar and supports him for every thing. Malhar realized his mistake and know about Kalyani’s truth that she didn’t help Sampada in eloping with Atharv. Kalyani and Malhar fight with Sampada for Moksh. Malhar apologizes to Kalyani. Aao Saheb takes financial help from Atharv. Atharv invites Kalyani and Malhar for a party where Sampada insults Kalyani and Malhar’s marriage life but Kalyani takes stand for Malhar and insults Sampada and Atharv in the party and they shine the party. Atharv’s secretary Sneha accused Malhar of her molestation. Malhar accepted the accusation of molestation. All the family members blamed Malhar for Sneha’s condition but Kalyani and Anupriya trust Malhar’s innocence. Kalyani knows that Malhar has hidden some thing from her and Sneha is blackmailing him. Kalyani fasts for Malhar to save him and completes her fast. Later Anupriya knows about the truth that this is Atharv and Sampada’s plan. Kalyani and Anupriya saved Malhar from molestation charges. Malhar thanks Kalyani for saving him . Sampada humiliates Anupriya but Kalyani takes stand for her. Kalyani stops Anupriya from wearing mangalsutra. Kalyani wants Anupriya to be married for a second time and starts searching a groom for Anupriya. Malhar helps Kalyani in searching a groom for Anupriya. Kalyani thanks Sampada for leaving Malhar and Moksh for her.

There’s a connection with you Zee world Full story, Plot Summary, Teasers, Casts: Anupriya’s past Keshav returns to take revenge on Kalyani. Keshav attempts to harm Kalyani and kidnapped Moksh to kill Kalyani but Malhar find Moksh and save Kalyani’s life. Atharv joins hands with Keshav to end Deshmukh family. Anupriya cries seeing Malhar and other’s death and Kalyani’s tries to figure out where the poison is. Malhar and family drama catch Atharv and Keshav, but Kalyani’s life in danger as she inhaled the poison in body. Malhar finds Kalyani and save her. Anupriya is ready for Keshav’s demand. Now Kalyani and Malhar know that Keshav is Anupriya’s brother who is trying to kill Kalyani and Kidnapped Moksh. Sarthak and Deshmukh family shocked to see Keshav and the hidden past truth. Malhar is very angry to know that Rao Saheb accidentally killed her mother. Rao Saheb committed suicide. All family members blamed Malhar for Rao Saheb’s death. Atul came back home discharged from the murder of Madhuri. He is shocked to see his father’s death and daughter Kalyani married to Malhar but Kalyani takes stand for Malhar and proves Malhar’s innocence. Atul separates Kalyani and Malhar. Anupriya and Sarthak fixed Kalyani and Malhar’s meeting. Sampada gives Moksh custody papers to Malhar. Judge asks Malhar and Sampada to live together for Moksh custody. Kalyani convinces Malhar to stay with Sampada for Moksh’s custody. Malhar and Kalyani are separated for Moksh. Atul tries to take Kalyani from Pune but Anupriya stops them. Atharv trapped Kalyani and proposed her to marry him. Atharv convinced Atul to make kalyani marry him for her better education. Atharv presses Kalyani and tells her to get divorced. Kalyani agreed to marry Atharv. Malhar emotionally convinced Kalyani. Malhar is shocked with Kalyani’s decision. This is Kalyani’s plan and they both are trying to find out about Atharv. Kalyani lost her vision in accident planned by Sampada. Malhar feels guilty and blames himself for Kalyani’s condition. Malhar finds that Kalyani is faking her vision loss. Kalyani gives clues to Malhar about Mugdha. Kalyani and Anupriya goes Mumbai with Athav to search proof. she finds that Mugdha is Atharv’s legally wife and eknath industry owner. She informs Malhar about Mugdha’s truth. Atharv kidnapped Anupriya and forced Kalyani to marry him. She agreed for the marriage with Atharv and tells Malhar about Anupriya’s kidnapping. Kalyani and Malhar search for Anupriya but they did not find her.

