This is Fate Zee world Full Story Cast, Plot Summary, Teasers

This is Fate Full Story Zee world: This is Fate which also goes by the Indian name Kundali Bhagya is a steaming drama narrating how fate plays its role in the lives of two optimists sisters, Preeta(Shraddha Arya) and Shristi(Anjum Fakih). The serial can also be classified as a romantic tale with whole lots of ups and downs including love triangles, determination and betrayal. This is fate(kundali bhagya) was extracted from Twist of fate (kumkum bhagya).


This is Fate Zee world Full Story Cast, Plot Summary, Teasers: Preeta meets the Luthra family when she becomes the physiotherapist to their matriarch whose younger grandson Karan shares a conflicting relation with Preeta while elder grandson Rishabh shares cordial relation with her and slowly starts developing feelings for her. Rishabh is not convinced with the idea of marriage.

When Preeta convinces Rishabh, he agrees to marry Sherlyn Khurana in an apparent misunderstanding, assuming it to be Preeta. Sherlyn realizes Rishabh’s affections and vows to get Preeta out of her life. After Rishabh and Sherlyn get engaged, Preeta realizes Sherlyn isn’t the girl everyone thinks. She finds out Sherlyn has a boyfriend and confides her doubts to Karan.

At first, Karan belittles and calls Preeta gold digger, but because the matter is in regards to Rishabh, he checks for evidence himself and is convinced of Sherlyn’s affair. Karan and Preeta join forces in their mission to save Rishabh from Sherlyn and their alliance slowly blossoms into friendship then to love.

This is Fate Zee world Full Story Cast, Plot Summary, Teasers: Preeta’s engagement gets fixed with Sherlyn’s boyfriend Prithvi Malhotra. Karan and Rishabh are both uneasy with Prithvi and soon realizes that he isn’t right for her. Karan and Preeta try innumerable times to get evidence against Sherlyn furthermore. He and Rishabh try to convince Preeta and her family about Prithvi.

However, despite all the efforts by Preeta at Rishabh and Sherlyn’s wedding to actually stop it from happening, Rishabh and Sherlyn get married. Karan had vowed that the matter would get personal and would take his revenge personally if Rishabh’s life was ruined by Preeta. He fulfills his end of the bargain. He humiliatingly drags Preeta out of the Luthra house after Rishabh’s wedding.

At Preeta’s wedding day with Prithvi, Karan does a groom swap and marries her without her knowledge. He convinces her and her entire family that his reason for marrying Preeta was love. It is revealed Karan married Preeta just for taking revenge as he believes Preeta betrayed him by joining hands with Sherlyn. He leaves Preeta after the wedding.

As per the current track, Karan has shown a more sympathetic and supportive side to Preeta and family, but despite being married to her, he has gotten engaged to Mahira Khanna and neither apologized to Preeta nor made any attempts to stop his own second wedding. Despite all the issues between them, Karan and Preeta keep finding themselves in various situations that ironically bring them closer and force out their erstwhile hidden feelings of love for each other. Vowing to reunite them are Rishabh, Kritika, Sameer and Shristi-along with low key support from Rakhi and Preeta’s family. Sarla, however, despite knowing her daughter’s feelings is adamant about a reunion, angered at her humiliation and tries all means to stop Preeta from ever seeing Karan again.

Preeta, however, cannot help herself, likewise Karan who is confused and upset at the inner tug of war between heart and mind. His marriage preparations continue, with him forced to participate due to Mahira and Kareena’s pressure on him, his interests far away in Arora House. Their relationship improves a lot after Karan helps her out from a Mahira and Sherlyn imprisonment scheme and his prior anger takes a backseat for some time, only rising when the evil duo attempt to murder Mahesh and successfully pin it on Preeta. Karan, angered once again, mistrusts Preeta again and agrees to marry Mahira as soon as possible, making her decide to cut off ties from him and the Luthra household and severely breaking her previously reunion-hopeful heart, and hurting himself in the process.

