This is Fate saturday 6th June 2020 update; This is Fate update saturday 6 June 2020, Sameer is very worried and says that they must not tell the truth to their family, Rishab doesn’t agree, saying that it is better that they hear everything from them, Rishab asks him to open the car door,he opens it and is looking for Shrishti he then levees after waiting for them.

This is Fate update saturday 6 June 2020 Shrishti is looking for them in the e court, she then is about to dial Preeta’s number, she looks Manisha who is crying and then some guy comes and makes her stop crying by comforting her, she then tries to go and confront them but then remembers what Preeta said and decides that she will not go, she thinks of what to do.

Rithwick says that they must go from there and leave, Shrishti hides and decides to make a video, she takes their picture and when they leave, Shrishti thinks that she has done something very good and now if she goes and shows it to someone, Manisha will deny it so she will keep it a secret,.

This is Fate update saturday 6th June 2020 zee world Karan enters the car, he is angry, Preeta also comes and sits, Preeta says that he must not look at her like this because she does not know how to drive the car, Karan asks her what she wants, she says that she wants him to back off and not marry Manisha, because she only wants to see him happy and not so frustrated and angry, he realizes that he was also very loud, they patch up, Karan then starts to joke with her.

zee world update on This is Fate 6th June 2020 Preeta gets a call from Shrishti who says that she must come to the café as she has spotted Rithwick with Manisha, Preeta yells which scares Karan and then they both leave to reach her.

This is Fate update saturday 6 June 2020 Prithvi gets a call from Sherlin, she then ask him what he was doing, Prithvi gets frustrated and says that he was with Preeta, she gets jealous but then he says that he was in the court and the judge was a little over because he gave the verdict that they must first get married and then the case will be withdrawn, She gets worried about what will happen, Prithvi then says that nothing will happen and he will retain all that is his because Karan will now go to jail once again, he will then take revenge from Rishab for what he did to him years before. He says that she must come with him, he really wants to spend some time with her, as it has been a long time, she says that he must then come to hi house because she is already there. He ends the call, then thinks that he is just wasting time with her but will really spend his life with Preeta.

This is Fate saturday update 6 June 2020 Shrishti calls Preeta to hurry but she says that she is behind them, they ask her what she is doing out there, she says that Preeta told her to not fight so she kept her distance, Preeta then starts to scold her, Karan places his hand on her, then says that she must remain quiet, Karan asks Shrishti who says that this is the only exit and they will find out when they both come out, Karan says that he will; bring the car and they both must wait, she is looking at him, he starts to joke with her by saying that she must look for Manisha and not him, when he leaves Shrishti asks if Preeta has started to like Karan, she instantly denies it, Shrishti is not convinced, Preeta scolds her asking her to come with her to the cafe.

In the cafe both Manisha and Rithwivck are enjoying but she is still stressed, she says that she is still worried because of Karan, he says her to not worry because Prithvi is right about Karan that he is just acting and when he backs out they will win, Manisha then finally understands.

This is Fate saturday 6 June 2020 update Dadi gets very stresses saying that she will not let Karan marry Manisha, Rakhi says that they cannot remain calm and will not let him marry her Rishab says that will not let him marry her because they will find out some solution, he says hat Preeta is with and looking after Karan, he says that Karan was about to back out from the plan right outside the court but Preeta must have calmed hi m down, Mahesh also says that Preeta is a very good and clever girl.

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This is Fate update saturday 6 June 2020 Rakhi prays that may Preeta be with them because otherwise they will not be able to win this war Rithwick says top Manisha that they both must be happy because now they are very rich as Prithvi has given all of his property to them, he says that she must come to his house and then she will be happy because he will make the coffee. Karan asks Shrishti where both of them are at which she says that they are on the roof.

This is Fate zee world 6 June 2020 Sherlin and Prithvi are both having a very good time, they talk with each other when she says that has wants to destroy Preeta, Prithvi gets angry asking her to not involve Preeta in all this, she gets angry and asks why is he defending her so much, He says that is left eye is blinking and something is not right. Preeta spots Rithwick and Manisha, they all start to look at them, Shrishti asks Karan if he is his enemy but Karan says that he has not seen him before, she takes a picture of him with Manisha, they n they all follow them in the car. Sherlin says that it is nothing like this and science has proved it but Prithvi doesn’t believe it and sys that his left eye is blinking and something bad will happen, she says that his mentality is just joke the middle class family, they start to argue and it turns into a fight after which Sherlin leaves and they says that they have broken up.

This is Fate update saturday 6 June 2020 Rithwick says that she is now finally looking relieved, Manisha says that she is now relaxed sit then she gets a call from Prithvi and then decides to not pick the phone. Karan and Preeta with Shrishti are following both Rithwick and Manisha, safer that they starts to have a fight, Shrishti is able t control them and make them come back on track.

zee world This is Fate 6 June 2020 Manisha again gets a call from Prithvi and when she answers he says that she must be careful because his eye is constantly blinking, she gets angry and asks him to end the call, she explains to Rithwick what happened and he says that he much be right and she must look back to see if someone is really following them, they starts to look but Preeta and Shrishti hide, Rithwick and Manisha move forwards, the chase continuous.

This is Fate update saturday 6 June 2020 Prithvi is thinking of what might be happening then he realizes that it will be Karan, he is the only one who can do such a thing, he wonders what he can do, he decides to take help from Sherlin, when he calls her she does not pick it up he gets frustrated.

This is Fate update on zee world 6 June 2020 Karan is till following them and when they reach the destination, Preeta says that they have reached the place but it might be their house, Shrishti says that she has already come to this house and it is Manisha’s place, and they have come for nothing, Karan says that that they have to go inside and find out what is happening. Manisha and Rithwick enter and then they have to start to romance, he says that he loves her and will make a coffee for as promised, she makes him go to the kitchen.

This is Fate update saturday 6 June 2020 Karan and Preeta re wondering what they will do as the building has guards, they are not able to go inside, Shrishti sees a Paan wala who is looking at Preeta, Shrishti says that she must go to him and talk sweetly, he will tell her everything, Karan and Preeta both get angry and deny it, but Shrishti makes them realize that it is the only way to know of who the person with Manish really is. Preeta agrees and says that the Pan shop is right intront of their building and she will make him tell everything.

zee world This is Fate 6 June 2020 update Karan is not ready to let her go and when she leave she start to argue with her then he only want to keep her save, she teases him that he is jealous, Karan goes to her, the Pan wala comes and says that he is a big fa of Karan and has even named his Paan after him. he start to blush, Preeta takes the photo of Manisha they ask him questions about who she is and he tells them everything that he knows including the name if Rithwick and his lounge bar. They get very excited now that they have a clear view about what to do.

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