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This is Fate 13 November 2020: This is Fate update Friday 13th November 2020, The episode starts with goon blaming Preeta for the kidnapping. Everyone stare at Preeta. Shrishti shouts that he is a liar. Shrishti wonders how they can pay him, when they don’t have money for themselves. The goon directly speaks to Preeta that it was about his life, so he had to lie. He blames Preeta’s mother as well. Rakhi now walks to the goon and inquires the goon again, who paid him? He takes Preeta’s name. Rakhi slaps him and says they wants the truth, not a big lie. They know Preeta and her mother, they can’t even think of such heinous act. She asks him the truth. Rishab clutches the neck of the goon and asks who gave him money to take Preeta’s name? He is an idiot, so is his boss; Preeta put her life at stake for him and got kidnapped herself. Sameer brings the police. Rakhi tells the police to take him, and not trust him if he takes Preeta’s name again. She knows Preeta and her mother well, they can’t even think about it. Rishab tells the inspector to interrogate the man well.

Mahira now intervenes why they are trusting Preeta blindly. Preeta tells her to shut up, Mahira knows well that the goon was lying. Why would she do so? Mahira says Preeta got a reason that is to stop her marriage with Karan. Mahira tells the family that she creates such nuisances and mess so that her wedding Mohrat of 4 pm is skipped. Shrishti fully supported Preeta in her plan as well. It was a fake information given to Karan so that he left his marriage and came here. She executed her plan well enough, and got the goon arrested as well. Preeta stops Mahira saying whatever her blame is, it’s false; but one thing she said is true. She doesn’t want her and Karan’s marriage. It’s not because she doesn’t want an entry in Luthra family, but because she knows how bad a girl she is. Karan is a better guy, and deserves a better girl. Karan shouts at Preeta, Shut up! He holds Mahira’s arm and says she is the best girl for him, no matter the Mohrat is gone but he will marry her. He tells Mahira not to worry, this girl means nothing for me. His mother’s heart is big enough to forgive her, but for him Preeta Arora means nothing. He leaves the hall.

This is Fate update Friday 13 November 2020: Rishab tries to stop Karan, then apologizes Karan again. Preeta wipes her tears. Rishab joins his hands, and thanks Preeta for all she had done for him. Sherlin interferes that Rishab can’t differentiate the right and wrong. Rishab says she is right, he couldn’t recognize the right face of Sherlin as well. Kareena was angry with Rishab now. She asks what magic has Preeta played on Rakhi; and promises Mahira that she and Sherlin will make sure Mahira marries Karan tomorrow. They will not let unwanted people to interfere.

Before they left, Preeta thanks Rakhi for always supporting her. But she doesn’t want Rakhi’s family against her, so she may not support her anymore. Rakhi assures Preeta that family never goes against a person. Their Rishab and Karan are with them. Karan sometimes speak harshly, but he is good at heart. She is well aware of the differences between them two families, but Preeta has always stood beside them in times of need. She assures Preeta that everything will be fine. Rishab thanks Preeta again. Preeta says they have been great friends, and Rishab supported her and her sister multiple times, it was her first chance to return the help. Rishab considers himself lucky to have her as friend. Preeta thanks Sameer for his help. She must have been helpless without their help. She takes a leave from Rakhi. She says she didn’t like her family going against her today.

At home, Janki bua was restlessly waiting for the girls. The girls reach home. Janki tells them to go and sleep in Sarla’s room. Shrishti inquires the reason. She says Sarla is in their room. She found out that she ran through the window. Shrishti doesn’t take the blame and loudly says she didn’t. Sarla comes there, angrily. Shrishti explains that it was Sameer, she had just asked him to open the window and he took it way too seriously.

This is Fate 13 November 2020 update: Sarla questions Preeta what’s going on. She left with Shrishti, but didn’t return with her. Even Shrishti was off-guarded. She locked Shrishti in the room and herself went to Luthra House. There was no wedding going on in Luthra House, and Sherlin said Preeta wasn’t there. She returned and offered Shrishti food, but she had to sleep. Later, she found out that Shrishti flee the house through the window. She inquires the girls what’s going on between them. Shrishti says its nothing. Sarla angrily threatens to slap her, Shrishti always lie to her. Preeta agrees to tell everything to Sarla. She says she went to market with Shristi. She spotted someone kidnapping Rishab. She followed them into a hotel. She even had a fight with kidnapper. She was kidnapped, and even Karan was in room with her. She got herself freed, and found Rishab. She then got the goon caught as well. Rakhi was happy and even thanked her. Sarla asks what everyone else said. Kareena, Mahira, Sherlin and Karan must have insulted her.

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