This is Fate 12 November 2021: Karan is getting ready in the room he turns to see Preeta sitting there and she is about to eat, he comes to sit in front of her, she asks what does he want from him then explains that she knows he desires to eat her food, Karan mentions that she is wrong as he has already had his dinner and she is partly right because he was looking after her plate but only because he desired to make her eat the dish with his own hands, Preeta inquires if he really means this as she fears that when she would lean in he would take back his hands, Karan exclaims that she is now his wife and he would take care of her so she should never worry, Preeta remembers how her mother mentioned that Karwa Maa showers a lot of her blessings on the couple which has been newly married so when she would keep the fast her relation would become even more strong with Karan. He starts feeding her with his own hands and she is also eating.

He looks at her with love and Preeta is not able to control her nervousness, she accidentally bites him, she apologizes mentioning that she was looking at him, he exclaims that she did this on purpose as she wants to take revenge, Preeta exclaims that she does not want to take any revenge when he was feeding her with so much love. Karan responds that she has a lot of reasons and it could be that Mahira was so close with him and that he purposefully brought Mahira into their house and that when he dropped her after she was in her arms, Preeta remembers what had happened but then mentions that it was not on purpose and she accidentally did it but if he feels satisfaction on it then could also bite her, he mentions that this is what would cause happiness for him, he starts looking at the fingers, Preeta gets nervous but he kisses it, she is not able to understand it, Karan exclaims that he can never cause her any sort of pain, and promises to never cause any injury explaining that anything that tries to cause harm to her would have to go through him first, Preeta remembers how Karan has saved his life every time she was in trouble, they both look into each other’s eyes.

Mahira is in the kitchen thinking that the sweet is ready and now no one can save Preeta, she is standing there when she hears Rakhi coming wondering if Ganesh has served the sweet dish to Preeta, Mahira breaks a plate on the floor and kneels to collect it, Rakhi is shocked to see her in the kitchen then inquires where is Ganesh, Mahira mentions that Dadi was asking for water and she ordered Ganesh to take it to her while she served the dish, Rakhi exclaims how she ordered Ganesh to prepare it first, Mahira mentions that she prepared it and now Rakhi can take it so she serves it, Rakhi exclaims that she is relaxed to know Mahira served it with her own hands, Mahira mentions that she only did this as Preeta kept the fast for her love Karan. Rakhi says that she has seen how Karan broke the fast of his wife Preeta as it was the will of God, Mahira asks her to take the sweets otherwise it would get cold, Rakhi turns while Sherlin is coming in a hurry and so she orders her to not run as it is not right for her.

Sherlin comes into the kitchen mentioning that she was not able to find the bottle of poison, Mahira asks her to say it clearly and she has mixed the poison in the sweet dish and now Rakhi would serve it and be blamed for killing her daughter in law as the relationship already is blamed for a lot of troubles in the families.

Rakhi is taking the sweets when Kartika comes running inquiring about her health, Rakhi responds that she is fine and glad that Kartika came back, Kartika takes the sweet demanding to eat it.
Rakhi explains that Preeta is the new member of their family so she would be the first one to eat it and then after it she would make another for her, Kartika agrees then leaves.
Sherlin mentions that Mahira should have discussed it with her first before mixing the poison as it would create a lot of problems.

Karan and Preeta both are standing but not able to talk, they both ask each other to talk first, Preeta explains that she is feeling cold and so Karan covers her with a blanket and holds her, Rakhi enter the room without knocking but seeing them walks out of the room.

Sherlin is happy to see that Rakhi has not given her the poison, Preeta also comes out of the room and then Sherlin purposefully drops the bowl, Rakhi gets mad but Sherlin apologizes saying that she got dizzy so was not able to walk properly, Mahira gets mad, she immediately comes to them and takes the hand of Sherlin explaining she would help her get back to her room so she can rest.

Rakhi apologizes but they both plead with her to come into the room, Rakhi mentions that she would make another dish for her however Preeta refuses saying that she has already eaten a lot and so would not be able to eat anymore, therefor Rakhi should not make any more of the dish and rest. Karan agrees that Preeta is really full because he himself made her eat the food, they both get nervous when he says this, Rakhi leaves and Preeta exclaims that she would change her clothes as she is feeling sleepy.

Mahira enters the room with Sherlin and inquires why did she do it as had she not come in between Preeta would have been dead, Sherlin tries to leave saying that she would talk with Mahira once she is calm and tries to walk away however Mahira tries to slap her but Sherlin takes her hand and slaps her in return explaining that she should never even think of doing something like this as Mahira is the one who is wrong, it is because of her fault she was not able to marry Karan and Sarla came got the bail because of her daughter as she is a lot clever then Mahira who is always angry.

Sherlin accepts that she was at fault when Ganesh broke her fast, but she is also to blame, Mahira yells saying that it is all her fault.

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