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This is Fate sunday 7th June 2020 update; This is Fate update sunday 7 June 2020, Shrishti shows Rishab the photo asking if he knows the guy or does he have any sort of quarrel with him, he do not agree saying that he has never met the guy, Karan says that they must go, Rishab and Preeta stop him saying that they cannot go to Manisha directly because this will be bad for him as then she will get conscious and the person who is behind all of this will find another way to hurt him, Rishab agrees with Preeta and says that she is right, he must calm down.

This is Fate update sunday 7 June 2020 Rakhi comes with his dress for the engagement, saying that she is very upset because of this engagement, she feels that she is handing him the hanging rope, she starts to cry and he says that she must not worry, she says that she is leaving and wants him to look good so he must try the dress. Preeta says that they only have a day to catch the guy, Shrishti says that she has a plan, she warns them that it is a horrible e plan for Manisha, they all say no and do not even listen, Rishab then says that he will listen and after that agree that it is a good plan, Rakhi comes and asks them about it, they at first deny but when she pressurizes them, Preeta also tells her.

This is Fate update sunday 7th June 2020 zee world Prithvi calls Sherlin and then start to yell, she asks him to not call her again, he says that she is a mad girl and then decides that he must talk with her in a polite manner, he then calls her again and after apologizing asks her or help, he says that he can call Manisha for this work but he says that he loves her and she must go to the Luthra’s house and inform him of this plan that they are making she agrees to go, he ends the call and thinks that he is ma maser of making anyone fall for his words, he is afraid of what Karan is planning with everyone.

zee world update on This is Fate 7 June 2020 Preeta and everyone prepare for the plan, they get dressed in traditional clothes, Rishab cannot take his eyes of Preeta, Karan calls Preeta asking her to not worry, just then she sees Rithwick, she says to Karan to end because she must get ready,. She ends the call, Shrishti asks her to calm down as they have to execute the plan, she gets a call from Rishab who starts to compliment her about the dress she is wearing, and she thanks him then ends the call, and is also blushing.

This is Fate 7 June 2020 Preeta and Shrishti starts to act as they have decided, Rithwick is not able to understand what is happening, they start to create a scene in the middle of the road, he tries to get away but they do not let him just hen when he finds a way, he turns the car and Rishab also moves forward, they get into accident, Preeta and Shrishti force him to take Rishab to the hospital threatening to beat him, he agrees and takes him way.

This is Fate sunday update 7 June 2020 Preeta and Shrishti start to rejoice, they start to celebrate that thy will now know of who the boyfriend is, Sameer is looking at Shrishti, he wonders that she is not a dumb girl but is really intelligent and has made a mind blowing plan to find the truth.

This is Fate sunday 7 June 2020 update Preeta looks at Sameer and Shrishti and starts to taunt them they both get confused, she asks what is happening between them and they say that they have made an new plan, Karan comes up from behind and says that they must leave, Shrishti and Sameer run away, Preeta is about to walk away and then he pulls her back saying that she is looking very pretty, he leaves and then she wonders what is happening to her.

This is Fate 7th June 2020 Rithwick is wondering where he will take the guy, he has still not looked at him and does not know who the person is, Rishab wonders what he can do to make him realize who the person actually is, just then he turns his head, Rithwick is very tensed and looks at him, he gets worried tryst it is Rishab and then stop s the car, he gets out and thinks that he will leave Rishab besides a tree, he feels that someone else can take him away to the hospital as he is a famous guy. He is pulling Rishab out a, he wonders what he can do as an unconscious guy cannot fight him.

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Ritik was in a state of panic and explains to the crowd that Rishab is his friend, he got drunk in a party. People question why he brought him near this tree? Ritik laughs over himself and requests their help to make Rishab sit, he will drop him in the next lane of his house. Ritik gets into the car, looks towards Rishab and thinks he can’t take him to hospital as it might become a police case. He should leave Rishab to his home.

This is Fate season 2 update sunday 7th June 2020 Rishab was relieved and awaits the interesting drama at home. Shrishti and Sameer sat on the back seat together. Sameer reads Rishab’s message that Rishab is taking him home. Karan asks Preeta why she is staring at him. Preeta objects the speed at which Karan drove the car. Shrishti murmurs at Sameer that he had been staring at her, Preeta could have caught them. Sameer asks Shrishti to think well and reply intelligently why he always stare at her; he promises to do anything for Shrishti in return. Preeta and Karan ask them not to murmur, and focus on their mission right now. Shrishti hurries Karan to drive fast, they need to change as well.

season 2 update on This is Fate 7 June 2020 Mahesh gets a call from Sameer and dances around, he tells Rakhi, Dadi and Karina that Ritik has been caught. Rishab fainted and Ritik is bringing him home. Everyone was determined to show best skills of acting. Rakhi spots Sherlin on the door and calls her inside. Sherlin says she just heard Dadi calling Rakhi the best daughter in law. Mahesh winks at Rakhi signaling for something. Rakhi wonders what’s he doing and points it to Dadi. Mahesh explains to Dadi that she must send Sherlin away from here for now. Dadi asks Karina if Sherlin has the same qualities of a good daughter in law, as Rakhi. Rakhi defends Sherlin, but Dadi announces a test. Dadi takes Sherlin to Kareena’s room so that if there are any guests they don’t interfere. Rakhi takes Sherlin, Dadi and Karina inside. Mahesh wonders how duffer she is. He awaits Rishab.

This is Fate sunday 7 June 2020 season 2 update Dadi sends Karina to bring wool for knitting sweater. Sherlin was worried hearing this. Karina says everyone knows knitting these days, and it’s really easy. Rakhi was hopeful that Sherlin would soon learn knitting. Dadi asks Sherlin to knit the sweater, it’s the tradition of Luthra’s family that every daughter in law has a knit a sweater. Sherlin asks about everyone else. Dadi says Sherlin must not be concerned with this. The ladies leave Sherlin into the room to knit a sweater. Sherlin thinks that she has been badly fooled by these women today, but for whose baby she must knit the sweater?

This is Fate sunday 7th June 2020 Rakhi, Karina and Dadi were restlessly waiting for Rishab and Ritik to reach home. Mahesh tells them not to over act, and only laugh. Ritik brings Rishab home. Karina grabs Ritik’s collar for killing her Rishab and goes to call the police. Rakhi also cries without letting Ritik speak. Dadi shuts both up, and questions Ritik how it happened. Ritik was tensed and tries to explain.

zee world This is Fate 7 June 2020 update Karina didn’t listen to any of Ritik’s explanation. Dadi asks about phone, there was none. Rakhi grabs Ritik’s phone from which Dadi calls the police. Everyone now blame Ritik for not recharging his phone in time. Ritik says Rishab is alive, he didn’t let him die and instead saved his life. He recognized Rishab. Dadi asks Ritik to be straight forward. Ritik says He found Rishab injured on the road, hit by some other car. Preeta and Shrishti signal at one another to change as its now their entry time. They come to the hall worried to see Rishab there. Rakhi explains that this is Ritik and he saved Rishab’s life. Ritik was relieved that they believed his story. Karan hugs Ritik for saving his son. Rakhi names Ritik as Ritik-the Savior. Everyone wonder why Rakhi is doing so much of over acting. Rishab was now restless and wish they pay attention to him now.

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