There’s a connection with you Zee world Full story, Plot Summary, Teasers, Casts: Malhar is in pain to see Atharv proposing Kalyani. Malhar takes Mugdha’s statements to arrest Atharv but Atharv blackmails Kalyani to kidnap Mugdha. Kalyani searches for Anupriya on the marriage day. Atharv tries to fill Kalyani’s maang with sindoor but Anupriya stops him. Kalyani runs from marriage mandap but Malhar stops Atharv and fills Kalyani’s maang with sindor. Atharv tells Anupriya that this is a plan. Malhar looses Moksh’s custody. Kalyani is angry with Malhar that she punished herself to hurt Malhar. Malhar wants Kalyani to study for her exams and promises Kalyani to take Moksh’s custody from Sampada. Sampada decides to keep Moksh in daycare far away from Kalyani. Kalyani gets job as a babby sitter for Moksh. Malhar and Kalyani fall in love with each other. Sampada confused Kalyani and sends Moksh to Dubai. Malhar saves Mugdha from Atharv with help of Anupriya. Kalyani tells all the truth in front of Malhar. Kalyani and Malhar search for Moksh and save him. Judge gives Malhar and Kalyani Moksh’s custody.

Atharv becomes mentally ill and behaves as a 5 year old kid. Malhar saves Atharv from bomb blast. Kalyani know about Ketki (Malhar’s college friend). Malhar brings ketki home to save her from terrorists. Later Kalyani knows about ketki’s real intention and also Vaman, Ketki are terrorists. Malhar and Kalyani comes to stop the bomb blast. Atul is innocent. Malhar gets to know that Ketki and Vaman are terrorists and they kidnapped Atul. Vaman and Ketki blackmailed Sarthak to marry Ketki. Malhar gets shocked to listen Ketki confessing truth. Kalyani emotionally stands for Malhar. Malhar and Kalyani find Atul but Atul run away from kidnappers and save Sarthak and all family members and sacrifice his life for the family.

There’s a connection with you Zee world Full story, Plot Summary, Teasers, Casts: 15 days later, Atul dies and Moksh gets kidnapped. Sarthak tells Kalyani that the mysterious man Baap ji is Malhar’s father Madhav Rane. Kalyani suprises Malhar at awards ceremony. Reunion of Malhar and Baap ji has happened. Malhar knows about his sister Swara is live and his father can get married for second time to give mother love to Swara. Malhar happily accepted his stepmother Ashwari and half brother Aahir. Malhar and Kalyani take them to home. Madhav and Sarthak hide a secret from Malhar. Malhar and Kalyani shared some romantic moments. Malhar finds a car in pond. Sarthak and Madhav are tensed. Kalyani’s lavani dance makes Swara hysterical. All of them make Kalyani responsible for Swara’s condition but Swara takes Kalyani’s side and scolds Malhar in front of family. Malhar realizes his mistake.

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There’s a connection with you Zee world Full story, Plot Summary, Teasers, Casts: Anupriya think that she murdered a man. She blames herself and Sarthak knows that Anupriya is innocent. Sarthak marries Anupriya forcibly to save her. Malhar gets some clues about 26 july case. Anupriya knows about Sarthak’s truth. He feels guilty and confesses his crime. Swara tells that a man Radheshym is his husband and they both get married. Kalyani finds truth that Sarthak is innocent and tells Malhar. Ashwari tells Aahir to kidnap Moksh to take revenge on Kalyani and demands for 2 crores money but Kalyani and Malhar knows that Aahir is Radheshym murdered. Kalyani and Malhar finds Moksh safely. Kalyani celebrates Moksh’s birthday. Aahir reached Ahilya Niwas to take money. Madhav suffers heart attack, Malhar comes to house and sees Baap ji in that condition. Kalyani saves Madhav’s life. Malhar wishes Kalyani first anniversary and Kalyani suprises Malhar by celebrating their anniversary and spend some romantic moments. Kalyani promises Malhar that she only focuses to study and completes Malhar’s dream.

