This is Fate 2 update saturday 20 June 2020 on zee world; This is Fate 2 update saturday 20th June 2020, Karan asks Prithvi who is the one disturbing him, he says that it is Rithwik, Rishab asks him to say it with some thinking as Rithwik is a good person and cannot do anything if this sort. Prithvi says that he is only worried because they might face some sort of loss but Rishab stops him saying that he knows how make a deal work and will not do anything that can hurt the reputation of his company. Rishab says that they always feel that he wants to fight them but today he is changed and they do not know why. They leave and Prithvi thinks that he feels Rithwik has not said anything to them.

This is Fate 2 update saturday 20 June 2020 on zee world Shrishti hits Manisha with a vase, she starts to fight with her blaming that she did this on purpose, Shristri denies this and then says that she only stopped because Preeta stopped her, Sherlin is trying to take the paper but is not able to, Preeta asks her to stop but she does not listen and leaves, Preeta wonders how Manisha cannot feel that she has a paper underneath her shoes, but thinking what might happen thanks god.
Rishab calls everyone to the hall and says that as soon as his father will come then they will sign the contract, Karan sees that everyone is standing with Manisha and there is something wrong, Prithvi thinks that as soon as they both will sign the contract he will run with Sherlin.

Mahesh comes with the pen and giving praise to his son he asks him to proceed, They both start to sign the papers., Karan is thinking what Preeta is doing, they get confused, Rishab is also very nervous when he does not see Preeta coming to stop the signing, he sees that he is doing something and can’t understand, he stands up but then what was not supposed to happen happens, Manisha comes to congrulate him.

This is Fate season 2 update saturday 20 June 2020 on zee world Karan takes Preeta from the hall and starts to yell at her for not doing anything, she is not able to say anything and starts to cry, he is still yelling saying a lot of bad things to her and blaming that she might not want to have this deal signed. He asks her why she was distracted, she say that she saw these reports and once even had them but then she moved and was not able to take them, he apologizes to her by saying that his brother’s life is more important then the deal and she has done what was right.

This is Fate 2 update saturday 20th June 2020 Sherlin is walking in the hall, Preeta also comes after her, she turns and thinks of what Preeta will be thinking regarding, they look at each other in anger, Sherlin say that she did wrong because she has always fought with her for wrong purposes and she being even a middle class people has come to a very strong part of the Luthras. Sherlin tries to degrade her but Preeta gets very angry saying that she herself is really degraded and has done nothing right I n her life, she knows that Sherlin is pregnant with someone else’s child, she tries to give Preeta money but she is not at all convinced, Preeta say that she does not have the worthiness to be the family member of the Luthra’s, Sherlin hands her the reports saying that’s eh got them from Manisha, Preeta sees them and says that they are not the reports and she has changed them, Sherlin tries to act really smart. Preeta says that she cannot change her mind because she knows her truth and will in no case let her marry Rishab as she is not a good person and cannot be trusted, She will not let her become the family member of the Luthra’s.

This is Fate 20 June 2020 on zee world In the morning, the doctor say that there is a lot of improvement in Janki’s condition, Preeta comes in hurry and asks Sarla and Dadi regarding what the doctor said, both Shrishti and Bi jee fight over who will tell the news, Sarla says that the doctor feels that Janki will soon be able to walk, he explains that it is because she wants to walk and someone in the family is the reason for it. Prithvi is at the door and seeing the doctor feels that Janki has got another attach and will die, Sarla sees him and tells him that Janki will soon be able to walk, he really gets scared hearing this news.

Doctor leaves saying that he will come after some time to examine Janki, Prithvi is still standing shocked, BI Jee says to Prithvi that the doctor sad that whe they take her out on the wheel chair then she gets a will to walk, she also says that they can take Janki to the shopping mall, everyone starts top pressurize Sarla. Prithvi thinks that if he was not going to marry Preeta then he might not have agreed, Dadi asks him to say something.

Gangaa update Friday 19 June 2020 on zee world

This is Fate 2 20th June 2020 on zee world Rakhi and Sherlin are waiting for Rishab, suddenly they hear a loud laughter, it is Dadi and Rishab who are having a joke, when they are talking Karan comes and Rishab asks Karan to go and get hurry at the earliest so that they can go for shopping, Karan says that he will not go but calms down to everyone else’s wishes. Sherlin thinks that they are behaving like she is a burden but she will soon make them realize that there is nothing that will save them after this. Shrishti says that they must not pressurize Prithvi to come with them to the shopping, he say that he has no problem and they must all go as a family to the shopping mall, He gets scared seeing Janki moving, they all ask him what the matter is, she shows them the movement saying that tit must be because she like shim lot, Bi Jee asks Janki to get well soon.

Shrishti is very happy to go for shopping, she says to Janki that she must get well soon because she has to complain of her mother, Preeta and Sarla both make her a joke and start to laugh, Prithvi gets angry and says that he likes her but on the wheelchair and if she gets well then Karan will take Preeta from her.

This is Fate saturday update 20 June 2020 Everyone starts to run to take a selfie with Karan, Shrishti also sees him and runs to take a selfie after that informs him that everyone including Prithvi is with them, he ends the session n goes to meet them with everyone Sarla and Preeta meet Rakhi, Rishab b gets very happy, they all go together to the shopping area, Prithvi seeing this gets really angry and jealous at seeing this he thinks of not forgiving them and so he will not move from this spot, he suddenly gets a pat from behind when he turns it is Sherlin, who says that she came with the Luthra’s but they did not wait for her, she worries what will happen if they did not go but Prithvi says that he will not let anything go wrong with his plan, they both agree and follow everyone.

This is Fate 2 update saturday 20 June 2020 on zee world Everyone enters the store, the manager says that they have the best stocks available for them because Rakhi already told them that they were coming, everyone sits and then they all start looking for the designs, Rakhi tells everyone from the store what they would like to see, she asks Sarla to not worry because they are only here to look for the designs, she thinks that if Sarla finds anything beautiful the she will herself buy it for her later.
Prithvi as standing, the worker shows the designs that they have of necklaces, Sherlin tries one but Prithvi does not like it and refuses.

This is Fate 20 June 2020 Karan and Rishab are both looking at Preeta, Rishab is admiring her, Prithvi sees him with jealous filled eyes, Janki understands everything that is happening and prays that some miracle must happen so that she can protect Preeta. Preeta tries a necklace selected by Sarla, Karan says that he does not like it, Prithvi taking the opportunity pressurizes Sarla saying that she has very good choice and they must take the exact necklace because her choice is worth admiring, She asks him to come as his choice matters the most but he says that what she liked is what they will buy, she agrees, making Karan and Rishab jealous. The worker brings another set of necklaces, Rakhi asks Sarla to take a look at them while she decides a Mangle suture for Sherlin, Sarla agrees to her wishes.

This is Fate 2 saturday update 20th June 2020 Prithvi says that he and Preeta can take Janki but Shrishti says that he can take Janki himself, Rishab also says that he can take Janki himself, he agrees but when he leaves, Preeta scolds Shrishti saying that she must not have said things like this to him as he must have felt bad, Shrishti explains that they will decide it later if she is to marry Prithvi because there are also a lot of other good looking people who are eligible to marry her if she looks away from Prithvi. She then says to her to first concentrate on Sherlin and Manisha and how they will tackle them.

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