This is Fate 19 November 2021: Kartika asks Sameer to understand because they both are a newlywed couple so would not have been able to sleep, Kartika asks him to look at Preeta because she also does not look fresh, Karan orders her to shut up because she is the younger amongst them.

Karan mentions that he was not able to sleep because Preeta slept really close to him, Kartika is not able to believe her ears then asks him to not say this with them because they are his family, Kartika says that she feels they should not go on a honeymoon as they require a change of environment because it is not what they would be getting in the house, Karan leaves saying that he would take the shower.

Sameer hits Kartika asking why did she hit him, they both start fighting and do not stop even when Rakhi asks them both too.

Rakhi as Preeta to sit with her, she takes out an ear ring which belongs to Preeta, Rakhi exclaims that she found it on the sofa then mentions that she has given really good teachings to her children so knows what they are capable off but knows she is even more sensible, she explains that in a relationship there should never be ego or stubbornness because every time they tend to win and the only thing which is not able to survive so they should ascertain that nothing of the sort happens which can harm their relation, she is not asking them to never fight but it should not be that their relationship is not able to live through it, Preeta mentions that there is nothing worrying amongst the relation which she has with Karan, she is about to say that he is her friend, Rakhi says it then questions if she would like to spend some time with Karan alone, Preeta recalls all the moments spent with him from the beginning then mentions that she doesnot want to spent any time, Rakhi exclaims that she can see Preeta’s desires through her eyes, Preeta says that she has to leave, Rakhi points that she would have some important work so must leave immediately.

Karina questions Sherlin saying that she also saw Mahira with the jar of salt but still did not stop her, were they trying to ruin Preeta’s tea so that they are scolded in the family. Sherlin apologizes to her.

Rakhi asks Sameer who is the travel agent who caters to their family business, Sameer gives her the mobile and orders him to book a honeymoon suite in Manali for tomorrow, she orders both of them to not say anything about this in front of everyone, she asks about Karina then goes to meet her in the kitchen.

Mahira mentions that she got really mad with Preeta as she has taken her place in the house and even Karan who was to marry her should have supported her but he instead took the side of Preeta and even her mother has made her way into the house, Karina explains that what they are doing would have no effect on the family as they all know about the differences which they have with Preeta, Mahira explains that she would get mad however Karina explains that Preeta would be scolded and it would be Rakhi, Sherlin doesnot believe her, Karina explains that she saw Karan sleeping on the sofa in the middle of the night while Preeta was sleeping all alone in his room, she mentions how Rakhi would not be able to bear that Preeta threw Karan out of the room as he is indeed her son so she would scold Preeta and they would get the revenge which they desire as even she hates Preeta and her entire family, Karina orders them to prepare more tea but without the salt and then should come outside as she would not talk about Karan until they both arrive, Mahira should then cheer up.

Karan is taking a shower when Preeta enters the room, he calls Preeta to give him his towel but Preeta exclaims that she cannot find any, Karan asks her to look closely but Preeta is not able to find it, she asks him if she should give her towel but then he would not take it because he desires his own towel which has his name on it, he says that she might be trying to take revenge for what has happened the last night, Preeta says that she doesnot hold any grudge and has even forgotten what has happened, Karan says that would come out nacked if she doesnot give him the towel Preeta challenges him to come outside if he has the strength but then Karan mentions that he would come outside just as he is, Preeta closes his eyes when he comes out and she doesnot even open her eyes when he asks her, he turns her around and then she comes into his arms, Preeta realizes that he is wearing clothes, she inquires why did he not say anything of his clothes because she thought that he was not wearing anything, Karan says that he told her that he is wearing his suit which she desired to see so he came out in the same outfit, Karan says that he wanted to take revenge for what she did because she was awake when he lifted her in his arms.

Preeta comes to the lodge, Sherlin feels that there is something wrong between Sameer and Rakhi as they are smiling, Mahira asks her to not worry as it is their day and nothing of the sort would happen, Karina comes to Rakhi mentioning that she has something to say about Preeta which she thought would keep as a secret but now desires to inform her, Karan remember how she tried waking him then exclaims that she should not talk about the night he taking the blame says that he locked Preeta in the room and slept on the sofa, Karina exclaims that he did this on purpose, Rakhi starts scolding him asking to not do such childish things, Karina pleads with Rakhi to not scold Karan, Rakhi then apologizes to Preeta who explains that it is not a matter of concern because they both play a lot of pranks on each other.

Sameer asks Rakhi to show the surprise, she shows the list on the phone at which Karan asks if she is going to Manali, Rakhi calls him mad advising him to see the guest list, he sees his name and that of Preeta Luthra, he tries to refuse but Rakhi forces him saying that they both would leave the next day and it is their honeymoon gift.

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