Kalyani meets her school friend Rachit. Malhar saves Kalyani and Rachit. Someone is spying on Kalyani and Malhar. Malhar knows that Aahir is trying to kill Kalyani. Malhar get Aahir arrested. Malhar gets heart broken after hearing Rachit’s love confession to Kalyani. Aahir escapes and kidnapped Kalyani. Rachit informs Malhar that someone kidnapped Kalyani. They both search for Kalyani. Naxal says Malhar to prove himself as a terrorist to save Kalyani’s life. Naxal takes Malhar and leave Kalyani’s life. Later Kalyani fights to prove Malhar’s innocence. Malhar meets Kalyani’s mother Madhuri and saved her from Naxal. Kalyani meets her mother Madhuri. Anupriya feels insecure and fear to lose Kalyani but Sarthak and Aao Saheb takes Anupriya’s side against Madhuri. Kalyani successfully find Malhar and knows that Athav is also kidnapped. They found kidnapped kids but Aahir catches Malhar. Deshmukh family and Rane family knows about Malhar’s kidnapping. Aahir asks Kalyani to marry Rachit to save Malhar. Malhar knows Madhuri is really Mamta who is Naxal sardar. Malhar ran away and meet Kalyani. Aahir catches Malhar,Kalyani and Rachit in mandap. Aahir hangs Malhar and Kalyani heroically runs to rescue him. Malhar and Kalyani shocked to see Rachit’s crazy love confession.

There’s a connection with you Zee world Full story: Sampada informs Kalyani that Moksh is suffering from cancer and need a urgent bone marrow transplant. Sampada blackmails Kalyani to leave Malhar to save Moksh’s life. Kalyani breaks Malhar badly and she sacrifices Malhar fully. Malhar gets doubt and plans to make Sampada reveals real truth behind Kalyani’s sacrifice. Malhar succeded in finding the truth. Rachit kidnapped Kalyani and attempts to molest Kalyani. Malhar saves Kalyani and confesses his love for Kalyani. Sampada demands Malhar to marry her in order to get the bone marrow from the future baby of Malhar and her. Kalyani weakens Sampada and refuses her plan. Kalyani, Malhar planned to catch Sampada and Rachit. Rachit forcefully tried to marry Swara but Atharv saved her and marries her. Rachit attacked Swara but Anupriya shoot Rachit to save Swara. Anupriya is arrested in Rachit’s murder.

Kalyani gets to know about Sampada’s truth and promises to save Moksh’s life. Kalyani gets the IVF done and does not inform Malhar that she is pregnant with his baby. Soon, Malhar gets to know about Kalyani’s pregnancy and gets a call from Sarthak informing Moksh is admitted in the hospital. Kalyani gets a terrible stomach ache and falls unconscious. Atharv disguised himself as a transgender Mastani Bai and makes Kalyani marry him. Aao Saheb know about Atharv truth but the later was kidnapped by him. Kalyani knows that Mastani Bai is Atharv and Atharv is trying to kill Kalyani but Malhar saves Kalyani and injured himself to save Kalyani. Kalyani tells Malhar all the truth that she is pregnant with his baby with the help of IVF procedure. Kalyani stops Atharv and shoots him. Swara is angry at Kalyani to shoot her husband but Swara saw a video and knows that Atharv is blackmailing her. She knows that Sarthak is giving memory loss medicine to Anupriya.

There’s a connection with you Zee world Full story: The doctor informed Malhar about Kalyani’s deteriorating health and says that they should abort the child. On the other hand, Anupriya who is unwell has been taking the wrong medicines and looses her memory. Malhar gets a call from Trilok Marathe who is ready to transplant bone marrow to Moksh. He tells Malhar to send Kalyani to his house, but the later looses his calm. Kalyani gains conciousness and gets to know that Malhar aborted her child. She gets angry at him and goes to meet Trilok. Kalyani gets shocked to see her picture at Trilok’s house. Trilok tells Kalyani that his wife who used to look like her died. He said that he and his daughter are left alone. Malhar tells Kalyani that Trilok is not a good person and started beating him. He arrests Kalyani and tells her to go with him.



