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This is Fate saturday 13th update June 2020; This is Fate update saturday 13 June 2020, Preeta has soggy eyes, The nurse asks if the tears are of happiness, she says that she was very concerned for her friend and now that she has come to know if can she take a look by herself, the nurse agrees, Preeta takes a photo of the report, she thinks that now Sherlin will pay for what she has done.

This is fate 2 update Saturday 13 June 2020 Prithvi thinks that the Luthras house is a jail for him, he thinks that he has a  lot of stress, he wonders what he can do now, Rishab comes and asks why is he not drinking, Sarla comes and asks why they are talking, Prithvi says that he was asking him why is not drinking, Rishab says that Prithvi was saying the truth and he said this because he wanted to know if Prithvi had some fault in him, they start to argue, Sarla gets embarrassed, she says that she would never have returned the proposal of Rishab at any cost, Prithvi starts to boast about himself. Mahesh comes and asks him to not be so overconfident about what he has because things can always be different.

Shrishti brings Janki, Prithvi yells and after that leaves, Sarla also leaves, Dadi come and is about to ask Rishab a question when Karina comes and takes him away from Dadi, when they go away, she asks him to not be so friendly top Preeta and her family, she says that he must not be so close to her, he points towards Karan, they go to him and ask him to be with Manisha and try to act as if he is happy, he  says that he has understood, Rakhi comes and says that the food is ready, Karina is left amazed, Rakhi says that she mean that the song is ready.

This is fate season 2 update Saturday 13 June 2020 Manisha is looking or Rithwik, Karan comes and asks her for a dance she agrees. Preeta is at the hospital she wonders that now the plan that is against them will not be successful and everyone will be left speechless. Karan, Manisha are both dancing on the stage, everyone is left speechless at their dance, in the middle of it Karan leaves the stage and ask Rishab to take over, he therefor continues the dance.

Sherlin escapes from the hospital room. Shrishti asks Sameer why Rishab is dancing with Manisha, they start to argue, Rakhi and Dadi start to says awful things regarding Manisha, Rakhi is not able to express her angry, Dadi gets very mad at her for this and orders her to say anything worse for her.

This is fate update Saturday 13 June 2020 Karan asks Preeta if Sherlin is pregnant, he at first thinks that she is not by a confusion but then when she tells her that she has taken a phot of it and Sherlin sis pregnant, he says that he is very happy and if they were together the he would hug her, they start to argue over who would hug each other, they start to fight and she asks him to come to her and they will get the reports, she gets angry and he starts to flirt with her, she start to scold him and says that he must come hurriedly as she cannot wait, When the call ends, Karan wonders why she was showing so attitude to him, Preeta on the other hand is saying that he is a walking shop of attitude.

Sameer and Shrishti rock the stage with a mind-blowing performance on a classic song, everyone is enjoying very much, Shrishti is not able to get the steps right, she makes Sameer fall on purpose, he gets angry and leaves, she follows him and asks why is he angry, we does not tell her but leaves, she is not able to understand the reason.

Karan is about to leave, Rakhi stops him, she asks why is he leaving, he say that he was leaving to get the size of the engagement ring right, he asks her to not tell anyone, she agrees and he leaves, Prithvi is thinking where Karan is going leaving the party.

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This is fate update Saturday 13 June 2020 Karan leaves the party. Prithvi follows him, he is stopped by Rakhi, he makes the excuse that he has to talk to him urgently, Rakhi is about to tell him but then excuses that he will come back and has gone outside to take a call, he decides to follow Karan. Manisha wonders what is happening and why did Prithvi leave the party, she is not able to understand what is happening.

Karan is thinking that now nothing will happen, they will take the reports from the courier and everyone will be shocked, Prithvi follow shim, Shrishti is talking won the phone, she sees Samer and gorsy to talk with him, he is am at her and is about to leave, she sops him and asks what the matter is but he does not say anything, she stops him and pressurizes him, he says that she has left him now nothing matters anymore. He decides to not tell her thinking that he cannot tell her the truth because she will take it in the wrong sense.

This is fate Saturday update 13 June 2020 He asks if she remember she question that he asked, she says that she cannot remember they start to argue and she in anger she throws the Bouquet, it hits Manisha, Rishab comes to her aid and asks if she is okay, she says that she was hit on purpose and the person tried to kill her. She asks Shrishti who was the one who threw the bouquet, Rishab take her away, Shrishti says to Sameer that he does not understand why he is and with Rishab, he says that he knows that Rishab love shim a lot, he leaves, and Shrishti says that she cannot tell him that she loves him.

Rishab brings Manisha to the room and hands her a glass of water, he says that she is fine but She is very angry and cannot be calmed down, he then says that he will bring painkiller for her, she requests that he must let her rest on huis bed, he takes her, Rakhi sees this and gets very emotional, as soon as Rishab comes out She catches him and starts to doubt him that he is taking a chance on Manisha Rishab tries to calm her down and then makes her realize that it is all part of a plan, she understand and he leaves just then Mahesh comes and asks what she means by her saying, she say that she will tell it to him later and take him away.

This is fate Saturday 13th June 2020 Rishab enters the room Shristri is ready with the laptop and the recorder is placed on the room shelf, they both turn the volume and hy to hear what she is saying on the phone, both of them are eagerly awaiting for Manisha to speak the name of the person, she is very careful and si not saying the name, Shrishti gets very happy and think that if she says the name then they will catch the mastermind, also Kara and Preeta will know of Sherlin’s truth and Rishab will be free from her.

Sameer tells the incident 9ot Karina, she is very shocked and says that she will talk with her because he is her child and nothing ca happen to them, he says that she tried to harm him by throwing a bouquet on him, she gets mad and says that he must case her before she doesn’t the same, when they are about to leave Sarla is behind them, she is very angry and leaves.

This is fate 13 June 2020 Manisha is calling Prithvi but he is not picking up, Shrishti and Rishab are very eager to hear the name iof the person whom she is calling, Prithvi is not picking the call but when she is adamant then he picks the call and asks the reason, she says that she is in a lot of problem and he is not picking the call. Shrishti is afraid that someone is trying to spy on them, she opens the door and it is the waiter who apologizes and leaves. She comes back and ask if Manisha told the name, he says that they are both fighting and Manisha says to Prithvi that he is doing this for his revenge, he also starts to argue and she says that he must come back otherwise she will back out from the engagement, Shrishti is much joyed and says that they will now know the face of the person who is behind all this.

Karan calls Preeta and ask where she is, when they agree and he starts to follow her just then he see that Prithvi is following him, she is not able to believe him and says that nothing is like this and he is just making this up, he says that he will bring the car near her and then she can see it for herself.

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