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This is Fate update Friday 1st October 2021: This is Fate 1 October 2021, The Episode starts with the new Purva telling that she can tell anything about Purva. Vedant says you know everything about Purva, but don’t know anything about yourself. He says I am innocent and don’t need any fraud girl help. She runs to the room crying and says whenever I see myself in the mirror, I couldn’t make myself understand the reality. He says you can’t make me believe that you are Purva. She swears that she will not apply sindoor in her maang until he applies it and accepts her as his wife. 

Vedant says this can’t happen and tells them that he will never believe her. She says you have to accept me as Purva for six weeks to catch the culprit. Vedant says I know who is the murderer and doubts Sanju and Ramesh. He says he is helpless and can’t give them punishment. New Purva tells that it was Dada Ji’s dream to see everyone united and says you had told me. Vedant says I couldn’t give punishment to them and that’s why tried to burn myself after burning Purva’s body, but God doesn’t want this and want me to suffer seeing the criminals free.

Gomti tells everyone that she has decided to marry and found a guy and asks for her share of the property. Ramesh says we will spend money on your marriage. Gomti says I have an equal share on the property and asks for her share. Sumiti says even we want our share and tells that they won’t adjust now. Sanju says even I want my share and don’t trust Papa. He says I will not adjust with Papa’s share. Dadi thinks she has to stop this partition and says she is feeling shame on them, says you want to hurt your pita, Ji. She thinks Vedant will not agree to this partition and says it will happen if Vedant also approves of it. Gomti asks him to say. Vedant goes without answering them. Gomti says we are giving a share to outsiders and he is showing us arrogance. Dadi says he is not an outsider and says nobody shall call me that.

Vedant comes to the park. Devi Parvati comes and gives him Prasad. He asks yesterday where did you go? She says she was near to him, but he didn’t see her. She says she stays very far but comes often. He says your words show me the way. Devi Parvati tells that river meets the sea and becomes the sea and asks him to trust the destination. Vedant asks if she will be here. She says I will be here till Navratri. Vedant invites her to his house for Navratri. She nods and goes.

He comes home. Gomti calls him and asks why he did he go without answering her. She says Amma said that your approval. Sanju asks him to agree. Dadi says the decision is in Vedant’s hands now. Sanju and Sumiti ask him to agree. Sumiti asks do you want your Chacha and Chachi to stay as beggars. Ramesh asks Vedant not to break Dada Ji’s dreams. Vedant says I don’t want anything from this wealth and tells them that they can take whatever they need. Ramesh asks why he wants to break dada Ji’s dream. Vedant says everyone wants the partition, what we will do by keeping them together. Ramesh asks did they compromise with the wealth and tells that now he is sure that the girl is Purva, but her face and voice are different. Later Vedant talks to Dada Ji’s pic and says he made an attempt to unite the family even if he is alone. Purva comes and says I am with you. She says we have acted for divorce to unite the family. Vedant says I don’t trust you. Purva says you said that you trust me. Vedant says you are pretending and not truthful. Does he ask what is in her hand? She says she brought sindoor thinking he believed her to be Purva. He says that will not happen. She asks do you think of something to unite the family. He says he thought, but will not tell her. She says she has a plan and tells him. Manjula says Vedant agreed when even Ramesh was against it. Pankhudi says he agreed without thinking. Dadi says he might have thought something and says Vedant haina. Ramesh tells Sanju that he don’t want anything in parts and says he wants full property. Rahul calls Ramesh and asks him to watch fake Purva on TV.

Narendra, Sumiti, and Gomti watch the news asking viewers to inform Police about the identity of the girl. Gomti thinks if this girl is fake then Vedant will be jailed and the partition will not happen. She asks God to help them. Manjula asks if Vedant agreed then why didn’t he tell Soham. Pankhudi says the Police want proof. Dadi says sometimes miracles happen.

Vedant tells the girl that he feels that Purva had written a diary secretly. Purva says you think that I have read that diary. She asks him not to doubt her and think about her plan.

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