  • Reem Shaikh as Kalyani Malhar Rane: Malhar’s wife; Moksh’s mother; Anupriya’s stepdaughter (2018-present)
  • Sehban Azim as ACP Malhar Rane: Kalyani’s Husband; Moksh’s father; Madhav’s Son; Swara’s brother (2018-present)
  • Arzaan Shaikh as Moksh Malhar Rane/Moksh Kalyani “Pillu” Rane : Malhar and Kalyani’s Son (2018-present)
  • Poorva Gokhale as Anupriya Rane : Sarthak’s wife (2018-present)


  • Shagun Pandey as Atharv Bapat: Pallavi’s brother; Sampada’s ex-boyfriend; Mugdha’s ex-husband; Swara’s husband (2018)
  • Rajat Dahiya as Advocate Sarthak Rane: Madhav’s brother; Anupriya’s husband (2019-present)
  • Sneha Shah as Sampada Verma: Aparna and Vaman’s daughter; Atharv’s ex-girlfriend; Moksh’s biological mother (2018)
  • Savita Prabhune as Ahilya Devi: Sayajirao’s wife; Atul, Aparna and Vivek’s mother (2018–present)
  • Priya Shinde as Pallavi Bapat: Atharv’s sister; Vivek’s wife; Godavari and Null’s mother (2018–present)
  • Rajeshwari Datta as Aparna Deshmukh: Ahilya and Sayajirao’s daughter; Atul and Vivek’s sister; Vaman’s ex-wife; Sampada’s mother (2018–2019)
  • Shilpa Saklani as Aparna Deshmukh: Ahilya and Sayajirao’s daughter; Atul and Vivek’s sister; Vaman’s ex-wife; Sampada’s mother (2020-present)
  • Pankaj Vishnu as Atul Deshmukh: Ahilya and Sayajirao’s son; Aparna and Vivek’s brother; Anupriya and Madhuri’s ex-husband; Kalyani’s father (2018–2019)
  • Amrapali Gupta as Madhuri Verma: Mamta’s twin sister; Atul’s ex-wife; Kalyani’s mother (2018) / Mamta Verma: Madhuri’s twin sister; (2019–2020)
  • Mamik Singh as Vaman Verma: Aparna’s ex-husband; Sampada’s father; Malhar’s ex-father-in-law (2019)
  • Shahab Khan as Sayajirao Deshmukh: Ahilya’s husband; Atul, Aparna and Vivek’s father (2018–2019)
  • Anuj Khurana as Vivek Deshmukh: Ahilya and Sayajirao’s son; Atul and Aparna’s brother; Pallavi’s husband; Godavari and Null’s father (2018–2019)
  • Anju Jadhav as Swara Rane: Madhav’s daughter; Malhar’s sister; Aahir’s half-sister; Atharv’s wife (2019-presemt)
  • Ayush Anand as Trilok Marathe (2020)
  • Utkarsh Gupta as Rachit Khanna: Kalyani’s sided lover (2019-2020)
  • Smita Bansal as Mugdha Atharv Bapat: Atharv’s ex-wife (2019)
  • Milind Pathak as Madhav Rane: Sarthak’s brother; Asawari’s husband; Malhar, Swara’s father, kalyani father in law (2019-present)
  • Amita Choksi as Asawari Mehat: Madhav’s wife; Aahir’s mother (2019–2020)
  • Sidhharth Dhanda as Aahir Rane: Asawari and Madhav’s son; Malhar and Swara’s half-brother (2019–2020)
  • Vaishnavi Prajapati as Riddhi Rane- Sarthak’s daughter
  • Roop Durgapal as Ketki Deshmukh Malhar’s colleague and obsessive lover (2019)
  • Pankit Thakker as Adinath Sayed: Anupriya’s suitor (2019)
  • Sheena Bajaj as Varsha Nehra (2018)
  • Amit Soni as Keshav Bindal: Anupriya’s brother (2019)


There’s a connection with you Zee world Full story, Plot Summary, Teasers, Casts: The production and airing of the show was halted indefinitely in late March 2020 due to the Covid-19 outbreak in India. Because of the outbreak, the filming of television series and films was halted on 19 March 2020 and expected to resume on 1 April 2020 and the series was last broadcast on 24 March 2020 when the remaining episodes were aired.

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