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This is Fate 11 December 2020: This is Fate update Friday 11th December 2020, Rishab inquires why Karan is blaming Preeta without any proof and it is the case with their entire family, Karan exclaims that he is feeling bad because ever since Preeta has come into his life since their first meeting she pretended to be nice in front of him however he refused to accept her lies as he knows how to distinguish between what is right and wrong, he starts doubting Rishab, Preeta also says that he cannot even trust Rishab so how can he trust her.

Karan pulls her aside ordering that she should not talk in between as he was talking with his brother, Preeta explains that they both were talking about her, so she had every right to talk. She mentions that she tried to explain what she tried to do however he refused to accept that she is right and she could not convince him, she mentions that the entire period of their friendship was lost in trying to explain to him that she was right and so she has decided to do what she feels like and not beg in front of him anymore, the inspector asks that they talk in front of them, karan goes to the inspector saying that he ahs no right and refuses to accept Preeta as his wife, Preeta mentions that he has taken vows at the time of their marriage so he should accept his responsibilities as she needs him to stand by her side for the sake of the betterment of the family, Karan exclaims that she would never get the satisfaction of the doubt.
Karina, Dadi and Sherlin all mention that Karan is right for refusing to give Preeta the satisfaction, Gaitra stops Sherlin mentioning that she should not say anything like this and if they do not stop torturing Preeta then they would have to spend the rest of their lives in jail as when they would break the news in the media they would take the side of Preeta and it would cause a lot of problems for Karan Luthra and his family. They all start blaming Preeta, but she mentions that she has given Karan one whole year to decide but he was not able to so was forced to take the support of the law and take back the right which she deserves.

She mentions that he left her stranded on the road in the middle of the night the first time they were married and now once again he is trying to do the same however she will not let him as she has not got any spare time. Karan exclaims that he knows what kind of a person she is and after some time she will demand alimony from him as this is her nature, Preeta exclaims that she has informed him even before that she never sent any notice. He says that he loves his family a lot and for the sake of removing the mask that Preeta is wearing he is going to accept Preeta as his wife, everyone is in shock to hear the confession, he exclaims that she is now the wife of Karan Luthra, everyone is amazed with the decision, Rishab smiles as he never wanted him to marry Maira.

This is Fate update Friday 11 December 2020: Preeta thanks god that he ahs finally accepted the truth, Karan mentions that she has gotten what she wanted but now will see what happens when the truth unfolds, The inspector says that she will leave but would come back from time to time in order to check with Preeta so that she is able to see that nothing wrong happens to her, Sameer gets a call from Shrishti.
Maira leaves into her room, Sherlin also follows her, Maira is not able to control, herself saying that she is the one who is to marry Karan, Sherlin also comes in trying to calm her down but Maira says that she was challenged by Preeta and still they were not able to stop her, Sherlin still tries to calm her down, Maira mentions that she was not able to stop Preeta who has been able to come into the Luthra house even when they all have refused to accept her as their daughter in law.

Sherlin explains that Maira has not lost the fight and should at least fight with them as they cannot let Preeta get into the room of Karan as otherwise they would not be able to stop anything from happening.
Sameer is really happy that Preeta has come back saying that she is changing and it might be for good, he hears that Dadi and Kartika are coming and Dadi exclaims that she was wrong and this kind of a situation causes tension, he asks what has happened, She says that Preeta has entered into the house and even when she tried to blackmail Rakhi it did not work so she took the help of the people from NGO to come into their house, he tries to explain that Preeta is not right in this case and even Kartika is not with Preeta saying that she is wrong this time. He sits with Dadi when she mentions that she is feeling pain in her feet, he requests that he call Preeta however she refuses mentioning that she cannot bear that they both are together.

Shrishti is with Janki and Sarla, she asks Janki if she will be her best friend as she no longer has her sister so she needs someone else and if she refuses then she will present the same thing to Dadi, Janki exclaims that she is her best friend and her relation with Sarla is really different as she is like a coconut who is stubborn and hard from the outside but is really soft hearted, Sarla calls Shrishti ordering that she call and ask if Preeta has settled in the Luthra Mansion, Shrishti says that she will call them however Sarla explains that she wants that Shrishti call Sameer, she tries calling him however he doesnot answer the call as he fears what Dadi will say.
Shrishti says to Sarla that he is not answering the call, she again tries to call him.

Preeta asks Gaitri what she should do next, Gaitri mentions that she would not stay as the wife of Karan Luthra because he has accepted her as his wife and the inspector has also assured that nothing wrong happens to her.

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