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This is Fate Zee world Cast


  • Shraddha Arya as Dr. Preeta Karan Luthra, Sarla and Raghuveer’s daughter, Pragya, Bulbul and Srishti’s sister, Karan’s wife (2017–present)
  • Dheeraj Dhoopar as Karan Luthra, Rakhi and Mahesh’s son, Rishabh’s brother, Preeta’s husband (2017–present)
  • Manit Joura as Rishabh Luthra, Rakhi and Mahesh’s son, Karan’s elder brother, Sherlyn’s husband (2017–present)
  • Anjum Fakih as Srishti Arora, Sarla and Raghuveer’s daughter, Pragya, Bulbul and Preeta’s sister, Sameer’s love interest (2017–present)
  • Abhishek Kapur as Sameer Luthra, Rishabh and Karan’s cousin, Srishti’s love interest (2017-present)
  • Ruhi Chaturvedi as Sherlyn Rishabh Luthra, Rishabh’s wife, Prithvi Malhotra’s girlfriend (2017-present)


  • Sanjay Gagnani as Prithvi Malhotra, Preeta’s ex fiancé, Sherlyn’s boyfriend (2017–present)
  • Madhu Raja as Daljeet Arora, Matriarch of Arora family, Raghuveer’s mother, Pragya, Bulbul, Preeta and Srishti’s grandmother (2017–present)
  • Supriya Shukla as Sarla Arora, Raghuveer’s wife, Pragya, Bulbul, Preeta and Srishti’s mother (2017–present)
  • Jasjeet Babbar as Janki, Arora’s handmaiden (2017–present)
  • Twinkle R Vashisht as Kritika Luthra, Kareena’s daughter, Karan and Rishabh’s cousin (2017–present)
  • Neelam Mehra as Bani Luthra (2017–present)
  • Anisha Hinduja as Rakhi Luthra, Mahesh’s wife, Karan and Rishabh’s mother (2017–present)
  • Naveen Saini as Mahesh Luthra, Rakhi’s husband, Karan and Rishabh’s father (2017–present)
  • Pyumori Mehta Ghosh/Usha Bachani as Kareena Luthra (2017–present)
  • Merry Singh as Ruchika Luthra (2017–2018)
  • Sriti Jha as Pragya Mehra (2017–2018)
  • Shabbir Ahluwalia as Abhishek Mehra (2017–2018)
  • Vin Rana as Purab Khanna (2017)
  • Ruchi Savarn as Disha Jha (2017)
  • Shikha Singh as Aliya Mehra (2017)
  • Leena Jumani as Tanushree Mehta (2017)
  • Mahira Sharma as Monisha Sharma, Karan’s former fiancé (2018–2019)
  • Swati Kapoor as Mahira Khanna (2019-present)
  • Akshay Raj Jawrani as Shiv (2019–present)

Brief Information and Details on This is Fate Full Story Zee world Series

Genre: Family Drama

First Episode: December

Total number of episodes: Till Airing

Total numbers of Season: One

Channel: Zee World Tv Africa

Network: Zee Tv Watch

Original name: Kundali Bhagya

Tele Country: Indian Bollywood Soap Opera

Last Episode: Nil

Lead Actors: Preeta, Karan, Rishabh, Daljeet

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  • i dont like the way this is fate ended ,and why will all the stories in zeeworld always ends badly,its better if the producers always make a goof story line,its rely sad and unfortunate that all the stories in zeeworld always end badly,as we always see evil win over good,if evil always win over good zeeworld is trying to tell the world that its ok to continue in evil,pleas am pleading with the producers of zeeworld to try and make sure they have a good story line and all the stories they try to tell us must end well,all the stories must show evil being punished and good always winning otherwise i will stop watching zeeworld,this is fate is a good story but didnt end well same with age is just a number and so many others

    • And all the stories are being imitated, King of heat leading actor and actress were killed and reborn,so also In Mehek movies,kindred heart,age is just a number,that just Bullshits, I think one would rather watch their home made movies than the series or even watched Philippines movies and Mexican where you watched maturity being exbited with lots of interest.

    • You are right me too l do not like the way it goes aaaah they should make sure that God is always a winner for in other words you are saying evil things we should worship and praise them so please do something

  • Is Sherlyn no longer pregnant, how comes Karan and Rishab aren’t saying anything about it? Why is the movie all about evil winning over good? It’s so disheartening.

  • Pls. try to amend your films what you are teaching us is that bad people excel while good people suffer till the end.
    Religion teaches us to do good and however you suffer there is joy at the end of it, but yours is opposite.
    People that suffers from the beginning suffered till the end a d the evil people are your hero at the end which shouldn’t be.
    We have not heard anything about Sherlyn pregnancy again. Pls let it have season 3 so as to end it well, let the wicked suffer and good one enjoy their ending glory Pls.

  • All the Zeeworld/ZeeTV series are the same plot ,evil person in the family and they win over and over again.
    At first watch they are interesting and then as times goes you loose the plot.
    And it gets less interesting.

  • Should Shylen prevails without been caught with Prievy, will Pretta suffer this injustice like that, make changes in your stories you make it look like everyone should always do bad.

    • This is fate is not good at all it not the same like other sopies there’s no justice why good people like Preeta keep suffering. Why sherlyn never been caught once so that they will see the side of her everything goes wrong go to Preeta Aurora even if she knows nothing about it we are not happy about this sopie it only waste our time and this sopie teaching us that to be like sherlin it good please the writer must try to change on the next episode of this sopie the way it happening it not good at all I began to hate this is fate infact it a disgusting and irritating sopies

  • I have started hating this is fate. Please if all you got to show us is evil winning over good, then zee world should stop showing
    in Nigeria. We cannot turn from bad to worse.

    • Hope u people alway watch the film b4 showing it in zeeworld. All is teaching pple that doing bad is good. Pls we Nigerian don’t need dis. Stop encourage evil. Let ur movie show us dat doing good is good.

  • This is so tiring,bad ppl always get away with murder.It’s so dragging and never gets to the real point.All zee world soapies are the same,it’s so uninteresting.Boring cause the bad ppl never get caught.

  • Yoo why do most of the series end on a bad note. When is Sherlyn & Pritvi ‘s secret gonna be revealed? At least the story should have end after the Luthras have finally seen the true colours of their daughter- in -law Sherlyn

  • The thing is Zeeworld do not carry their viewers along…listen to your viewers. They make the ratings happen for you. Soon the ratings will begin to take a downward slope. Bad can never be good and can never outshine good. What has darkness got to do with good? Get the story line updated please.

  • I can say this is fate is one of the worst soap operas ever. I mean how can bad always win, that story line is terrible. Alia and Tanu never got punished for their crimes, now sherlyn and mahira. Why?
    And can someone tell me for how long a human pregnancy lasts, cos sherlyn’s pregnancy seems to be lasting forever!

    • I second Hawau salman how does human pregnancy lasts for that long without signs and symptoms or they are just fooling because by now the pregnancy should be been seen or in the process of giving birth.

  • This is fate is an interesting film, but the writer of this story is very bad, can u imagine the writer saying rishab will also be a villian (bad person) in season 3, must there be something like that? U cant write that Sherlyn& prithvi & mahira secret is out and the lutras apologize to the Arora’s family and everyone should live ever after. Rishab is a good man according to the story, the writer shouldn’t tanish his image like that…

    • Sometimes watching This is Fate is a complete waste of time because the writers aren’t doing a good job. No matter how thriving evil is, good will always prevail. How come the Luthra mansion does not have CCTV installed? How come the hotel where Privti used for the kidnap does not have CCTV to aid investigation? The story is a complete crap and waste of precious time watching evil triumph over good all the time. The writers should reboot their brains to do a proper balanced job in season 3 if there is going to be.

  • Why must they always go in circles? Why would someone know a truth and be hiding it?
    Why do they always waste time?
    Why would the movie not end after good things happen?
    Is this how they suffer or things go wrong in Indian families because this is what happens in most of their movies.

  • This is fate is a nonsense film that has no meaning, no lesson, and trying to turn a lie to true. Please zee world should stop showing it.

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